A Go-To Guide for Italian Restaurants in Westerville, OH

Italian cuisine is perhaps the most widely loved type of food in the United States. If done right, every dish has the perfect amount of salt, acid, fat, and heat; but who does it right in Westerville, Ohio?

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Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

Image courtesy of amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash.

Italian cuisine is a broad spectrum of different types of food and as a result of that, the eating experiences involved in different Italian foods is different. Going out for pizza is a different experience than going for a casual italian meal and a fine dining Italian meal. We’ve decided to split this list up into those three categories depending on what kind of meal you’re looking for. First we’ll start with everyone’s favorite -- pizza. 


Borgata Pizza Cafe 

614-891-2345 | 5701 Parkville St, Columbus, OH | borgatapizzacafe.com

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When the pepperoni curls up like this, you know that the pizzeria is using quality ingredients. Image courtesy of tripadvisor.com.

Borgata Pizza Cafe is a pretty classic sit-down pizza joint with a couple extra twists that are sure to have you excited for your next visit. 

Borgata Pizza Cafe offers a classic New York style pizza that you can get as a whole pie or by the slice. In addition to the normal toppings, you can also get things like eggplant or zucchini on your pie if you feel like trying a new pizza topping combo. 

They don’t just have the regular New York slice though, they also feature a bistro style if you’re into something a little more artisanal. This pizza spot doesn’t skimp on fun drinks either as they offer a wide variety of beers, wine, and cocktails.  

Antonio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

614-882-9500 | 7001 Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH | antonios-pizzeria.com

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Bubbly cheese and thin-style crust is a combo that’s tough to beat. Image courtesy of onebite.app.

Antonio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant has been around since 1977, serving folks in the Westerville, Ohio area some solid pizza pies. 

This is another sit-down pizza and italian food spot, but you can tell that of all the food they make. They’re most proud of their pizza and the pizza sauce that’s been a secret family recipe quite some time. 

All of Antonio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant’s pizza is handmaid and carefully crafted to bring out the best flavors in each combination of toppings. They’ve got classics like a cheese pizza or a white pie, and some wilder options like the buffalo chicken pizza as well. 

Massey’s Pizza 

614-882-6466 | 399 S. State Street, Westerville, OH | masseyspizza.com

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Do you like pepperoni pizza? Do you like it this much though? Image courtesy of Massey’s Pizza’s Facebook Page.

Massey’s Pizza is a pizza-centric Italian style restaurant with more options on their menu than any one person could ever want. 

Beyond the classic cheese and pepperoni (crispy crust and LOADED with crispy pepperoni) they’ve got a whole menu of specialty pizzas from the BLT to the Cajun -- they all seem so delicious in inventive and unique ways. Massey’s Pizza also has deep dish options for you Chicago transplants in Westerville. 

This is also one of the only pizza spots in the area that offers gluten free and cauliflower crusts for certain pies. 

Ange’s Pizza

614-888-5767 | 5767 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH | angespizzaonline.com

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Ange's Pizza
Ange’s Pizza’s snappy, crispy crust is something you’ll have to just try for yourself. Image courtesy of angespizzaonline.com.

Ange’s Pizza is a traditional thin crust pizza joint that’s known for the snappy, crispy bite at the end of each piece of pizza. Ange’s does unfortunately offer the least amount of choices when it comes to toppings, but they also offer some other items if anyone in your dining party isn’t up for pizza.

Ange’s pizza also offers subs, strombolis and even burgers! But, if you make it out to Ange’s, we highly recommend you go for the thin crust pizza pie just for that crust. 

Romeo’s Pizza

614-895-5555 | 5733 Maxtown Rd, Westerville, OH | romeospizza.com

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Sometimes, a classic, thick, hand-tossed crust is exactly what’ll hit the spot. Image courtesy of romeospizza.com.

Romeo’s pizza is a standard fast-food-type pizza place that’ll be sure to satiate your pizza hunger if you’re in the mood for this style. Romeo’s has a thicker, cakier crust, plenty of cheese, and edge to edge topping coverage. 

Romeo’s Pizza always has some kind of coupon as well offering deals on just pizza, or some type of combo that could be perfect for a quick and easy family dinner. 

This type of heavier pizza may not have as snappy a crust and the pepperoni may not be as crispy, but we know for sure that when you’re done eating a few slices of Romeo’s pizza, you’ll be positively stuffed! 

Everyday Italian Dining 

Giammarco’s Italian Restaurant 

614-895-8890 | 6030 Chandler Court, Westerville, OH | giammarcos.com

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Wine tasters and a delicious spread of Italian style appetizers with a few different types of wines in an outdoor patio could make for the perfect lunch experience. Image courtesy of yelp.com

Giammarco’s is an elegant yet casual Italian restaurant that’s perfect for a get together with some old friends, or a night out with the family. The food here is delectable and everything you could ask for in a simple Italian meal. If we could recommend one item, it’d be the pizza pillows which are fried pizza dough with marinara and it is absolutely to die for.

In addition to some Italian classics like a penne vodka or saccottini pasta, Giammarco’s also has a health-conscious menu that mostly surrounds the use of zucchini noodles. Giammarco’s offers many gluten free options as well which are clearly labeled on the menu for your convenience. 

The thing that sets Giammarco’s apart though, in our opinion, is their Grotto Bar. The Grotto Bar has an amazing ambiance and even more amazing drinks with regular deals like $1 off beer bottles and $4 house wines. As they put it on their website, “The Grotto Bar is the place to be.” 

