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1746 N Memorial Dr Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Jan 21, 2021

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Lancaster, Ohio is located in Fairfield County. It is known for its main street lined with old-style, well preserved homes. There are a few important landmarks located there, including the Wagnalls Memorial, Stonewall Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, and a few more places worth visiting for anyone in the area. 

There is a lot to do in this town. Fairfield County Fairgrounds sits right at the foot of Mt. Pleasant, and Rising Park, a stunning rock formation, is one of many parks surrounding it. These are all great places to experience in Lancaster, but something we love to do every once in a while is catch a movie. The movie theater is a great place to relax and enjoy a movie with the full effects of a large screen and surround sound. Not to mention the snack and drink options. If you’d like to enjoy a movie night in Lancaster, here are the places you should visit. 

Marcus Theaters

Theater concession stand.
Get ready for a super comfortable experience. Image courtesy of Yelp

1776 Hill Road North |

Marcus Theater is a laid-back cinema that showcases a variety of movies. You can catch all the latest movies here on oversize screens. They make it easy to relax with their heated Dream Lounger reclining seats. You get to enjoy ultimate comfort in these seats while you enjoy their snacks, which you order online through their app. 

They even have several promotions that offer different perks to customers. There are $5 Tuesdays and $6 Student Thursdays. You can even book a private theater you can share with a large group of your friends or family!

“I love this Cinema. It airs all of the movies you can think of. Don’t worry, most of these movies here don’t go away for like two months. The popcorn is delicious. You can ask for however much butter you want and it doesn’t cost extra. They have the best seats. Most of the seats in Marcus Theater are recliners which is kind of perfect if you want to lay back and relax eating buttery popcorn while watching a new movie”. - Yelp Review

Cinemark River Valley Mall and XD

Spilled popcorn next to movie tickets.
This place will feel familiar. 

1611 River Valley Cir S | Lancaster |

This theater has hundreds of locations throughout the country. There is a chance you might have been to one in a different city or state. If you want to experience a theater that is familiar to you, stop by this place. This is a location frequented by many people. They are well-known and have a great reputation. 

Something they are known for is their low prices. Many theaters have matinee prices during the day, but this theater remains cheap all year long! They even have expanded food options. Along with the average movie theater snacks like popcorn, you can also get burgers and handcrafted cocktails!

“Cannot beat these prices! I visited Cinemark 16 for the first time to see Avengers Endgame on the Saturday after it came out. Being from the East Columbus area, Marcus Theaters in Pickerington or AMC in Easton are usually the go-to places. After a little research, I was able to find Cinemark 16 tickets to Endgame on a Saturday night for- wait for it- $7.50!!!” - Yelp Review

The Drexel

Old timey movie symbols.
This theater has an amazing history. 

2254 E Main Street |

The Drexel first opened its doors in 1937. It has passed through many different owners throughout the decades of its existence. It is Ohio’s first site to play independent films and international Hollywood cinema. Despite its age, it is a technologically advanced facility. Renovations throughout the years have kept it up to date. It is as warm and inviting as it is advanced. It has a mix of old and modern charm. 

This theater gives a charming experience to the larger community. It was declared to be a historic place by the National Register of Historic Places in 2015. The theater has plans to remain as a cultural asset to the greater community. Make this your movie theater destination if you want to experience a unique theater with a passion for the art of film. 

“I hadn’t been able to return to the Drexel after the remodel, but I finally made it. I grew up coming to The Drexel to see independent movies and have grown to love the place. After coming in this weekend and seeing the remodel, I love it even more.” - Yelp Review

Gateway Film Center

Outside a movie theater.
This place is tons of fun for art lovers. Image courtesy of Yelp

1550 North High Street |

Gateway Film Center is a non profit theater dedicated to showing independent films alongside commercial ones. They are committed to amplifying the work of storytellers in their community. They take art seriously and show a lot of respect to artists and their work. The Gateway has a bar known as “The Torpedo Room,” where people can chat about their movie experience over drinks. And if you have a library card, you can get in to see a movie for free! There is even a virtual screening room so that you can watch some of their films from your home computer. They do all they can to make sure people can enjoy the art of film. 

Stop by this place to have a fulfilling movie experience surrounded by people who share your passion for film. You can stop by whenever you have the urge to see a movie you can’t see at most theaters. You can watch an old movie, an independent movie, or a newly released one. They also have convenient parking located right next door to the theater in a parking garage, so your walk from the car to the theater will be a quick one. 

