6 Awesome Gyms in Westerville, Ohio That’ll Help You Achieve Your Fitness Dreams

With so many gyms in the area, it can be difficult to choose. To help narrow your search, we’ve put this list of the best gyms in Westerville, Ohio just for you.

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413 N. State Street Westerville, Ohio 43082
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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Lucy Dunne on Unsplash.

Working out is such a broad subject. There are many different ways to workout like the traditional weight training and running for cardio. to jazzercise and crossfit. In this list, we think we’ve covered the most popular methods of working out. 

If you have only tried the more traditional methods, think about giving CrossFit, kickboxing, or even jazzercise a go! Either way, let's get started with the list of the best gyms in Westerville, Ohio.

Fit One Four

614-427-2167 | 6461 N Hamilton Rd, Westerville, OH | fitonefour.com

Fit One Four
The workout equipment here is spread out perfectly and is cleaned and sanitized regularly. Image courtesy of fitonefour.com.

Fit One Four is a classic 24-hour gym that has all the essentials you could ask for. Fit One Four has a massive space in Westerville which leaves a great amount of room for social distancing even when there are a fair amount of people inside. 

This gym has both traditional weight training exercise equipment, and calisthenics equipment. Not all gyms offer rings to work with when practicing calisthenics, but Fit One Four does. 

Fit One Four also has a group of coaches that are dedicated to helping you achieve whatever your fitness goal may be. Each coach is more than qualified to help lead you in the right direction toward your health and fitness goals. 

The cast of coaches also includes a boxing coach, and a physical therapist, so Fit One Four really does have everything you need in a gym staff.

Sal C.’s Yelp review: “Fit One Four has everything you want in a local Gym. 24hrs, no fees/contracts, clean and rarely crowded. They offer experienced in-house coaches to help whatever goals you have. The equipment is mostly Rogue brand and is in great condition. They even have a reverse hyperextension machine (no more back pain)! Good discounts to various local establishments for gym members too.”

Next Level Fitness and Training

614-776-4570 | 1220 County Line Rd, Ste C. Westerville, OH | nextlevelfitness1.com

Next Level Fitness and Training
This is Next Level Fitness and Training’s cardio and automatic weight-lifting machines. Image courtesy of nextlevelfitness1.com.

Next Level Fitness and Training is another one of those classic gyms, except it does have some specializations. They have a pretty standard layout for a local gym with plenty of room for social distancing. 

What sets Next Level Fitness and Training apart is the wide range of classes that they offer. One of the most popular group classes that they offer is the Zumba class. 

People in the community really seem to like the atmosphere here along with the equipment availability and the class selection. 

Rachel R. even left a pretty awesome Yelp review: “I absolutely LOVE this gym and am so grateful to have found it! Not only am I saying bye-bye to quarantine pounds, but I feel better mentally and love being able to connect with like minded people in the community. Cost is more than reasonable and love that they have family rates. Tons of scheduled classes to choose from end the infrared sauna is totally helping me beat the winter blues. The gym is always spotless with plenty of sanitizing materials available. BONUS factor is Cassandra for massage. She's knowledgeable, affordable, friendly and skilled in sports massage.”

Crossfit Polaris

740-953-3193 | 8692 Olde Worthington Rd, Westerville, OH | cfp-fitness.com

Crossfit is well-known for being an intense way to work out but the results you’ll see are going to be worth it! Image courtesy of Victor Freitas on Unsplash.

As clearly stated in the name of the gym, Crossfit Polaris is a crossfit gym. Now, we know that just hearing the name, “Crossfit,” can be intimidating. When someone who doesn’t do Crossfit thinks of Crossfit they usually think intense, powerful exercises in short intervals with quite a bit of exercise-related groaning. 

That description actually isn’t far off, but we promise that if you can get into it, you’ll fall in love with it. Unfortunately, jumping right into trying Crossfit does come with some risks. Crossfit can cause joint problems and back issues. If you already have either of these, checking in with your doctor before trying out Crossfit is something we highly recommend. 

If you get the green light, make sure to communicate that with your instructor who, at Crossfit Polaris will accommodate your medical needs. 

If you get the “ok” for both of those, then it’s time to give Crossfit a try! Although it does seem intimidating the first time you try it, the benefits are worth those few minutes of not knowing what to do when you first start. Now onto this specific gym.

Crossfit Polaris is a family owned gym that has Crossfit classes running basically all day, every weekday. Their goal is a lofty one, but they say that they want, “the time you spend at the gym to be the best hour of your day.” 

The gym-goers that they have love the lessons that are taught and really appreciate the convenience of just dropping into a class.

