Fantastic Flower Shops to Check Out in Westerville, Ohio

Whether it’s nearing Valentine’s day or just a sentimental gift, stop in at any of these awesome flower shops to find the perfect bouquet!

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Jan 21, 2021

Florists play a surprisingly important role within the average person’s life. If you think about it, a florist is involved in nearly every major event a person gets to experience. Whether that’s a wedding, anniversary dinner, funeral, dance, or any other important day, a florist plays a major role in beautifying the experience.

That is why it is so important to find a flower shop you can trust and that you know will provide beautiful arrangements of flowers for whatever the next big event is. Even better, finding a local flower shop early on allows the florists who work there to get a sense of the taste you have for flowers which makes the experience even easier going forward.

Within the area of Westerville, Ohio there are a number of different flower shops to choose from. Within this list, you will find six of the top flower shops in this area we feel deserve further discussion and our recommendation. They include: 

  • Westerville Florist
  • Talbott’s Flowers
  • Flowerama
  • Reno’s Floral
  • All inBloom
  • The Flowerman

Westerville Florist

An image of a multitude of pink colored flowers grown at Westerville Florist.
With an impressive array of floral arrangements, Westerville Florist can find the perfect bouquet for any person and occasion! Image courtesy of

14 South State St | Westerville, OH |

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Founded all the way back in 1958, Westerville Florist has been helping local customers find the perfect floral arrangement for over 60 years! This gave their workers plenty of time to perfect their craft resulting in magnificent bouquets they provide.

Westerville Florist has some special perks unique to their store. They have a ‘create-your-own’ bouquet featuring a flower bar, flower workshops so you can learn more about the process, and a build your own gift basket workshop. 

If you are not as interested in the process, but instead the product, check out these three awesome bouquets available on their website!

Featured Products

  • Love’s Divine Bouquet - $130.00 - A beautiful combination of white and red roses. This bouquet is nearly two feet tall and perfect for showing just how much you care about your special someone. 
  • Teleflora’s Pleasing Purple Bouquet - $50.00 - Featuring lavender roses and white lilies, this bouquet is a pleasure to the eyes! With a stylish cube vase, it’s perfect for a beautiful centerpiece sure to start a conversation.
  • Birthday Bash Bouquet - $65.00 - If you’re looking to get a surprise bouquet for a special person’s birthday, this is the perfect one for you. It features a fun birthday balloon coupled with beautiful roses and lilies. 

“Beautiful arrangement for a fair price. Utilized the delivery service and the flowers arrived promptly from a very kind delivery person! Would strongly recommend!” - Google Review

Talbott’s Flowers

An image of a traditional batch of roses grown at Talbott's Flowers.f
Whether you’re looking for a traditional bouquet or custom arrangement, Talbott’s Flowers is able to suit your needs. Image courtesy of

22 North State St | Westerville, OH |

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Located in the heart of uptown Westerville, Talbott’s Flowers is a respected flower shop operating within the area for over 70 years. Their experienced designers can create an arrangement for you no matter what the occasion. 

They also have an outdoor sidewalk garden that is an absolute must-see if you decide to stop in at Talbott’s Flowers. The garden’s flowers are changed on a weekly basis meaning you can find something new every time you stop in! 

If you would rather order online, check out these top products produced and sold by Talbott’s Flowers!

Featured Products

  • American Spirit - $70.00 - This is the perfect bouquet for celebrating the Fourth of July! It features vibrant red roses and blue delphiniums, with a splash of white to tie it all together. Show off your patriotism with this bouquet that screams freedom!
  • Two Dozen Red Roses - $110.00 - It is hard to go wrong with a classic. If you are in need of anniversary roses displayed in a lovely bouquet, this is the one for you. The grand bouquet and luxurious glass vase are sure to send the message of love to whomever you get these for.
  • Winter Wonderland Basket Arrangement - $55.00 - Looking to freshen up your winter décor? Try out this basket arrangement consisting of a variety of winter greens and white flowers to go all out this holiday season. 
  • Two Dozen Red Roses - $110.00 - It is hard to go wrong with a classic. If you are in need of anniversary flowers like roses displayed in a lovely bouquet, this is the one for you. The grand bouquet and luxurious glass vase are sure to send the message of love to whomever you get these for.

“Love, love, love this shop.  They come through for me every time I need flowers.  On top of that it is so fun to walk by and into.” - Google Review


An image of a bouquet that is filled with color made at Flowerama.
With such a beautiful assortment of floral bouquets, you can’t go wrong with Flowerama! As you can see, their flowers are filled with color and teeming with life. Image courtesy of

635 South State St | Westerville, OH |

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Voted Columbus's best flower shop in both 2019 and 2020, Flowerama is an easy choice for a reliable service with trusted results. They have been in the florist industry for over thirty years meaning they have seen, and likely created, it all. 

For any holiday flower needs, from birthdays to weddings, Flowerama is the place to go. Even for sympathy flowers needed for funeral services, Flowerama has a wide list of options. No matter what the occasion, they will have a bouquet perfect for it.

Here are some of the top products we have found at Flowerama.

