The Role of Real Estate Agents in Home Selling: Myths and Facts

Selling your house is a big financial decision. The process is not only complicated but also stressful.

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Jan 21, 2021

When you think about contacting a real estate agent to be precise with your decision, the myths around the corner are enough to baffle you. But are all these myths regarding them True? Let's find out the common myths about real estate agents and the real facts behind them-

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Real Estate Agents Aren’t Necessary in the Digital Age

Technological advancements indeed have made it easier to list and search for properties. But is it worth replacing Realtors? With the experience of working for a long time, agents can share valuable insights and personalized experiences. At the same time, they can help with pricing strategies and offer negotiation skills that can enhance the final sale price.

Open houses are the best way to sell a Home

Open houses surely attract potential buyers, but they are not the only option. You will find many serious buyers who prefer private showings over open houses. In such a situation, an agent can take you to a larger audience with their skillful marketing strategies. On several occasions, it is also possible to get a better sale price than open houses.

Agents only care about their commission

You would not find a single agent who does not work for commission. Our recommendation would be to choose an agent who has a greater reputation. A reputable agent always works for customer satisfaction. He will go to every corner of the world to make his client satisfied. The myth that agents only care about their commission is somehow true. But it depends on who you are choosing for the negotiation. 

Selling a Home As-Is Is Always a Bad Idea

Renovation and repair surely enhance the value of your house. Therefore, it is better to keep your house if you are not facing any urgency. However, selling a house can still be a good option. If the owner is in a hurry or lacks the funds for renovation, pricing the home appropriately for its condition can still attract real buyers. Property brokers can advise on which repairs are essential and which ones might not offer a good return on investment.

You don’t need an agent if you have a buyer

It depends on your experience in selling houses. Even if your buyers are lined up, an agent can bring value to the transaction. Their experience can ensure that you are not making any costly mistakes. They ensure that all the legal requirements are met. They can also help you in negotiating to protect your interests. 

All Real Estate Agents Are The Same

When choosing a real estate agent, consider the following aspects so that you do not have to face any issues while doing the transaction-

  • Researching their background
  • Ask for references
  • Ensure that their expertise aligns with your needs

Not all realty professionals are the same. Some may be good at a specific neighborhood, while others may look for what would help you the best. Choose wisely so that you do not feel that all are the same and only care about the commission.

Real Estate Agents Have Unlimited Resources

An agent will indeed have access to many resources. This includes MLS listings and Professional Networks. But it is also true that their success depends on their ability to utilize these tools effectively. That is why it is important to reach the right agent. By utilizing the resources, a good agent will reach potential buyers and close deals efficiently.

The First Offer Is Always The Best Offer

This is not a universal fact. The first offer can be the best offer on many occasions, but not always. It is not always about the price. There are still many crucial areas worth considering. This includes terms, contingencies, and the buyer’s financial qualifications. To take the best action, consider communicating with an experienced agent. 

Agents Will Always Recommend The Higher Bidder

No, this is not true. I am saying again and again that it is not always about the highest price. There are many important areas worth considering, excluding the price. If you have contact with an experienced agent, he will surely look for the things that best meet your goal. This might not be the highest bid all the time. Agents aim to find the best overall deal for their clients, not just the highest price.

You Can’t Sell A Home During Holidays

This is another fact that is not true at all. It is true that holidays make real estate transactions slower. The truth is that buyers during the holidays tend to be more serious and motivated. With fewer properties on the market, your home may stand out more during holidays. If you are serious, holidays can also be the best time to contact an agent.


Myths are never facts. Unjustified trust in these myths can confuse both sellers and potential buyers. Whether you will win the bargain with an agent or not depends on your skill in choosing the right person. Prioritize experience, reputation, and reference over anything when choosing a real estate agent.

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