25 Things to Do in Westerville, OH

Westerville, Ohio is a city that offers many fun activities for its residents and visitors, both indoors and outdoors.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Uptown Westerville

Westerville, Ohio is a Columbus suburb that has almost just as much to offer as the bigger city does. As long as you’re up for going out and doing something, you’ll have plenty of options for things to do. There are many highly rated restaurants, entertaining theaters, and public parks. This city is loaded with public parks, and each of those parks offers something different. You can play all kinds of sports, ride on bike trails, swim, and go ice skating. 

In Westerville, there are about as many activities for you to do indoors as there are outdoors. It is a mid-sized city that works to keep its residents satisfied. Whether you are visiting Westerville for a short time, or planning to stay for much longer, there are some places you should plan to visit. Here are 25 things you can do while you’re in Westerville, Ohio!

1. Millstone Creek Park

Millstone Creek Park is a park that is great for families, especially for children. There are swing sets, jungle gyms, seesaws, and other structures that are fun to play in. There can be nearly 40 people in the park at a time, and it provides the necessary accommodations. There are restrooms, drinking fountains, and changing stations for families with small children. There are even grills, tables, and electrical outlets. It is easy to gather here to have some awesome family fun!

A children's park.
Children will have an amazing time going down these slides. Image courtesy of What Should We Do Today.

2. Blendon Woods Metro Park

Blendon Woods Metro Park is a 653 acre park where you can go to enjoy nature and wildlife. Throughout the park, you’ll see exposed ripple sandstone and plenty of oak-hickory forests. When it comes to wildlife, you’ll find wild turkeys, waterfowl, ducks, and other wildlife. There are two observation centers meant for visitors to see the wildlife, and an 118 acre waterfowl reserve. There is also a lake that also serves as a sanctuary for wildlife. 

3. Westerville Community Center

Westerville Community Center is a recreation center that provides the community access to lots of physical activities. They are dedicated to providing an enhanced fitness experience. Their newly renovated facility includes a gym, track, fitness area, indoor pool, and a climbing wall. You can get in with a daily plan or commit to one of their monthly plans. It is worth it considering all that this place offers!

4. Westerville Mini Golf

At Westerville Mini Golf you can play an 18 hole game along a miniature frontier village. The elaborate course is filled with gorgeous scenery. While playing, you will pass through a hotel, a water mill, a railroad station, and so much more. This place will be loads of fun for an entire family! They even host birthday parties and other group events. 

A mini golf course with a pond with fountains in the middle.
This is where you go to have a fun time with your friends and family. Image courtesy of Yellow Pages.

5. Tower’s Park

Tower’s Park is a 780 square foot park with a lot to offer. There is a playground that is great for toddlers, along with activities good for people of all ages. There is a bike path, two soccer fields, and five ball diamonds. They even have three charcoal grills and a picnic area. It’s very easy to get a good workout in through some fun sports games and then enjoy some food right nearby. 

6. Agape

Agape is a Mediterranean restaurant that always serves fresh food. Their name is a term derived from Ancient Greece. It means to “do good for one another,” something this restaurant tries to do through their food. This restaurant’s mission is to serve up bold flavors and great ingredients. They’ll give you a unique food experience you’re bound to want more of. 

7. Hoover Reservoir Park

Hoover Reservoir Park is 4,700 acres of open land. This park provides visitors with ample things to do. Near their lake, you can have picnics, go hiking, and go fishing. This park also accommodates bird watching enthusiasts. When you look around, you’ll see all types of common and rare bird species. There are frequent reported sightings of the American Bald Eagle all throughout the year. 

8. Asterisk Supper Club

Asterisk Supper Club provides guests with a whole experience. When you step inside, you’ll feel like you walked back in time. Their style is a nod to the prohibition era when Westerville became the first American city to prohibit the sale of alcohol. This place serves tea, comfort food, and cocktails in an eclectic atmosphere. This is a place to stop by to enjoy time connecting with loved ones and the rest of the community.   

Desserts displayed nicely on a plate.
This is the perfect treat to enjoy during a fun conversation with friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

9. Cardone’s

Cardone’s is an Italian restaurant that makes their food from scratch from fresh ingredients. The recipes they use have been passed down through several generations. They provide fresh interpretations on traditional recipes and make sure to serve them with passion. They offer a comfortable and casual atmosphere for their guests. You get to relax while trying foods and wines from many different regions of Italy. 

10. Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream has been run by four generations of family. They create delicious handcrafted ice-cream. They started from just a small cart, but over time developed into the success it is today. They like to make sure that their customers experience the best ice-cream that they have ever tasted. When you try their ice-cream, you’re likely to agree that it is!

11. Java Central Café and Roasters

Java Central Café and Roasters has been around for over 14 years. They have a passion for coffee and it shows in their product. They work with many people to produce and process their coffee. They work directly with all these producers, including the ones working the farms. The utmost care is regularly put into making this coffee. 