Stephan J.’s Yelp review: “I did a drop in today for a class led by Luke.  I was super impressed by this gym.  It has a large workout area and newer equipment compared to other boxes I have visited.  There seem to be a good selection of times for both classes and open gyms.  The programming was good and Luke did a nice job of coaching the group.  $20 allowed me to drop in a snag some of their swag (t-shirt).  I believe subsequent drop ins are at a much reduced rate too.  I will gladly visit this gym in the future when I'm back to the area.”


614-715-4501 | 6417 Busch Blvd. Columbus, OH | 614fitness.com

The cardio section at 614Fitness has plenty of room for social distancing and enough machines to accommodate everyone who uses the gym. Image courtesy of 614fitness.com.

On top of the standard workout equipment that 614Fitness has plenty of, 614Fitness offers some awesome resources for people who don’t really know where to start when it comes to working out. 

On their website, they offer workout videos, a blog, nutritional guides, and a few other thighs that can be really helpful to just about anyone who wants to get started on living a healthier lifestyle. 

The good people at 614Fitness know that not everyone can afford a personal trainer, so they give you some of that information for free as we mentioned. 

Can’t make it to the gym but you still want a quick workout? 614Fitness also links to a 15-minute workout plan for the folks who are in too big of a rush to get down to their gym. 

It’s already clear from their website how much they care about their customers, but a testimonial is the best way to confirm the quality of service.

Shraddha M.’s Yelp review: ‘I love love love working out here. It's been 3 years since I started working out with 614 fitness. Every trainer there is so knowledgeable, cooperative , friendly and also designs more challenging yet fun workouts for each session. Whenever needed your forms are corrected so you start right. The workout and rest periods are balanced well so you finish a good amount of exercise, with correct form , within the given time. I wish I could give them ten stars.” 


614-392-2788 | 6071 Chandler Court, Westerville, OH | 9round.com

If you haven’t tried kickboxing for a cardio workout, visiting 9Round is a great place to start! Image courtesy of 9round.com.

9Round is a kickboxing gym that might just actually knock your socks off! Kickboxing is an amazing way to get an effective, time efficient workout. 

Because of how intense the kickboxing workouts can be, the amount of time it takes to get a good sweat going and finish your workout is much shorter than traditional methods. 

9Round offers intense, 30-minute workouts that are sure to leave you absolutely gassed and feeling great about the work you just did. If you’ve never kickboxed before and you’re not sure if you want to try it, listen to Kristen’s Yelp review.

Kristen L.’s Yelp review: This was my first boxing workout and I had no idea what to expect. But I'm always up for a challenge and couldn't wait to try something new. As we walked in, I started to get a little anxious. I saw the big heavy bags, gloves, and medicine balls...what was I getting into?! But Eric gave us a warm welcome. He explained the workout and get us going right away... One thing I loved: no set class time. Pick any time they're open and come on it. Now who can't make that work?! We made an appointment since it was our first time. But as a member, you can go in any time. You just hop in at the beginning of the next round and off you go… If you're looking for a challenging workout, personal coaching, and even nutritional guidance then this is your answer. Your first class is free! So there's no excuse not to go check it out.

Jazzercise Westerville Fitness Center

614-895-3300 | 736 Northfield Rd, Westerville, OH | jazzercise.com

Jazzercise Westerville Fitness Center
Jazzercise is a fun, energetic way to get into the best shape of your life! Image courtesy of Jazzercie’s Facebook page.

Jazzercise is an awesome way to break up the regular exercise routine that you may already have going. It’s something different and fun that could help working out seem a little less repetitive for you. 

But hold on, what is jazzercise? Jazzercise is dance-workout that is set to music which usually lasts about 55 minutes. During that time, you’ll be dancing, but those dances are based in a multitude of different types of exercises which are meant to strengthen you, limber you up, and burn fat. 

Don’t be fooled by it being a dance-workout though, those 55 minutes are intense! Consistently making it through those difficult class sessions can yield some awesome results for you. 

Not only will the health-related improvements be worth your time and effort, but you’ll also be able to dance that much better! Who doesn’t need to be able to dance at least a little better? That’s right, no one -- we could all use an extra dance move or two. 

Jazzercising is a great way to increase mobility, get some cardio in, and get stronger, but pairing it with regular strength training is really effective as well. 

It seems that everyone who tries to jazzercise has quite the time! Stephanie D’Amico’s left a very positive Google review that reads: “Love Jazzercise.  The people at this location are just great.  Every instructor has their own personality which makes it such a fun and engaging workout and the class managers are always so friendly and welcoming!!”

Exercising and getting into shape should be something that you learn to enjoy, and we really think that any one of these gyms could be a place that you learn to enjoy working out at. We’ve given you a wide range of types of workouts, and now it's up to you to choose which fits your lifestyle best!

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April 9, 2021
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