Top 6 Florists in Lancaster, Ohio (and What They Do)

Ever wondered what goes on at the florist to create the flowery bouquets that we know and love? Keep reading!

A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers
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Jan 21, 2021

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Hero Image Courtesy of Columbus Navigator.

Lancaster, Ohio, has some great florists just around the corner. Have an event coming up where professional flowers are exactly what is missing? We’ve compiled six of our favorite florists in Lancaster, Ohio as well as some information about how they operate. 

Read on for information about 

  • How florists get their flowers and how they operate
  • What florists do
  • The 6 best florists in Lancaster, Ohio. 

The Florist

A pair of florists in their shop
Florists are hard workers, busy with deliveries, orders, and arrangements. Image courtesy of The Florist Guide.

Florists handle the design and arrangement of flowers in their shops for all sorts of occasions. Florists specialize in bouquets, arranging flowers, greenery, and accessories, both living and dried, to create their pieces. They work hard and at many hours of the day to make sure all their bouquets and arrangements are on time for pickups and deliveries! 

The Flower

Flowers are everywhere. In gardens, conservatories, landscaping, arrangements and bouquets. In gardens, different varieties of flowers add a splash of color in front of any building, from homes, to apartments, to businesses. In conservatories, designers plot out every foot of space with flowers and a plethora of other plants to create beautiful and stunning displays of nature. 

Flowers complete the outfit in dances, weddings, and black-tie events, and make great gifts. They are in and outside of many homes, providing color and a living, relaxing tone wherever they are. 

What do Florists do?

In short — florists run a business of arranging flowers. Florists in Lancaster, Ohio do the same. To delve into more detail, most florists own their own business. Some work for supermarkets or other larger companies, but the majority of florist shops that you see in the streets are small businesses making their living working with flowers. 

As they are their own company, florists handle every part of the process, from acquiring the flowers to arranging them, and from selling them to making the deliveries. 

Acquiring the Flowers

Most florists do not rely on growing all of their own flowers, instead, most of their stock is purchased. Where they procure their flowers and what types they have on hand often depend on the season, so many florists purchase from local farms, wholesalers, and flower auctions. For particular or rare flower varieties, florists grow their own flowers or import them from overseas. There are also some flowers that do not grow well in particular climates, leading them to search further afield if they need a certain flower for a particular arrangement. While many of the most common flowers are always available, other types are seasonal. Florists often have a mixture of regular orders for their commonplace flowers and unique orders for rarer flowers. 

Processing and Preparing the Flowers

Flowers that enter a florist's shop are not ready to be sold. First, they must be prepared, which takes them from how they are found in nature — long stems, leaves, and thorns — and turns them into the beautiful flower that we see in their stores. After receiving flowers from the store, florists must strip their thorns and greens and cut the stems to their desired length, as well as keep them in a controlled, cold environment. Florists will have a large, temperature controlled room kept at somewhere around freezing temperature to keep the flowers preserved and fresh. 

Arranging the Flowers

Arranging flowers is what sets florists apart from the average homeowner or landscape designer. That being said, there are some simple rules to follow if you want to elevate your at-home flower arranging! Florists spend a lot of time following set arrangements, some old and some modern, as well as coming up with arrangements of their own! When looking through arranged flowers, note which designs are common throughout multiple shops and which are unique to the one you are in. Those unique designs are often created by the owner. 

Many arrangements are a mixture of focal flowers, filler flowers, and greenery. The best flower arrangements will combine these three items into dazzling combinations. 

  • Focal flowers are your large, eye-catching blooms that dominate the arrangement. Often added in odd numbers, these flowers of either common or rare colors are the centerpiece of the bouquet.
  • As the name describes, filler flowers are put in around the focal flowers to fill out the arrangement and add other colors and textures. It is common to place these in “clusters” of three or five flowers. 
  • Greens are the base of the arrangement. Eucalyptus, ivy, and ferns are common greenery, adding a natural base to the arrangement and giving it more volume. 

Selling their Arrangements

Florists often sell their arrangements to a wide variety of clients. On the small scale, they do deliveries and arrange pick-ups for local residents in their area and they also do larger scale deliveries to local businesses, as well. Years ago, most of the business at florists came from foot traffic, with people coming in off the street and ordering their flowers in the store, but now a lot of that has turned into people making orders online or over the phone. 

Another big client for florists is people ordering flowers for a special event, like a wedding, party, holiday, or funeral. 

Florists in Lancaster, Ohio

The Flower Pot

Order flowers for any occasion at this Lancaster Florist
A beautiful bouquet of flowers
Contemporary vases and arrangements add dazzling color and textures to any home, and make great gifts for special occasions. Image courtesy of Elle Decor.

129 North Columbus Street | Lancaster |

The Flower Pot is a professional florist that serves Lancaster, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Their staff is always helpful and kind, and they offer quick and efficient delivery. The Flower Pot has a staff of talented designers that are ready to prepare and arrange an exquisite fresh or silk floral arrangement customized to your every specification. Their traditional and contemporary styles are just right for every occasion. The staff at the flower pot is also happy to arrange large orders of flowers for special events, like weddings, funerals, and birthdays. 