12. Alum Creek Amphitheater 

Alum Creek Amphitheater is an outdoor theater inside of Alum Creek Park. There are many kinds of shows held there. They feature musicians of various genres, and also host concerts and music festivals. You can see anything from cover bands to orchestras. They even have parking next to the stage. This stage is especially active during the summertime. 

A crowd sitting outside of an outdoor stage.
This is a great spot to see a show outdoors. Image courtesy of City Scene

13. Good Vibes Winery

Good Vibes Winery is located in an old building in the historic Robinson block. The building was originally used as the town’s drug store. The building became a winery back in 2012. This winery is a comfortable place to drink wine and maybe even meet some people. You even get to enjoy wine tastings to figure out what wine you like, or simply to try out new wines. The staff is even a lot of fun to be around. This place really lives up to its name!

14. Alum Creek Greenway Trail

The Alum Creek Greenway Trail is one of the most scenic trails in the city. You can walk from Westerville to Three Creeks Park. There are three different sections to that park. It also connects several neighborhoods and commercial areas. This trail is mostly used for biking. You can often find several bikers making their way across. 

15. Uptown Deli and Brew

Uptown Deli and Brew is located in historic uptown Westerville. It was founded back in 2014. They serve sandwiches, soups, and salads along with artisanal breads, meats, and cheeses. This deli replicates an old world market style. They have an amazing European style patio overlooking the street. It is also home to a brewing company that was once the first one established in Westerville. 

16. NorthStar Café

NorthStar Café is a restaurant that cares about the community’s health. They also care deeply about the environment. Their use of ingredients reflects just how much they make health and the environment a priority. They choose locally grown, organic, and artisanal foods. They make sure to support the producers who have similar environmental goals. This dedication continuously leads to delicious foods!

The outside of a red brick restaurant.
This building has amazing food inside. Image courtesy of NorthStar

17. Meza Wine Shop

Meza Wine Shop is a place founded by people with a passion for wine. In 2008, they became the first wine shop in Uptown Westerville. It was one of the first shops to get a liquor license in Westerville, a city that pioneered prohibition. The shop started out selling gourmet and specialty items, but is now a retail wine shop. They will even deliver wine to your door!

18. Schneider’s Bakery

This bakery was founded in 1954. It started in a grocery store basement, but in a few years expanded into a store front. The owners have a passion for baking and make sure to provide customers with the highest quality products. This place has been a favorite among the community for decades. 

19. Hoff Woods Park

Hoff Woods Park is a park that offers many amenities. At this park, you can play a number of different sports. There are three basketball courts, two sand volleyball courts, two tennis courts and four ball diamonds. There is a nature trail, a playground, and a park. You’ll also find a bike path, five charcoal grills, and a drinking fountain. Just about all your outdoor needs can be taken care of there! 

20. A Twist On Olives

A Twist On Olives is a family owned shop that specializes in olive oils and balsamic vinegars. They offer 29 of the freshest olive oils from around the world. Their oils are imported from Spain, Greece, Italy, Chile, South Africa, and Australia. They also carry 29 aged, naturally flavored balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy. 

21. Blendon Woods Metro Park

Blendon Woods Metro Park is a park with great views that offers observation spaces. You get to enjoy the amazing nature and all the wildlife that congregate there. You also get to participate in fun sporting activities. This park offers spaces where you can play disk golf and go ice skating. 

A small lake surrounded by trees.
This is amazing scenery to spend your days walking through. Image courtesy of Metro Parks.

22. Westerville Jaycee Community Pool

This community pool offers a fun place for residents to enjoy all throughout the summer. It is a clean environment that is very family friendly. There are four pools, two diving boards, and even a fun slide. There are also kiddie pools for the kids to enjoy. They even have fun events that take place there, like 80s swim night. 

23. Innis woods Metro Gardens

The Innis woods Metro Gardens tucked inside of a nature preserve. It is a 123 acre display of well tended plants. You’ll find more than 2,000 species of plant there. There are also specialty gardens and also gardens that represent different themes.

24. Otterbein University Theater

This University theater showcases top quality performances. This school has an excellent reputation in the arts, and when you visit to see a show, you’ll understand why that is. Students and faculty put on these performances throughout the year. If you want to be entertained, this is one place you should definitely visit. 

Theater performers on stage.
You’re bound to have an epic evening when you see a show like this. Image courtesy of Otterbein

25. Highlands Park Aquatic Center

The Highland Park Aquatic Center is a public pool that normally runs during the summer. They offer swimming accommodations to everyone, from toddlers to adults. They host different events, like “toddler swim” and “family swim.” You can also make reservations to practice your lap swimming.

Westerville, Ohio is a Columbus suburb that has a lot to offer within its borders. You’ll never run out of things to do as long as you’re looking. Make sure to visit some of these awesome places whenever you’re in town! 

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