Stay Caffeinated With the Top 9 Coffee Shops in Westerville, Ohio

Do you love coffee shops, but not sure which ones to check out in Westerville, Ohio? Come check out these top nine today!

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413 N. State Street Westerville, Ohio 43082
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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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There’s no better feeling than feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning with a hot cup of joe. Coffee is something that many people want, or even need in the morning to get them started and ready to go for the day. From drinking black coffee, or adding flavors, creamer, and sugar to it, or even swapping coffee out for a delicious espresso drink, there are so many different choices and combinations that you can make when it comes to making or even purchasing your coffee in the morning.

Coffee is a hot topic for many people, and with that being said, there are so many different coffee shops that you can check out. If you’re in the area of Westerville, Ohio, home of Otterbein University and near  to the city of Columbus, you should know that there are many different kinds of coffee shops around. If you’re struggling trying to find the best coffee shop in Westerville, Ohio, we got you covered. Check out these top nine in the area today!

Java Central Café and Roaster

A hip coffee shop with espresso, baked goods, and even local art and live music!

Java Central Cafe and Roaster
Java Central Café and Roaster is a fun and hip coffee shop to go to with delicious coffee and even local art and live music! Image courtesy of Java Central Café and Roaster. 

20 S State Street | Westerville |

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If you love coffee as much as we do, then you need to check out this coffee staple of Westerville, Ohio, Java Central Café and Roaster! Java Central Café and Roaster specializes in their customers with fair trade sourced beans for ultimate flavor and at a great price. They also feature and offer free entertainment, such as coming to see local art, or even having live music, along with serving some coffee, espresso, baked goods, and much more. Come to Java Ventral Café and Roaster today!

“Definitely my favorite coffee shop in the area! It has a great artistic vibe with the artwork and music. I love their pastries and the variety of coffee. Each time I've gotten my coffee and pastry fix whether I took it to go, sat inside or picked it up curbside I've always felt welcomed. The staff is fantastic!” - Yelp Review 

Espresso Air Coffee Terminal

Enjoy some of the best nitro cold brew and pour over coffee that will give you that caffeine high!

If you love espresso, nitro cold brews, or pour over coffee, then come and check out Espresso Air Coffee Terminal today! Image courtesy of Taste Terminal

25 N State Street | Westerville |

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If you’re looking for some of the best espresso, pour over coffee, or even nitro cold brew, then you need to make your way over to Espresso Air Coffee Terminal today! Espresso Air Coffee Terminal serves Lavazza coffee beans, which are very reputable and known to be some of the best coffee around, and they also serve some delicious pastries and other baked goods that we think you would enjoy. From Turkish bagels, spinach brek, baklava, and much more, we know for a fact that you need to come to Espresso Air Coffee Terminal today!

“Small but quaint and cozy, I love Espresso Air's location - smack on the corner, with their big, charming front door facing caddy to the intersection, it screams classic downtown chic.” - Yelp Review 

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea 

Relax with some tasty coffee, tea, or shakes, paired with pastries, and much more! 

Sweetwaters coffee and tea
Come to Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea today to have a delicious cup of joe with a pastry or two! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

8938 Lyra Drive | Polaris |

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There is nothing wrong with a small, local chain that offers a relaxed dining setting, and some good coffee or pastries or anytime of the day. If this is what you’re looking for, then you need to come and check out Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea today! Not only can you come here to get plenty of work done with its chill environment, but you can also enjoy homemade pop tarts, pepper bark hot chocolate, classic lattes, biscotti, black coffee, and so much more. Stop by Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea today!

“Stopped by here on the weekend to get some work done and discover another café spot to go. I do like their drink and coffee selection compared to some other café spots. Their menu has a regular café coffee and tea option, plus a wider selection of some Asian inspired items, such as Thai Ice Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea.” - Yelp Review 

Coppa Gelato

A coffee and ice cream combo? What could possibly be better than that!

Coppa Gelato
Go and check out Coppa Gelato, an ice cream parlor that also serves hot or cold coffee too! Image courtesy of Columbus Underground.

925 N State Street | Westerville | 

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There is no better combo than ice cream and coffee, right? Well, if you think just like us, then yes ice cream and coffee are best when put together and you can find all of this at Coppa Gelato in Westerville today! Westerville is known for being a classic Italian gelato place where the gelato is actually healthier than traditional gelato, made with minimal flour and no eggs. They also serve hot or iced coffee to go along with your ice cream, or even if you just want to stop in and grab a cup of joe. Stop by Coppa Gelato today!

“Lots of options as far as sizes & flavors, kid and adult friendly. Very delicious and found some of the options as good as when I had it in Italy. Especially pistachio. But I also liked coffee, sweet cream, and cherry flavor.” - Yelp Review 

Corner Bakery Café

Try out some delicious lunch specials, pastries, and much more at this fun café!

Corner Bakery Cafe
If you’re looking for a coffee joint that sells some of the best lunch sandwiches, and pastries, then check out Corner Bakery Café today!

