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HER Realtors Named #1 Selling Real Estate Company in Ohio

May 3, 2019

Real Estate Flourishes In Ohio With A Balanced Marketplace in 2019

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Buying a Historic Home? Consider These Pros and Cons Before You Buy

April 20, 2019

A historic home offers charm and potential issues to consider

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It’s Time To Buy a Home In Toledo

March 6, 2019

Ohio rent prices increase in 2018, with Toledo seeing the biggest spike, so here's everything you need to know about buying versus renting a home in Toledo this year.

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Sale and Leaseback - Is It Right for You?

February 10, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About the Sale and Leaseback Process

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Stay on Target With Your New Year's Resolutions

January 29, 2019

Do you need help sticking to your New Years Resolutions? Use these helpful tips and be well on your way to achieving your goals!

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10 Ways to Winterize Your Columbus Home

January 27, 2019

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold! Columbus's snow, ice, and cold weather can cause damage to your home. Here's how to make sure your house is prepared for Winter.

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12 Tips for Surviving the Ohio Winter for Homeowners

January 18, 2019

Every Ohio Homeowner Needs These Simple Steps on Their To-Do List Before the Blizzard Hits to Make the Harsh Winter Easier

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Who Wants to be a Realtor?

December 25, 2018

Do you want to be a Realtor? Read on to see some of the job’s benefits and to learn what skills you already have that can help you along the way…

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Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Home When You’re Ready to Sell

December 20, 2018

Give your house even more appeal with simple and quick tips.

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7 Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays

December 10, 2018

While buying a new home and moving during the holidays may seem daunting, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a great time to buy a new home, making it worth any hassle it may cause!

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Should You Sell Your Home During the Holiday Season?

December 9, 2018

Before you begin the task of attempting to sell your homes during the holiday season it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of doing so.

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Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need to Be a Part Of

November 6, 2018

We’re here to tell you what’s hot and what’s not

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The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent

October 11, 2018

This is what it takes to be a real estate agent.

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How to Get Your Home Cozy for Fall

October 4, 2018

Use these smart tips to keep your house in shape and you warm this fall and winter.

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Local Realtors vs. Home Search Sites

October 1, 2018

Why The Big Real Estate Search Engines You’re Used To Won’t Help You Find Your Forever Home in Ohio

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3 Ways To Spruce Up For An Open House

September 13, 2018

Every home looks better with a bit of a touch-up, and these tips will ensure that potential buyers see the best of what your house has to offer

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Visual Selling: Tips for Making Your House Look as Beautiful as Possible

September 5, 2018

A good Realtor should be your right-hand-(wo)man!

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Finding Flooring: How to Do Hardwood Flooring on a Budget

August 27, 2018

Saving money on flooring, installation, and maintenance.

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7 Brilliant Gardening Hacks for Lazy People

August 22, 2018

Who has time for pulling weeds?

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4 Reasons You Would Enjoy Being A Real Estate Agent

August 20, 2018

If you think you need some convincing when it comes to being sold on a job in homes and apartments, maybe consider some of the reasons this could actually be fulfilling

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6 Tips for Having the Best Staycation Ever

August 8, 2018

Staying at home can be a luxury you’ll savor

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How to Make Space For a New Pet At Home

July 30, 2018

Tips for welcoming your new friend

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5 Crucial Elements You Need to See In A Home-Buying Guide

July 23, 2018

There are literally dozens of home-buying guides out there, but they’re not all created equal. When you’re overwhelmed with all the info, we’ll tell you what’s really important.

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor

July 20, 2018

A good Realtor should be your right-hand-(wo)man!

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Join the Team - Consider a Career in Real Estate

July 16, 2018

Millennials are cut out for careers in real estate brokerage.

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Realtor Care Day is Beautifying a Neighborhood Near You Soon

June 4, 2018

Realtor Care Day on June 6th, 2018 is co-chaired this year by Ben Hemmert of HER, Realtors®. Join other volunteers during National Homeowner Month for a day of community service and neighborhood improvement. Sign up for the 14th annual Realtor Care Day in Columbus, OH.

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Buying a House Made Easy With These Simple Tips

May 29, 2018

Get a smooth experience buying a home with these simple tips!

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Spring has sprung: Quick Tips for Buying a House this Season

May 28, 2018

Try to get a jumpstart on the year’s busiest buying period with these quick tips!

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Red Flags to Avoid When Selling Your Home

April 3, 2018

Be aware of these warning signs that might turn potential buyers away

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5 Helpful Tips to Find You a Dream Home

March 28, 2018

It's part of the American dream to find the best house, so let us help you by giving you some things to keep in mind.

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Fun DIY Ideas for Newlyweds

March 9, 2018

Moving into a fresh house after getting married can be super exciting. We’re here to help kick off that chapter of your new life with some fresh ways to make that house your home.

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Central Ohio Housing Inventory Hits All-Time-Low

March 8, 2018

With central Ohio homes at the highest demand, it only makes sense that their real estate inventory has hit its lowest low.

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We're Predicting the Future: Real Estate Trends 2018

February 23, 2018

A new year means a new beginning for 2018’s real estate trend.

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How Does the New Tax Law Affect Real Estate Professionals?

February 16, 2018

Major Provisions Affecting Real Estate Professionals (Final Part of the Saga)

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Getting Real About Commercial Real Estate Tax Laws

February 13, 2018

Major Provisions Affecting Commercial Real Estate (Part 2 of the Saga)

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