5 Awesome Lancaster, Ohio Gyms That Will Get You In Shape for Summer

With the help of these Lancaster gyms, you’ll be faster, stronger, and fitter in no time.

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1746 N Memorial Dr Lancaster, Ohio 43130
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Alexandra Ross


Jan 21, 2021

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The benefits of working out cannot be overstated. Regular exercise is known to boost your energy, improve your metabolism, extend your lifespan, and even reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Whether you’re trying to get more speed, strength, or endurance, it can be tough to get results all on your own — especially if you can’t afford expensive workout equipment. Joining a gym gets you access to all of the tools you need to build a healthy lifestyle, like equipment, trainers, and a supportive environment that pushes you to be your best self. 

There are many gyms available in the Lancaster, Ohio area, including: 

  • Planet Fitness
  • Hall of Heroes Iron Gym
  • Family YMCA of Lancaster & Fairfield County
  • Jackd Fitness
  • What Women Want Fitness Club

Each of these gyms in Lancaster, Ohio has something special to offer. Read on to find out which one could be the right choice for you!

Planet Fitness 

A row of Planet Fitness purple and yellow treadmills
At Planet Fitness, you’ll never have to fight for a turn on the treadmill. Their spacious home clubs are full of enough cardio and weight equipment for everyone. Image courtesy of Advance Local Media.

1203 N Memorial Dr. | Lancaster | planetfitness.com

Planet Fitness prides itself on being a “Judgement Free Zone,” welcoming people of all different body types, backgrounds, and gym experience levels. Whether you are a first-timer or a gym vet, Planet Fitness will offer you a pressure-free gym where you can pursue your personal fitness goals at your own pace. 

This chain has around 2,000 clubs across the world, including locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The clubs are spacious and filled with a wide variety of gym equipment, such as treadmills, weight machines, and free weights. Each one is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Planet Fitness’ friendly and fun trainers run all kinds of group exercises, free of charge for all members. They also offer personalized instruction on the wide selection of cardio and weight equipment. 

Planet Fitness has amenities beyond just the equipment typically seen in a gym. They offer tanning booths, massage chairs, HydroMassage beds, and Total Body Enhancement (an all-natural red and infrared light therapy treatment). 

Access to these special amenities requires a PF Black Card membership. Also included in this membership are free WiFi, access to all Planet Fitness locations, and 20% off at reebok.com, 50% off select beverages, and free guest passes.

For those who feel most comfortable working out in their own homes, Planet Fitness can help. The Planet Fitness mobile app, which is free for everyone, has virtual workouts that you can do any time, any place. This includes the Beginner and Intermediate Series in three different fields — Cardio, Strength, and Dumbbell.

“I love this place. I don't ever feel judged or like I'm not the "right size" to be there. The staff is extremely helpful and the place is always clean. There are classes, tanning, massage chairs… You can even meet with a trainer to set up a personalized workout plan. If you are a beginner...  And even a gym enthusiastic… This is the place for you!!!” - Google Review

Hall of Heroes Iron Gym

Hall of Heroes' main room, full of grey weight equipment for all areas of the body
Hall of Heroes Iron Gym is full of clean, high-quality weights and equipment, the perfect tools for building up your strength. There’s a machine for working out every part of your body — no excuses for skipping leg day! Image courtesy of Google.

1259 N Memorial Dr | Lancaster | hallofheroesirongym.com

For those looking to improve their strength, Hall of Heroes Iron Gym could be your perfect match. There is a wide variety of weights available for building muscle and strengthening your whole body. This includes both free weights and machines. 

Hall of Heroes is owned and operated by Lancaster locals and veterans — in fact, one of the three owners of Hall of Heroes is currently serving on active duty. Because of their local roots, the owners feel strongly about serving their community well, and consider their customers to be their family. 

Group classes are offered to members and non-members alike. For a more individual approach, personal trainers are also available to Hall of Heroes members. Their training packages tackle specific fitness areas, like eating and meal plans, competition  preparation, or general fitness. Your program will be individualized to fit your goals and schedule.

Membership comes with optional 24/7 access to the gym, fitness floor, and locker rooms, as well as unlimited tanning. Kids ages 8-14 can get a discounted membership, and must be with a guardian at all times. Discounted memberships are also available for U.S. military, local authorities, and emergency responders. 

Hall of Heroes is a great gym for parents, as they offer affordable child care every weekday and Saturday for just $10 per month. No more worrying about finding or affording a babysitter for your morning workouts! 

This gym also sells fashionable apparel — including tank tops, T-shirts, crewnecks, sweatpants, and hoodies — online and in-person. You can rep your favorite gym wherever you go!

“Now that I've become passionate about lifting and improving myself, it's really awesome to have a gym that is focused on improving as well. All the new equipment, and some of the most helpful staff has really made my experience a great one.” - Google Review

Family YMCA of Lancaster & Fairfield County

An overhead view of the YMCA's workout room, complete with treadmills, weight machines, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
The YMCA offers great gym services, but it doesn’t stop there — there are many other fitness resources and fun, active programs for the whole family. Image courtesy of Vinton County National Bank.

