Florists in Lancaster, Ohio You Have To Use For Your Next Flower Purchase

Want an expertly crafted bouquet made with care? Check out these six florists near you

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1746 N Memorial Dr Lancaster, Ohio 43130
(740) 687-1516
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Jan 21, 2021

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When you’re looking for your next flower purchase, whether it’s for a holiday or special occasion, or you need to cater to something larger like a wedding or funeral, a local florist should be your go-to option every time.

Florists not only provide unique flowers and arrangements that you couldn’t find from a supermarket or a bigger flower chain, but they are flower professionals. You can talk to your florist about the vision you have for your wedding or even your bouquet, and they’d be happy to listen. 

In Lancaster, Ohio there are six prime florists for you to choose from. Each has its own merits and specialties, and one of them will no doubt have what you need. 

  • The Flower Pot
  • Flowers of the Good Earth
  • Hoffman’s Flower Shop
  • Floral Originals
  • Fireplace Gifts and Florist
  • Petals & Possibilities

Whether you want a bouquet or a succulent, whether you need to romance your partner or a gift for your mother there’s something in one of these shops for you. 

Closeup of a welcome to autumn sign at The Flower Pot. In front of it are five kinds of scented candles.
Caption. Image courtesy of

The Flower Pot

129 N Columbus St | Lancaster, OH |

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If you’re a Lancaster native, you’ve no doubt come across The Flower Pot located in the downtown Lancaster area. But if not, here’s a refresh and a reminder to check out this local flower shop. 

They cover pretty much anything that you need in the flower department, and some. Weddings, parties, memorials, sympathy events, and of course flowers for everyday occasions when you want to show some love with the language of flowers. 

The closest option on this list to Lancaster, it’s very easy to make a stop at this flower shop. If you visit them, whether in person or online make sure to check out these three flower options.

  • The “fresh farm wrap, just because” is the wildflower bouquet of your dreams, only upped a notch for a quality arrangement. These flowers of varying kinds differ by the day and are wrapped in a farmer’s burlap for a rustic and young feel starting at $24.99.
  • The “stars in the heart flower arrangement” is a star-studded twist on a traditional lovers’ bouquet.  Made with stargazer lilies, red roses, and white stock this arrangement starts at $115.00.
  • The yellow frenzy floral arrangement is the best way to spruce your house up as spring comes peeking around the corner. No color says spring better than yellow, and this vase contains yellow snapdragons, sunny yellow daisy poms, yellow lilies, and solidago, starting at $70.00. 

“I have worked with various flower shops across the Midwest, West coast and Southwest - this is the best experience I have ever had.” - Yelp Review

Photo of Flowers of the Good Earth - Lancaster, OH, United States
Caption. Image courtesy of Yelp

Flowers of the Good Earth

1262 Lancaster-Kirkersville Rd NW | Lancaster, OH |

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Family-owned and in service to the Lancaster, Ohio area for over thirty years Flowers of the Good Earth is an excellent option to spend your afternoon perusing at.

They have dozens of flower options to choose from, and regular plant options as well. They also sell plants in a wide variety of vases outside of the typical glass flower vase. 

If you want a gift that comes with a more stylized vase, a car, a smiley face, a modern-style wooden plagued vase, then Flower of the Good Earth is your best bet. They’re personal, while also having plenty of options to suit your needs.

Here are some unique suggestions to choose from. 

  • Teleflora’s 67’ Chevy Camaro, vase edition, comes in two options. A succulent garden or a flower bouquet. If you’ve got a car lover in the family who also has an appreciation for flowers this is the jackpot for you, starting at $49.99. 
  • The ocean of roses bouquet looks like it belongs as the centerpiece of a table on a porch on a Caribbean island somewhere, especially with that blue iconic vase it has going for it. Coming with a dozen roses, colors depending on the day and your taste, this beachy breezy option starts at $94.99.
  • The unicorn bouquet is for lovers of all things magical. Not only does this specialty unicorn-shaped vase come in four different flower arrangement options of choice, pastels, tropical, traditional, or a pothos plant, but it starts at the low price of $29.99.

“What a great little place. They are a fusion of a garden center and art gallery complete with shop kitties that abide there.” - Yelp Review

An autumnal decor spot at Hoffman's.
Caption. Image courtesy of

Hoffman’s Flower Shop

415 E Market St | Baltimore, OH |

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Another great option in the Lancaster area, Hoffman’s flower shop is more of a drive-in Baltimore, Ohio but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay it a visit on your flower-searching journey.

Hoffman’s has flowers for every event and every season. Now that winter’s on its way out, and you can taste the fresh spring air on the horizon you’re going to be in need of some flowers to celebrate the occasion. Or maybe you even have a spring wedding coming up, so it’s time to break out the tulips.

If you’re headed to Hoffman’s you’re going to want to make sure you take a look at the specific arrangements that they offer, especially if you want a bright pop of color in your home.

Here are some of our favorites from this flower shop.

  • The pop of springtime bouquet is the perfect gift for those who go ga-ga for springtime, especially around Easter time. This arrangement includes pink tulips, yellow alstroemeria, pink miniature carnations, lavender matsumoto asters, lavender waxflower, and more in a clear cylinder vase decorated with easter eggs starting at $49.99. 
  • How about a bouquet of tulips for the flower season, it’s a simple yet sophisticated choice reminiscent of April showers. They come from Hoffman’s in four different colors, sunny yellow, passionate purple, radiant red, and precious pink starting at $47.95. 
  • The Tahitian tropics bouquet is professional and sleek, a combination between the tropics and the cleanness of the modern office style. This bouquet comes with dark pink hydrangea, lavender roses, large pink anthuriums, pink ice protea, pink snapdragons, and more in a large square vase starting at $264.99. 