“One of my favorite places in the city. Gateway is so much more than a movie theater- it is a cultural hub for the city. The film selection is always diverse and exciting. The food and drinks are great. And I’ve never seen a theater have a better and more passionate staff.” - Yelp Review

Skyview Drive-In

Cartoon cars in drive-in theater.
Sit in your car while you watch a movie! Image courtesy of Skyview Drive-In

2420 E Main Street | Lancaster |

Skyview Drive-In has been showing movies outdoors for 73 years. It was built in 1948 and has been giving high quality service ever since. Since 2011, they have been the first drive-in in Ohio to show HD movies. The movies are shown primarily at night. You can get your tickets after 8 p.m., and then catch a movie that shows around 9:15 p.m. It is very affordable and convenient. 

You will have a cozy, intimate experience at this outdoor theater. You’ll get to sit in the comfort of your own vehicle with your friends or family to enjoy your time together. It is a lot simpler than having to travel in and out of a car and the theater with your companions. You are free to do whatever you want without any worry about disturbing other patrons. You can also enjoy whatever food and beverages you’d like! As long as you bring five dollars to pay for an outside food permit, you can bring any food and drinks you’re in the mood for! There is an indoor concession stand available for anyone who would prefer to get their snacks from the theater. 

“I LOVE the Skyview. I wish I could go more often during the season. The owners and employees pour their hearts into this place and it shows. The food at the concession stand is fantastic. The prices are reasonable to say the least. The Skyview is a gem. Please treat it as such.”- Yelp Review

AMC Theaters

Movie theater entrance.
This theater has lots of amazing food options. Image courtesy of Yelp

275 Easton Town Center |

AMC Theater has all that you can ask for. It is both a theater and a restaurant! You’ll get to enjoy a show and have a great meal prepared by their talented cooks. Their ingredients are all fresh, and their food is handcrafted. You can order appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks from the bar. You also have the option of getting the usual popcorn and candy. All you have to do is place your order at the concession stand and then someone will bring it right to you in the theater! You can even download their app onto your phone to order. 

Their signature recliner seats are known to be comfortable. You can also reserve a seat when you order your tickets online. It is very much worth it.  All the latest movies play here. This theater shows powerful images and uses very strong sound technology. Great quality sounds and images are a huge plus. If having a full meal during a movie sounds great to you, then you need to stop by this theater!

“One of our favorite theaters! This is our second trip here and we weren't disappointed. The recliner seating is sooooo comfy and adjusts to your liking. If you want food or drinks you simply press a convenient button for service. I got a cosmopolitan to drink and it was really good. We also got the big bites sampler to munch on during the movie. Good food and a nice clean atmosphere. Not to mention the lovely shopping area that's right outside! We'll definitely be back..”- Yelp Review

Grandview Theater & Drafthouse

Three containers of popcorn. One has M&Ms.
You are sure to have an awesome time at this Lancaster movie theater. Image courtesy of Grandview Theater & Drafthouse

1247 Grandview Ave |

This theater has been a neighborhood staple since 1926. Its face has been changed a few times throughout the year, but its greatest change has been the recent renovations made in 2016. The new owners expanded this place’s purpose. A bar area that serves up to 40 drafts was added along with cup holders in the seats. The draft list rotates, so you will have the chance to try out many different types of beer if you choose to stop by this place on a regular basis. You don’t even have to be there to see a movie to enjoy the bar!

You can order pizza as well as a few other food items at this theater. They offer subs, salads, and other snacks. They also host many kinds of events. You can always rent space to have a great celebration at a theater with your friends. 

“So glad to see the theater getting new life. They've done a great job with the bar area and patio, the front of the house and the remodel of the theater. It makes for a nice evening out, can order in some food and take in a movie. They've added some tables and super comfy chairs in the theater. They've added some tables and comfy chairs in the theater. They show more than current movies - sports games, TV shows, classic movies, and much more. Definitely worth checking out.”- Yelp Review

Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse

Hands grabbing a slice of pizza from the box.
This theater sells pizza! 

3055 Indianola Ave |

This small theater has been around since 1938. In the 1970s, this place became the first theater in the U.S. with a licence to sell alcohol. It currently points out that it is home to several ghosts, making it a great place for ghost and horror lovers to visit. There are only two screening rooms, making this a cozy choice for a theater. 

They have a full bar area that has been in service since 2012. The pizza kitchen is newer, having been opened up in 2019, but it has been a huge hit. One of the current owners even pioneered a popcorn with M&Ms that is now a fan favorite. If you love popcorn and M&Ms, catch a movie here to try this awesome combo. 

“Always love this place, it's been a community staple for years and is a hidden gem if you've never been. Staff is friendly and atmosphere is down to earth, pizzas are a more recent but very successful edition. Great local business worth supporting.”- Yelp Review

Lancaster, Ohio is a great place with many options for people looking to have a good time. If you want to catch a movie while you’re there, the only issue you’ll have is picking the right theater to visit!

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