1180 E Locust Street | Lancaster | ymcalancaster.org 

Also known as the Robert K. Fox Family YMCA, the Family YMCA of Lancaster and Fairfield County offers members a comprehensive, clean, and safe gym experience. In addition to the traditional gym amenities offered, like treadmills and weight equipment, there is an abundance of other health and fitness services. The YMCA holds an indoor running track, designated centers for aerobics and strength training, tennis, handball, racquetball, and a pool.

Group classes are discounted for members and tailored to serve specific fitness goals. Check out Zumba Gold for a fun and low-impact way to get your heart pumping, or HIIT for an intense cardio workout that will tone and shape your muscles. 

Parents who are members at the local YMCA will never have to worry about where to take their kids while they work out. Child care services are always available, and there are many activities and classes for people of all ages. Kids can learn cheerleading, gymnastics, tee ball, boxing, and more — older teens can even learn lifeguarding! 

This includes much more than just gym services. They sponsor child care, after-school care, sports and recreation, summer camps, arts and humanities, theater, aquatics, and more for a variety of ages. It serves the overall well-being of the community, from health and fitness to cultural enrichment.

“As a recently new member of the YMCA, I have to say I love this place. Their "Wellness" center is large with many types of cardio and weight machines. The staff is mostly friendly and helpful. They have two swimming pools--always clean--and two large gyms. The class offerings are diverse and up-to-date.” - Yelp Review

Jackd Fitness

409 Garfield Avenue | Lancaster | facebook.com

If you’re looking to get jacked, then you should definitely check out Jackd Fitness. This gym is slightly more focused on weights than cardio, with a stronger presence of weight equipment including both machines and dumbbells. However, there are still opportunities to work on endurance and cardio, such as through “Cardiyoga” classes offered by the gym. 

Another popular group class offered at Jackd is the MOVE class. Run by Mindy Byers, one of Jackd’s owners, this class will work your core and strengthen your muscles as you move to a playlist of energizing music. This class is super popular amongst those looking for a workout that involves more than just weightlifting.

Jackd Fitness is a gym that is very connected to its members and the community. They invite members to bring varsity jackets, team banners, and awards and trophies to be displayed on the walls of the gym for all to see. Many of their members are young athletes from the community. Jackd clearly takes great pride in the progress of its members!

The owners host a local contest for the community, which they call the American Made Classic. This is a strongman competition that includes events such as a truck pull, press medley, axle double, and carry medley. The event is sanctioned by Strongman Corporation, and winners can even receive invitations to national competitions.

“I'm an out of towner and this was a deal! Day rate was $5. They had everything I needed to complete my regular workout and I'd totally go back. I would recommend going already dressed in your workout clothes. This is not an LA Fitness or similar athletic club. It's a gym - a la Rocky without the ring.” - Google Review

What Women Want Fitness Club

Ten cycling bikes, facing a wall with a big W and "WHAT WOMEN WANT" painted on it in black. Fairy lights string from the ceiling to the floor.
What Women Want Fitness Club is the perfect place to get your spin on. “Spin It Out” group classes will take you over various terrains, speeds, and intensities. Image courtesy of Google.

400 S Broad Street (Suite A) | Lancaster | whatwomenwantfitnessclub.com

If the name of this gym didn’t already give it away, What Women Want Fitness Club is a gym that caters to the comfort and needs of women. Its locker room and workout area are for women only. The goal of the owners is to provide a space where women feel safe, comfortable, and accepted as they work towards their fitness goals. 

Members at What Women Want Fitness Club can take advantage of a wide variety of fitness classes, each tailored to different goals. For example, “Pump it Up” stresses endurance and weight training, while “Buns & Guns” sculpts your booty and upper body and Yoga classes promote flexibility, relaxation, and balance.

Those with a monthly membership have unlimited access to these group exercise classes, and What Women Want Fitness Club ensures your first class will be free. Members also have access to additional amenities, so they can enjoy full access to the spa-inspired locker room, sauna, refreshment bar, TVs, WiFi, and lounge area. 

What Women Want Fitness Club offers more than just group classes. Members who want to guide their own exercise path can use the treadmills, stationary bikes, dumbbells, boxing equipment, and open workout space as they please. 

Discounts in monthly membership prices are available for those willing to make a longer commitment — you can get a discount for committing to three months, six months, or a full year of membership. Those who would rather pay per class than per month can buy a 10 Class Punch Card instead, which allows them to access 10 group exercise classes at any time. Day passes are also available.

What Women Want Fitness Club is a great option for women who feel uncomfortable or insecure about going to the gym. Their accepting, encouraging environment will help you to feel more empowered and capable of reaching your fitness goals than ever before.

“This place is great! Super nice facility. I personally love the 7:00am Spinning class with Angie and then doing Kristen's Core Building and Buns n Guns class back to back. The vibe is different here. Totally recommend it!” - Facebook Review

Two women sit with their legs crossed on yoga mats, wearing all black.
Exercise isn’t always about weightlifting or intense cardio. Low-impact workouts like yoga can improve your flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as reduce stress and help you feel connected to your body. 

Working out is beneficial for your entire body — your muscles, your metabolism, and your mind. Not only does regular exercise benefit your physical health, it also improves your mental health by releasing endorphins and boosting your self-esteem.

If you choose to visit or move to Lancaster, Ohio soon, be sure to check out one of these great gyms. They’ll help you feel like your best self in no time! You can also try Cryotherapy for your post-workout recovery.

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