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Grace Cooper


Jan 21, 2021

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Whether you’ve heard of the 43082, Westerville before or it hasn’t really been on your radar, there are so many things to do in this city to relax and have fun. And, even if you have heard of it, there’s probably a lot of things you don’t know. Just northeast of Columbus, Westerville is home to many parks, galleries, and eateries that make it a great place to visit and to live!

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uptown deli and brew classy exterior
Source: Uptown Deli and Brew


An important element to choosing a place to live—arguably the most important element—is food. Luckily, Westerville has plenty of food options for every occasion.

BRU Burger Bar

BRU Burger Bar is definitely a favorite in the Westerville community! It’s a regional chain and a great place to grab a burger, fries, and a beer—plus a delicious milkshake, if you have the room. There are also gluten free and kid-friendly options, so everyone is welcome!

Uptown Deli and Brew

Uptown Deli and Brew is a must on the list of Westerville eateries. Located in historic Uptown Westerville, here you can get a great deli sandwich as well as locally made craft beer. The deli actually shares a building with Temperance Row Brewing Company, Westerville’s first brewery! Besides a great place to get a sit down meal, the deli also functions as a market where you can buy artisan meat, cheese, bread.

The Wine Bistro

The Wine Bistro is another restaurant with three locations in the area, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t have a good meal. Great for a romantic dinner or even a private tasting, this is definitely the place you’ll want to go for a fancier meal. And don’t miss their happy hour specials every day of the week!

hanby house exterior
Source: Hanby House


With a surprising connection to prohibition, Westerville is a town rich with history. Check out these sites for a fun and educational day!

Anti-Saloon League Museum

Beginning as far back as the 1850s, Westerville was one of the first places in the U.S. to ban the sale of alcohol—and consequently became a driving force behind Prohibition in the 20th century. Head on over to the Anti-Saloon League Museum to peruse documents and artifacts from this era in the Westerville Public Library.

Hanby House State Memorial

Hanby House is another memorial in Westerville that’s well worth the visit. Originally home to William Hanby, Bishop of the United Brethren in Christ Church as well as the co-founder of Otterbein University, the house also played a key role in the Underground Railroad. Today you can attend tea at Hanby House, which includes lectures and reenactments about tea and the history of Hanby House.

Historic Uptown Westerville

Historic Uptown Westerville is a great place to walk through history—and get a little shopping done at the same time. The area is filled with restaurants, clothing stores, and shops making it the perfect place to run errands or just spend the day window shopping with the family. Take a walk to soak in the historic storefronts and shop local businesses as well!

abstract art next to different colors of paint

Art Galleries

Another goldmine of Westerville is Otterbein University. Founded in 1847, the university provides a lot of cultural opportunities to the surrounding community, particularly art galleries.

John E. Fisher Gallery

The John E. Fisher Gallery, located in Roush Hall, is a great place to see a selection of ever-rotating exhibits meant to show diversity in art. Featured artists often host lectures or workshops to further interact with gallery-goers.

Frank Museum of Art

The Frank Museum of Art specializes in showcasing non-Western art from Africa, Japan, and New Guinea. There are a variety of pieces on display including textiles, sculpture, and woodcut prints. Watch their website for upcoming exhibits, lectures, and recitals in the gallery!

Leslie H. and Ethyl Rose Miller Gallery

In addition to a series of rotating exhibits, each year the Leslie H. and Ethyl Rose Miller Gallery houses the work of the university’s art graduates. The gallery is a space for these young artists to celebrate and showcase the work they’ve accomplished.

field of grass with trees in the background


Who knew that the city calls themselves “Westerville—A City Within A Park”? Although you may not be familiar with their motto, once you’re there you’ll definitely understand.

Hoover Reservoir Park

Go to Hoover Reservoir Park to explore 4,700 acres of parkland with opportunities for sailing, fishing, hiking, disc golf, and so much more. Bird watchers also flock to the park to catch a glimpse of unique birds, including the American Bald Eagle. Or if you’re in the mood for something more relaxing, just pack a picnic and take a walk!

Inniswood Metro Gardens

Inniswood Metro Gardens is another great place to catch a glimpse of some wildlife. At 123 acres and with 2,000 species of plants, you’re definitely not going to get bored walking through these woodlands. And be sure to check out their Music in the Gardens series in the summer and their educational programs for both children and adults throughout the year!

Hanby Park

Just down the road from Hanby House, you’ll find Hanby Park. At about 4 acres, it’s a little bit smaller but still a perfect spot for an afternoon with the kids to visit the playground or go for a bike ride.

None of these activities strike your fancy? Check out more things to do here! Westerville is a city filled with endless activity and fun—tell us what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below!

August 31, 2018
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