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Around Ohio

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Lancaster

May 21, 2018

Lancaster, Ohio is filled with a long and storied history that often piques the interests of many people.

Real Estate Tips

Spring has sprung: Quick Tips for Buying a House this Season

May 18, 2018

Try to get a jumpstart on the year’s busiest buying period with these quick tips!


Columbus Just Keeps Winning

May 17, 2018

Columbus keeps earning awards and accolades. Here are highlights of some of the most recent and best.

Around Ohio

What Should I See When I’m in Somerset?

May 16, 2018

Thinking of looking for houses in Somerset, Ohio? There are plenty of great things to do while you’re there.

Around Ohio

Things to do in historical Worthington

May 14, 2018

Enjoy your weekend getting to know the history of the local area

Around Ohio

5 ways to spend a weekend in Logan

May 12, 2018

From mini golfing to quirky museums, Logan has many options for a busy morning or a quiet afternoon!

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