Best Salons in Westerville

Are you bored with your current hairstyle? Drop by one of these Westerville, Ohio salons for a brand new look!

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413 N. State Street Westerville, Ohio 43082
(614) 891-7400
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Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Getting your hair styled in a different way from the usual is always an exciting experience. It’s not much fun having the same hairstyle year after year. It gets boring. You should switch it up every once in a while! It is sure to lift your spirits when you see your face framed by an awesome new style, cut, or color. 

Check out one of the best salons in Westerville for your next hairstyle change. Whether you’re in the market for highlights, a bold new color, or a cut and style, these Westerville, Ohio salons have you covered. There is no need for you to try out salon after salon and still end up dissatisfied with your results. This list makes your job of hunting for the right salon a whole lot easier. Here are the top Salons in Westerville! 

Cala Luna Salon and Spa

This salon prioritizes one on one connections.

empty chairs in a salon.
This is a great place to go to for a haircut. Image courtesy of Yelp

27 West at 20 West Main St. | Westerville |

Cala Luna Salon was established in 2004. It is now a well respected salon run by a passionate beauty industry veteran. They value the relationships they have with their clients, so expect to be treated very well here. You’ll be pampered by a friendly professional who is eager to give you a good experience. 

With a brand new location, Cala Luna has a stylish interior that makes your visit comfortable. They offer premium services to help you look your best. Those services include haircuts, hair treatments, and waxing. They can do a simple blow dry and style, or they can give you an up do for a special occasion. You can get a color retouch or a brand new color. Try their ombre color for a fun, trendy look. If this sounds good to you, call to book your appointment!

"Very cute full service salon in uptown Westerville. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I got a pedicure with Kim- she was very easy to talk to and detail oriented with the pedicure. I can't wait to go back!"- Yelp Review

J. Carmen Salon

This salon is up to date on all the latest trends!

Woman with long, flowy, platinum blonde hair.
Let this salon keep you looking fresh in all the latest looks. Image courtesy of J. Carmen Salon.

24 W. Main St. | Westerville |

If you’re looking for a full-service salon that specializes in current trends, J. Carmen Salon is where you want to go! The stylists here stay on top of modern culture. If you can’t keep up with what’s in style today, let these knowledgeable stylists do that for you! 

Located in the heart of uptown Westerville, this salon boasts an experienced staff as diverse as they are talented. There is a stylist available to suit the individual needs of each person that visits. It has been the only J. Beverly Hills concept restaurant in Westerville since it opened in 2007. And there is parking available right next door. You won’t have to take a long trek to make it there. 

"This is a great salon on Main Street in downtown Westerville! I have been coming here for several years and my hair always looks great! They have remarkable hair stylists that take their time to give you exactly what you want!"- Yelp Review 

Crimson & Clover Hair Salon

This low key salon is super comfortable. 

A house that has a salon inside.
This salon has a homey vibe and gives high quality results. Image courtesy of Yelp.

91 South State St. | Westerville |

If you’re looking for a comfortable salon with a relaxed vibe, Crimson and Clover is a great place for you to visit. They offer hair styling, waxing, and even barber services. They also specialize in perms. They offer straight perms, also known as relaxers, and they offer curly perms. If you want to go all out and get yourself a brand new hair texture, this is where you should go. Not too many salons specialize in those types of services.

With its own private parking, Crimson and Clover offers convenience. And you don’t always have to make an appointment. They take walk-ins as well as pre-arranged meetings! 

“I’ve been a long-time, very satisfied client at Crimson & Clover. Cindy and Pat are both friendly and terrific barbers/hair stylists. Cindy does amazing things with hair color!”- Yelp Review 

Stile Salon & Spa

This place offers every service you can think of. 

Bridal party holding red drinks.
This looks like a party! Image courtesy of Yelp

3981 Easton Way |

Would you like to get your hair done at a place that also offers spa services? Stile Salon & Spa offers the typical hair dying and styling as well as spa services like manicures, pedicures, and facials. They make sure you have the best experience possible. Their skilled team is dedicated to pampering you and any of your friends or family. They style men, women, and children. 

This salon hosts parties! They cater to bridal parties, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and more. It is an amazing place to go relax with your friends and leave refreshed and with a new look. You will have a blast here no matter how long you choose to stay. You can get a full or partial highlight, a conditioning treatment, and even a Brazilian straightening treatment. Stop by this place if you’d like an all-in-one salon where you can get all your needs taken care of.

“What an amazing experience! Brandon and Angela were super awesome!! Great vibe, amazing staff!!- Yelp Review 

Hair Artists

This place uses a personalized approach.

A brick building that says "Hair Artists" on top.
These stylists truly are hair artists! Image courtesy of Yelp

2111 Polaris Parkway |

As the name signifies, Hair Artists is a professional salon with a talented staff that will have you looking your best. They like to elevate your salon experience to give you a product better than what you’re used to. They are a Black Elite L'Oréal Professional Salon, which means they offer all of L'Oréal's best professional products. They also receive continual training to keep their skills intact. That way their knowledge remains up to date. They also enjoy sharing that knowledge with customers, so you’ll get a great look along with some useful information you can use to maintain the health of your hair on your own. 