The Flower Pot also offers lovely in-store houseplants to spruce up your home!

“I have worked with various flower shops across the Midwest, West coast and Southwest - this is the best experience I have even had.” -- Yelp Review

Floral Originals

Local florists at Floral Originals are always happy to help
An artsy vase full of flowers
Modern arrangements often incorporate every facet of the piece into its design, from the shape of the vase to the non-organic accessories. Image courtesy of Elle Decor.

512 West 6th Avenue | Lancaster |

Floral Originals is a florist in Lancaster that is happy to serve its residents in every size order. They specialize in floral arrangements and gift baskets, perfect for small, medium, or large orders. The staff at Floral Originals is kind and always willing to help you plan out your order if you are not sure what you want. They always work to ensure you leave happy and satisfied that your order is perfect for the occasion. 

“I have used Floral Originals many, many times in the last 3 years and have never been more pleased. They are professional, and prompt. The store is beautiful and well maintained. This is definitely my go to Florist in the Lancaster area.” -- Yelp Review

Flowers of the Good Earth

Serving Lancaster and Fairfield County, providing fresh and beautiful flowers for many years
A hardworking florist
Florists are experts in creating beautiful bouquets perfect for the occasion — they can do much more than corsages for prom! Image courtesy of Better Team.

1262 Lancaster-Kirkersville Road | Lancaster |

Flowers of the Good Earth is a solid choice for finding a reliable, local florist in the Lancaster area. They pride themselves on prompt delivery of local flowers and arrangements, and are happy to put their own flair on your arrangement if and only if you want them to. The designers that work at Flowers of the Good Earth know exactly what they are doing, and you can count on them to create a spectacular arrangement whenever you need one.

“Just ordered a bouquet for my sister for Valentines Day.  It was last-minute and I'm not local, so I simply told them what I wanted to spend and let them choose the flowers.  My sister just told me that she has by far the prettiest flowers and that all her coworkers are jealous.  Very pleased.  :-)” -- Yelp Review

Fireplace Gifts & Florist

Beautiful gifts and arrangements available at this local florist
A sunny succulent arrangement
The florists at Fireplace Gifts and Florist know exactly how to put together flowers that match your specifications for the occasion. Their efficient work is reflected in the product! Image courtesy of Fireplace Gifts and Florist.

6800 East Main Street | East Columbus |

Fireplace Gifts and Florist is the perfect place to go to find the gift for the notoriously hard family or friend who never seems to want anything. The folk at Fireplace Gifts and Florist are fantastic and kind, and are always willing to go the extra mile to help you out. Alongside the florist, you can find modern and interesting gifts and keepsakes for your friends and family along withtheir excellent services arranging flowers and bouquets. The staff here love to add a little spice to your order with small pieces that make each order unique. 

“The store is beautiful, decorated so cute and has that wonderful family operated vibe. The two ladies helped me immediately and took my very small ideas and made something beautiful. The arrangement they put together is gorgeous, very well thought out and we were done within 15 minutes.” -- Yelp Review

Flower Boutique

Flower Boutique is a great florist, and excellent at what they do!
A blooming bouquet
Flowers from the Flower Boutique are always perfectly crafted and will serve every occasion you have in Lancaster, Ohio! Image courtesy of Yelp.

142 Main St | Groveport |

Flower Boutique, in Groveport Ohio, is a fine choice for local florists. They are a small, family owned business and they have perfected their craft. When you order from the Flower Boutique you can be confident that their florists will deliver a perfect product every time. They keep their stores stocked with fresh and in-season flowers so their arrangements are always changing. They keep their flowers fresh to match the season. 

“I needed an arrangement quickly last week (a Friday afternoon). While the shop was quite busy, they graciously agreed to make the gift I needed! It was lovely and just how I described my vision. I highly recommend The Flower Boutique, they are just a lovely family owned business!” -- Yelp Review

Expressions Floral Design Studio

The florists at Expressions know how to craft the perfect boutique!
A bunch of potted plants
Expressions Floral Design Studio has some of the best florists in Lancaster, Ohio. This particular piece is a great gift! The recipient (could be you!) gets a green plant every month. Image courtesy of Expressions Floral Design Studio.

1247 North Hamilton Road | Columbus |

Expressions Floral Design Studio is an amazing place for all of your flowery needs! Their talented professional staff cares about your flowers and will do everything they can to craft the perfect bouquet for your occasion. They are always happy to help you decide what you want so your flowers match your vision. They make sure to find the freshest flowers and keep them ready for your order. The staff at Expressions is also ready to help with a special event, like a wedding or your highschool prom! 

“Great last minute job. Very nice arrangement delivered promptly and fresh. We would definitely use them again. Thank you so much for a beautiful selection.” -- Yelp Review

What Arrangement is on Your Mind?

Now that you know a bit about what goes on at the florist and what florists are in your area, what are you planning on getting from your florist in Lancaster, Ohio? Let us know in the comments!

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