Featured Products

  • You Got This - $74.99 - This bouquet is great for those looking to give a special person flowers to simply show appreciation and show that you care. With a luxurious combination of roses, lilies, and hydrangeas, it will surely put a smile on their face.
  • Baby Boy Wow Wagon - $49.99 - Perhaps one of the most unique products on this entire list, this bouquet is literally assembled within a functional wagon. Available for both boys and girls, this bouquet is sure to make a unique impression and be a great gift for baby showers!
  • Fiery Fascination - $59.99 - A vibrant combination of orange lilies, purple statice, daisies, and berries. This bouquet is filled with color and is sure to bring light and warmth wherever it goes. 

“One of my favorite flower shops. The staff has always been incredibly friendly and helpful every time I've gone in. I think their carnations are reasonably priced and I like their selection of colors.” - Google Review

Reno’s Floral

An image of a dazzling pink bouquet made at Reno's Floral.
Looking for a beautiful bouquet custom made to your liking? Try out Reno’s Floral in Westerville, Ohio. Image courtesy of

588 West Schrock Rd | Westerville, OH |

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Reno’s Floral has a vast inventory of flowers that can be arranged in just about any fashion you would like. On top of that, they also have a gift shop featuring a wide list of products including handbags, custom art pieces, jewelry, and much more. This combination makes it the perfect place to go for last minute gift shopping!

If you want to know more about the place without having to leave your home, take their virtual tour. Integrated into their website (listed above), the virtual tour allows you to walk all around the shop and their products on the shelves.

For specific flower products, we have picked out a couple of our favorite arrangements available at Reno’s Flowers.

Featured Products

  • Celestial Love - $102.95 - An elegant arrangement of peach roses, creme spray roses, white stock, waxflower, and more combined in a clear vase. This bouquet is simple, yet elegant, making it a lovely gift to let someone know you’re thinking about them.
  • Passionate Purple Tulips - $38.00 - If you have a special someone in your life who has a particular liking to purple, this is the bouquet for them. It is a collection of purple tulips tied off with a purple bow in a clear vase. They also have many other colors available. 
  • Silver Elegance Centerpiece - $69.00 - A centerpiece perfect for the holiday season. Spruce up the dinner table with this elegant combination of hydrangea, roses, lilies, and more. 

“I visited this charming little shop while spending time with relatives in Ohio. Everything was beautiful and the flowers were gorgeous & fresh.  The staff was very friendly, helpful and polite! I will definitely visit again!” - Google Review

All inBloom

An image of a purple custom bouquet made at All inBloom!
All inBloom specializes in custom bouquets like the one pictured above, meaning the only limit is your imagination! Image courtesy of

7909 Station St | Columbus, OH |

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Located just west of Westerville, All inBloom is just a short drive for an excellent flower shop! As with all the flower shops on this list, they have bouquets for just about any occasion.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, All inBloom has a knowledgeable staff to assist you with finding the perfect bouquet. If you are located in the area, you can even get same day delivery!

Some of the top products we have found at All inBloom are listed below. 

Featured Products

  • Floral Spectacular - $60.00 - This arrangement is a ‘spectacular’ combination of lilies, peach roses, orange daisies, and more. It is filled with color and is a beautiful gift for any special occasion. 
  • Graceful Devotion - $125.00 - For remembering lost loved ones, this bouquet does wonders for giving off a bright aura filled with warmth. It is sure to bring compassion and comfort to those in mourning. 
  • Classic Dozen Roses - $75.00 - A timeless classic for showing appreciation, a dozen of red roses gives the simple but clear message of love to a special someone. Placed in a beautiful clear vase, these fresh roses will certainly put a smile on your loved one’s face!

“A note of gratitude to the team at All In Bloom! You exceeded all expectations and our wedding guests are still raving about the beauty of the floral arrangements. Thank you for helping execute our daughter's wedding day vision. I am certain you are our city's best kept secret.” - Google Review

The Flowerman

The Flowerman is a great choice for beautiful bouquets!
If you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet for your wedding like the one pictured above, try out The Flowerman! Image courtesy of

761 Busch Ct | Columbus, OH |

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Wedding planning can be a stressful and difficult task no matter how many people you have helping you. Take some of the stress out by relying on The Flowerman to handle your wedding’s floral needs. They are located only minutes south of Westerville meaning it will be a short drive that is well worth it. 

They specialize in creating beautiful arrangements to fit whatever theme your wedding is going for. From classic black and white arrangements to bouquets glowing with color, they can always come up with something beautiful. Tasking The Flowerman with your wedding’s flowers will give you peace of mind knowing they’re going to come out perfect. You can even set up a free wedding consultation so you can ensure they’ll be the right fit for you!

Seeing as they specialize in custom bouquets, there are no products we can recommend. We do, however, recommend you check out their website to see some of their amazing work!

“I could not be happier with my experience using Flowerman for my wedding! My flowers were absolutely beautiful. I took inspiration photos to my consultation meeting and they helped me create exactly what I was hoping for, within my budget!” - Google Review

Try out any of these awesome florists!
With so many different flower shops in Westerville, Ohio it may be hard to choose! Hopefully this list has narrowed  down your options and will lead to a beautiful arrangement being made for you!

Giving flowers is a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them or that you really care for them. With all of these different choices around the area of Westerville, Ohio, you’re bound to find a flower shop that has exactly what you are looking for. Put a smile on a loved one’s face by surprising them with a ravishing bouquet from any of these fantastic flower shops!

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