Cardone’s Restaurant & Bar 

614-392-2267 | 377 West Main Street, Westerville, OH | cardonesrestaurant.com 

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The caprese salad is a quintessentially Italian starter that’s simplicity is the essence of its beauty. It also tastes good. Image courtesy of zomato.com.

Cardone’s Restaurant has something for everyone whether you’re an Italian food newbie or an Italian cuisine connoisseur. Cardone’s Arancini is some of the best Italian food you’ll have anywhere in the state, let alone Westerville. That creamy risotto encased in a crispy fried crust and a garlic aioli dipping sauce is something you have to eat to really understand. Don’t worry, reading that made us salivate too.

Cardone’s Restaurant also offers some classic Italian sweet treats like the chef’s choice of gelato and tiramisu, but they also offer a limoncello flute which is lemon gelato with limoncello swirled into it for a boozy, sharply acidic twist.   

Pasquale’s Pizza and Pub

614-882-6200 | 558 W Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH | pasqualespastahouse.com

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sub with fresh ingredients
A simple sub with fresh ingredients is just one of the reasons that Pasquale’s Pizza and Pub is one of the best casual Italian restaurants in Westerville, OH. Image courtesy of pasqualespastahouse.com.

Pasquale’s Pizza and Pub is probably the least classical Italian dining experience in this section of the list; but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t delicious. Pasquale’s Pizza and Pub offers some awesome subs, pizza, salad, and pastas but as a twist, they also have turkey pita and chicken pita. 

Now that is anything but traditional Italian food, but pita is a Mediterranean food and Italy’s peninsula is close to Greece and borders the Mediterranean Sea so… it sort of makes sense.

Pasquale’s Pizza and Pub can serve up a truly unique pizza pie in the form of their breakfast pizza. This pizza pie is topped with some breakfast staples like eggs, ham, and bacon. IF you’re curious about that pie, there’s only one way to know if it’ll be your new favorite pizza -- go to Pasquale’s Pizza and Pub and give it a try! 

Fine Italian Dining 

Pasqualone’s Ristorante 

614-890-2070 | 5766 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH | pasqualones.com

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A crispy, sweet cannoli bookended with chopped nuts and chocolate chunks then dusted with powdered sugar is one of the most delightful ways to end a traditional italian meal. Image courtesy of David Z. on tripadvisor.com

We knew that Pasqualone’s Ristorante had to be in the “fine dining” the moment that we saw escargot on their appetizer list. There aren’t many places in the area that serve this delicacy so if you’ve never had escargot and you’re curious to try it, Pasqalone’s is a great place to have it for the first time. 

Pasqualone’s menu is relatively small, but the reason for that is to ensure that each dish can be made perfectly with the best possible ingredients. So, although they may not have as many menu items as some of these other restaurants, you can rest assured that every item on Pasqualone’s Ristorante’s menu is more than delicious. 

Basi Italia 

614-294-7383 | 811 Highland St, Columbus, OH | basi-italia.com

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Italian dishes
Everyone knows that you eat with your eyes first. That’s why Basi Italia focuses not only on having the best flavors, but also gorgeous presentation. Image courtesy of basi-italia.com.

Basi Italia is a slightly more cost-effective Italian fine dining option in the Westerville area. Like Pasqualone’s, their menu is compact yet full of flavor. It’s a stylish, refined take on traditional Italian cooking that’ll seriously blow you away. 

Although the menu is relatively small, there is still a variety of different culinary experiences that one can have when dining at Basi Italia. 

Whatever you choose for your appetizers and main course will no doubt be delicious, but we can’t recommend their tiramisu enough. They have perfected the classic Italian dish and it’d be a mistake not to order it if you make your way to Basi Italia. 


614-791-8100 | 10241 Sawmill Parkway, Powell, OH | vittoriacolumbus.com

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2 men are standing
These are the two new owners of Vittoria in their stunning dining area. Image courtesy of dispatch.com.

Vittoria embodies exactly what it means to be a fine dining experience that has its roots set in Italian cooking. Not everything on this menu is strictly an Italian dish, but scanning through the menu, we can tell that each and every dish’s genesis was some variation of Italian cuisine. 

There’s a whole section of the menu devoted to their steak which are all delicious, but that Tuscan Chilean seabass... just wow. If you like seafood that tastes amazing, this option is most definitely right up your alley. 

At the end of your meal, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of deserts that they offer, but thankfully, one of the options is the desert sampler which gives you the best of what they have to offer for desert. 

Martini Modern Italian 

614-224-8259 | 445 North High St, Columbus, OH | martinimodernitalian.com

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3 chefs are cooking
These are going to be the folks that make some of the best Italian you’ll have in Westerville, OH once you visit Martini Modern Italian. Image courtesy of martinimodernitalian.com

Martini Modern Italian is a sophisticated, high end version of Italian cuisine that isn’t just delicious to taste, but is a marvel to look at. 

Martini Modern Italian has most of the usual suspects when it comes to fine Italian dining, but what sets them apart is their three and five-course wine dinners. For each of these options, there is a fixed rate for the meal either with or without the wine pairing. 

If the three or five-course wine dinner is your choice for the evening, we highly suggest that you spend the extra $15 on the wine pairing experience. The dinner will be expensive either way, so it’s definitely worth it to splurge just a little more for the delicious food and expertly curated wine pairings. 

This list covers all the best spots in the Westerville, OH area to have whatever type of Italian meal you want, from basic pizzas to a fine dining Italian experience. 

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