What County is Westerville in?

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Jan 21, 2021

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What County is Westerville In?

What you will see and find around Westerville, OH.

Image courtesy of Girl About Columbus

Are you new to the Ohio area and trying to figure out what area is best for you? Then this is a great place to start. When you finish reading this, you will know what county Westerville is located in, a little about the surrounding area and what this town offers.

What are some of the Neighboring Cities of Westerville?

When thinking about the size of a county, we don’t typically consider the different cities found within and how vast their populations are. Image courtesy of Cleaveland

Looking at the map above, we see where Westerville is located and a number of the neighboring cities. Keeping this in mind, the possibilities for day trips and adventures are endless whether you are leaving or visiting the area for the day. 

A few of the neighboring cities to this particular area include but are not limited to:

  • Worthington population 14,961
  • Gahanna population 35,442
  • Dublin population 47,824
  • Upper Arlington population 35,364
  • Reynoldsburg population 38,016
  • Columbus population 889,079

These six cities, among a number, make up the counties of Franklin and Delaware, Ohio, with Westerville being located in the northeastern corner of Franklin county. 

A Few Activities in Westerville, Ohio, and Nearby Cities

What is there to do around the area?

One of the best things about Westerville, Ohio, is that it offers several activities that are not only free but also budget-friendly. This is great for you if you have a large family or are on a budget yourself. Now you can go out and have fun with friends and family and not worry about going broke.

Visit the Hoover Dam

As of 2021, the Hoover Dam holds 1,076.56 Feet of water. 

7701 Sunbury Rd.| Westerville, OH 43081 | https://www.columbus.gov/recreationandparks/parks/Hoover-Reservoir-Park/

One of the most well-known places that individuals will visit each year is the Hoover Dam, located in the county of Westerville. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘It’s just a dam. What’s the big deal about it? It is free to visit, and it is also the second-largest dam in the United States, at approximately 716 feet tall. This is quite the sight to see, but you will also gain more of an understanding of why it is so important. Along with holding water, the Hoover Dam also serves the following four functions:

  • It is used for flood and silt control
  • The water can be used for hydroelectric power
  • It is used for agricultural irrigation
  • And most importantly, it is a source of domestic water supply

Knowing this gives you more appreciation for the dam, but you also can’t help but admire the sight, especially in person; it is quite something to see.

Westerville Jaycee Community Pool

Fun in the Sun!

With heat waves coming, a pool day is a solution for all. 

230 South Otterbein Avenue| Westerville, OH 43081 | https://www.westervillejayceepool.com/contact.html

As hot days and heat waves approach, the Jaycee Community Pool is perfect for you. The Jaycee Community Pool is ideal for you if you are from around Westerville. So grab your friends and family for some fun in the sun. One perk is that you don’t have to have a pool membership to dip your feet in the cool water. Along with the ability to swim, the pool consists of the following amenities:

  • The facility is not only kept clean but safety is one of its top priorities 
  • It has four pools, two diving boards, and a giant water slide which allows fun for everyone 
  • Shallow and deep areas, as well as lap lanes
  • A fenced-in baby pool with nearby tables is helpful for parents who have little ones who want to be independent. This option permits a safe environment to do so.
  • A shallow instructional pool perfect for beginning swimmers or those who want a little extra supervision.
  • Concession options, but don’t be afraid to bring your own food and drinks as well. Prices at these stands add up faster than we realize.
  • Playground, tetherball, and an open field for play(which is excellent if you and your party are planning to spend all day at the community center or if there are individuals who don’t want to swim)
  • Plenty of shade and seating is provided throughout the facility
  • It is the home of the  Poolcats swim, and dive team, as well as Westerville aquatics club 
  • An added bonus is the ability to use rentals while at the pool.
  • It is a great place to hold special events such as birthday parties or family reunions. 

As you are packing to spend the day here, you should make sure you have towels, sunscreen, snacks, and anything else your group may need to have a fun day at the facilities.

The club is open Monday through Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm. And the daily rates are as follows:

Ages 4 & Up :$8.00

Senior (ages 65+): $5.00

Ages 3 & Under: Free

For more information about the facility and to learn more about pool memberships or reserving rentals call 614-882-8445 or email the facility at westervillejcpool@gmail.com

Magic Mountain Fun Centers

A Perfect Family Fun Place!

5890 Scarborough Blvd| Columbus, OH 43232 | https://east.magicmountainfuncenter.com/

If you are up for a short drive, hop in your car and buckle up! The Magic Mountain Fun Center is an approximate twenty-minute drive from Westerville in Columbus. Here you and your loved ones will have the opportunity to use batting cages, go-karts, play a round or two of miniature golf, use bumper cars, and keep an eye on your kiddos as they explore the kids climbing playland. 

There are activities for kids and adults of all ages. This is also the perfect place to have a birthday celebration. The various activities to choose from are guaranteed that you and your guests will have a blast. 

To find out more about pricing, daily and holiday deals, food and drinks that are available, and any other questions you may have, visit https://east.magicmountainfuncenter.com/

Ellen Sea Art & Antiques

Just like people, everything in antique shops contains its own individual and unique story.

87 W Olentangy St. | Powell, OH 43065 | https://www.ellenseaantiques.com/

Do you enjoy antique shopping? Or looking at items from previous decades? If so, then this is the perfect store for you. Located in Powell Ohio, an approximate twenty-minute drive from Westerville, you will be able to find Ellen Sea Art & Antiques.

Why should I waste my time going to an antique shop? If this is something that you are thinking about, then perhaps antique shopping isn’t for you. However, there may also be a chance that you just have never been antique shopping. If either of these is true, don’t knock it until you try it. Going out thrift shopping is something you can do at any age and can be a fun adventure to go out and do if you are looking for something different. 

A few things to keep in mind when you go antique shopping is that it may be better to leave your little ones at home or with friends, due to many items at these shops being breakable and irreplaceable. And to keep in mind that when you go, it may be more of a window-shopping experience, admiring things from the past over a shopping experience. Antiques can range from anywhere starting at $10 to over $100 dollars. Some stores may even have antiques priced at over $500.

So what is the story behind this little shop?

This little antique shop was founded by Lawerence and Claudia, a couple who after getting married in 2003, began collecting items. Like most people, they ran out of space fairly quickly, which is how their store came to be. Not too long after opening, people began to bring in their items from their growing collections and sold them to the couple to resell at their store. 

Now things that were once seen as junk or seen as too abundant in an individual's home are sold here, permitting others to enjoy and add to their collections and decorate their own homes with them. Another bonus is that since these items are antique, they make for great gifts if you are looking for something that others may not own.

Now you have more knowledge about where Westerville is, you and your family can decide if you want to move here due to how close it is to other counties and for all the nearby attractions!

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June 15, 2022
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