“Healthy and beautiful flower arrangements! Staff is very nice and helpful!” - Google Review

Photo of Floral Originals - Lancaster, OH, United States
Caption. Image courtesy of Yelp

Floral Originals 

512 W 6th Ave | Lancaster, OH |

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Another florist located in the central Lancaster area, if you’re feeling up for a local joint Floral Originals is a good option for you. 

Floral Originals has all the staples of a good florist, flowers for birthdays, and sympathies that cater to weddings and events. They also have a wonderful section for the classical rose bouquets. 

You can never go wrong with roses, especially on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Roses are romantic and we all know what they entail. At the same time, if your partner isn’t one for the traditional kinds of gifts they have other options for you as well.

Check out these favorites from Floral Originals that you should consider next time you’re in the market for flowers.

  • The secret garden basket won’t be hiding your secret for long, because anyone who you gift this to will know just how fond you are of them, especially with these beautiful plants it features. Featuring a pink kalanchoe, hypoestes, green nephthytis, Boston, and maidenhair ferns in round wicker baskets starting at $69.99
  • The celestial love bouquet calls for a sense of classiness and peace. The theme for this arrangement is light earthy tones, perfect for those in your life who bring you serenity. Get this arrangement featuring peach roses, crème spray roses, white stock, waxflower, and in a beautiful clear vase starting at $79.95. 
  • The island arrangement is small, but that doesn’t mean it packs any less of a punch in meaning. This bouquet comes with red freedom and coral roses on a bed of green stock in a small square vase starting at $44.95 to evoke the feelings of an island paradise. 

“I have used Floral Originals many, many times in the last 3 years and have never been more pleased. They are professional knick-knacks and prompt.” - Yelp Review

A shelf in Fireplace Gifts And Florist with candles, brass pumpkins, and other kinds of fall decorations.
Caption. Image courtesy of

Fireplace Gifts and Florist

6800 E Main St | Reynoldsburg, OH |

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When you’re shopping for flowers, sometimes that’s not all that’s going to catch your eye in the shop. Maybe you spot a wonderful pot as well, a couple of candles, some lovely carved statuettes that you just can’t pass on. Fireplace Gifts and Florist is one of these places. 

Located just a short drive away in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Fireplace Gifts and Florist can double as your flower destination while also specializing in some homey knick knacks for you to purchase. 

Here are some of their best flowers and gifts for you to pick up next time you’re in the area.

  • “The Cre8tive Sisters Boutique" section has quite the stylistic feel to it. The sisters’ creators have accessory options for you ranging from summer linens to handmade jewelry depending on the season. You never know what you’ll find. 
  • The Buckeye mixed vase is the option for those looking to bring some flowers to school spirit. Named for the Ohio State “Buckeyes” this flower arrangement comes with roses and hydrangeas and a Buckeye sign starting at $75.00. 
  • The white lantern with battery candles and fresh flowers is not something every florist has in stock. But do you want a lovely rustic lantern to hang from your doorway along with a handpicked flower combination? Then check this out starting at $94.99. 

“Always take their arrangements to the next level. Amazing service and the flowers last forever. Special keepsakes are why we always choose them for special occasions.” - Yelp Review

A picture of the Petal and Possibilities storefront. Building is white with flower boxes on windows.
Caption. Image courtesy of

Petals & Possibilities

107 Johns St | Amanda, OH |

View homes for sale in 43102>

You have to love a flower shop with a booming and thriving internet presence. Not only is Petals & Possibilities active on their Facebook and Instagram accounts they have their own Pinterest boards, so for those eager for wedding bells you can get floral inspiration straight from the shop you’ll be working with.

Located in Amanda, Ohio this florist is worth the long trip it might cost you from Lancaster. With an adorable sunny storefront, Petals & Possibilities has a plethora of different options for you to peruse through.

They know what you want, and they’re going to listen to your vision. So if you’re a creative kind of person this is the best florist on this list to pay a visit to. 

For a fresh and ready arrangement check out these favorites down below.

  • The bright memories bouquet calls to springtime, but springtime with a flair. This isn’t just your typical bouquet of pastel-colored flowers to ring in a gentle season, no these flowers are bold and bright and ready. Order this confection of red and yellow Gerber daisies, pink roses, and more starting at $70.00. 
  • The mini herb garden is your gateway into your gardening desires as well as your culinary ones. Have you never known where to start with growing herbs? Well, this plant set-up with basil, cilantro, and more starting at $35.00 is your launching pad into the life of a plant-grower. 
  • The love and laughter bouquet conveys just that. A kind of love that is sunny and luminous, especially with those lovely golden sunflowers that serve as the star of this centerpiece. Check out this arrangement featuring ombre orange roses and spots of accent greenery starting at $35.00. 

“The arrangement that was done for my daughter's birthday was beautiful. White roses with purple accents. It was just beautiful and reasonably priced.” - Google Review

A girl with dyed pink hair looks at the purple flower arrangement in her hands.
No one is going to know what you want better with flowers than your florist. 

It’s important to establish trust between you and your local florist. Not only do you rely on them for your flower bouquets but they can serve as an important line of communication should you ever need them for a bigger event in your life.

Flowers have meaning, and so many enjoy receiving them. Whether it's a rose or a flowering vine there is a kind of plant out there for everyone to enjoy. So why not get it from the experts? Who can guide your desire for florals as well as your green thumb along the way.

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March 19, 2021
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