This salon offers cut, color, and style alongside other services like nails, waxing, and makeup. They offer a few signature services. They do something called “facial analysis.” They analyze a client’s face so that they can determine the hairstyle that works best with their face. If you visit this place, they can create a signature look for you that accentuates your own natural beauty. 

“I love this place. Shawn and McKenzie are the best. From the minute you walk in, they make you feel at home. Cindy and all of her staff are the best of the best.”- Yelp Review

Frederick’s Hair Design

This salon has a mission to provide exceptional services in a comfortable setting. 

blonde hair wrapped around a round brush.
Come here for an environmentally aware styling experience. 

6029 Sunbury Road | Westerville |

Frederick’s offers guests a comfortable setting alongside their professional expertise. Aside from the high level professional services they offer, their concern for the world around us is something that makes them very admirable. This is the perfect salon for someone who cares about the environment. They take pride in their all natural, plant-based products that benefit your hair as well as the environment. It is something that is very important to them, so this place is a great fit if environmental care is just as important to you. 

This is an Aveda Concept Salon, meaning it carries all of Aveda’s products. Aveda is a natural product line made up of pure flower and plant essences. It does not contain any artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals. Despite all the chemicals left out of their products, Aveda products are very powerful and give great results. They offer hair styling for men, women, and children. 

“I always see Abi for a cut. She is fan-freaking 6! Always easy to book with, and understands what I want (even if I’m not super sure what it is)! The receptionists are always super friendly and accommodating as well.”- Yelp Review 

Uptown Hair Design

This salon will do all it can to meet your expectations. 

A pretty hair salon interior.
This is such a cozy, stylish spot. Image courtesy of Uptown Hair Design

12 E College Ave | Westerville |

Uptown Hair Design wants you to be as pleased as possible with your results, and they will go above and beyond to make sure that happens. If you are at all dissatisfied with your look, you can return and get a touch-up for free! They are willing to try again because your business is very valuable to them. But if you are still not satisfied with your style, they will refund your money. There will be no regrets when you leave this place. If you want to visit a salon that values your time and money, this is the perfect one. 

Founded in 2012, this salon’s skilled staff offers a variety of services for you to choose from. They opened their doors with families in mind and desire to serve them well. They get a sense of satisfaction from watching their customers leave happy. They offer hair color, cuts, and perms. Men, women, and children are welcome. You will leave there looking top-notch or they will try again for you!

“Woody does a great job, and the entire staff is really friendly. They are even open on Sundays!”- Yelp Review 

Bon Cher

This Salon is a Neighborhood Favorite

A nice-looking salon interior.
You’ll find a nice and friendly vibe at Bon Cher.

320 S State St. | Westerville |

This salon is a comfortable spot that people in the area like to visit. They provide a range of hair services. They do hair cuts, styles, and color applications. On top of that, they provide manicures and pedicures. They also give waxing services. This is a great place for anyone who likes convenience. You can visit them to get a number of things done. There is no need to travel from place to place for different services when many things can be done under one roof! 

This salon is highly rated by residents who are very familiar with the staff and choose to return over and over again. People who visit this salon often go for the good reviews and recommendations. The stylists are talented people who have a knack for making their customers feel at home. Stop by if you’d like to get taken care of by people who make you feel like a close friend whenever you’re in their presence. 

“I absolutely could not be happier with my experience at Bon Cher today!”- Yelp Review 

Exclusive Design Salon

This Small Town Salon Gives Big City Results

A hairstylist mixing dyes.
You’ll leave this place feeling glamorous.

33 Cherri Park Square | Westerville |

This family owned hair and nail salon has been in business for over two decades. They offer a variety of services in an effort to meet all the needs of their clientele. If you need your hair styled for a special occasion, like a wedding, this is where you want to go! This salon is known for their special occasion hair styling. They offer their services both onsite and on location. If you’d like to have your bridal party taken care of at a more convenient location, this salon is the perfect option for you. You can relax and focus on your big day while these stylists help to make your hair and beauty prep so much easier to manage. 

They provide customized cut and color services so you can leave their salon with a cut and color formulated just for you! Their talented stylists use modern techniques to create your look. You will be in good hands with stylists who keep up to date on the latest trends and techniques. You can even get their customized “Dreamcatcher Hair Extensions.” You’ll end up looking amazing with all that this salon has to offer. 

“This is the most professional and helpful salon that I have ever experienced! I would never want to work anywhere else. I trust everyone here to work with my hair. I have never been unhappy!”- Yelp Review

Whatever your personal hair needs are, you will find many salons in Westerville that will gladly cater to them. Once you decide which qualities are most important to you in a salon, you can easily choose from any one of these. Each place offers talented staff and an array of services along with their own perks. If you’re in the area, you definitely need to drop by one of these Westerville salons. Make sure you get to enjoy the unique experiences that each of these places provide, and the great hair you’ll surely leave them with. 

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