1478 Gemini Place | Columbus|

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Looking for a coffee shop that serves not only coffee and pastries, but also some of the best lunch sandwiches and paninis that you’ll ever have in your life? Then you need to make your way over to Corner Bakery Café today! This place is a great area for students to study, for work meetings, or just to get work done in a new area. They offer coffee paired with dishes such as rustic Italian paninis, chopped salad, tomato mozzarella sandwiches, steak and arugula sandwiches, and so much more. Check out Corner Bakery Café for yourself and get some work done today!

“Got dinner this evening and was delicious. The linguini was good but a little slighted on the sauce, and also got a side salad. Then the mini Maple Pumpkin bundt cake was delicious.” - Yelp Review 

Northstar Café in Uptown Westerville

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served here, offering a unique experience you’ll love!

Northstar Cafe
Even though lunch and dinner is offered at Northstar Café in Uptown Westerville, they also have lots of breakfast options to pair with your cup of coffee! Image courtesy of Yelp

109 S State Street | Westerville |

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If you’re looking for a place that does everything, but still sells coffee as well, then you need to come to Northstar Café in Uptown Westerville today! Northstar Café is known for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that are all super delicious, but we know that you’re looking for the best coffee around, so let’s get to that. This café serves lots of delicious breakfast meals, such as biscuits and sausage gravy, fluffy pancakes, the everyday egg sandwich, breakfast burritos, and their famous coffee specials, like the mint iced coffee and vanilla coffee crush. Come check out Northstar Café in Uptown Westerville today!

“Great atmosphere, stylish design, better than most food and awesome location! Their burger, pizza, chicken sandwich and specifically their salads are outstanding, staff is very friendly and anything that ever went wrong with our order has always been resolved immediately and to our complete satisfaction.” - Yelp Review 

Faith Bakery and Coffee Shop

Sweet pastries to pair with a cup of joe are all that you need when you come to this coffee shop!

Faith Bakery and Coffee Shop
Come to Faith Bakery and Coffee Shop today for some of the sweetest, and tastiest pastries you could ever try! Image courtesy of Yelp

5779 Cleveland Avenue | Northland |

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If you just want some sweet pastries with so many to choose from and a good cup of coffee, then you need to make your way over to Faith Bakery and Coffee Shop today! Faith Bakery and Coffee Shop is known for all of its one-of-a-kind, tasty pastries that go perfect with coffee or an espresso drink. They have pastries such as muffins, cookies, cakes, croissants, scones, and much more for you to enjoy with some caffeine to boost your spirits for the day. Come and explore Faith Bakery and Coffee Shop for yourself today!

“Excellent bakery. I do not know the names of the items but the fresh, layered Apple pastries are fabulous. Fast, self-service so you do not wait like you do at Resch's.  Prices were reasonable.” - Yelp Review 

Barry Bagels

Bagels and coffee make another perfect combo for breakfast, so come to this delicious bagel shop today!

Barry Bagels
If you love bagels and coffee, then you need to make your way over to Barry Bagels today! Image courtesy of Postmates

655 Worthington Road | Polaris |

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A giant breakfast sandwich with a cup of coffee can be the best way to start your day. If you’re looking for either a bagel with cream cheese, or a one-of-a-kind breakfast bagel, then you need to come to Barry Bagels today! Barry Bagels is a unique bagel shop where the bagels are delicious and the sandwiches that they make out of them are humongous! With your bagel, they also offer some great coffee drinks and so much more to choose from. Check out Barry Bagels and get yourself a giant bagel sandwich and coffee today!

“Definitely my favorite bagel place. Their bagels are the best and let me tell you we have tried several places. Barry Bagels are very well liked so oftentimes they will run out of bagels but fear not they always make more. It's worth the wait!” - Yelp Review 

Mimi’s Café

Check out this French and American café with some appetizing breakfast options and coffee!

Mimi's Cafe
Come eat a tasty breakfast of champions today at Mimi’s Café where you will enjoy every last bite! Image courtesy of Community Impact Newspaper

1428 Polaris Parkway | Polaris |

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If you’re looking for a café to eat and enjoy a breakfast of champions, then you need to go to Mimi’s Café today! Mimi’s Café is a French and American restaurant that serves a lot of unique breakfast and lunch dishes that you can also combo up with a couple cups of coffee to give you the energy to get through the day. From classic breakfast options, such as pancakes, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, French toast, and potatoes, and of course, coffee, you will love Mimi’s Café. Stop by today and enjoy a delicious breakfast today!

“We both got eggs, toast, potatoes and meat, I got bacon, my friend got ham. The portions were generous. The waitress asked us if we'd like fried onions in our potatoes - Yes Please! That was a delicious addition.” - Yelp Review 

Sometimes the best way to kickstart your day is to enjoy a nice cup of joe and a pastry, or even a huge breakfast. There are so many different coffee shops to check out and experience in Westerville, Ohio, and it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Whether you love creative espresso drinks, or just a simple cup of coffee with a pastry, then we hope that the nine coffee shops we mentioned will help you get your morning started!

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