The Perfect Valentines Day Florists Near Gahanna, Ohio

Where to find that red day bouquet with the freshest flowers 

A couple is hugging. The woman has her hands around the man's shoulders, and in her hands is a bouquet of red flowers.
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4261 Morse Road, Columbus OH 43220
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Jan 21, 2021

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day you want to have the perfect gift, whether it's for your partner, your parents, your friend, or even yourself, whoever it is deserves to have the best on the day of love.

If you have the cash, spending money on a Valentine’s Day bouquet is worth the extra money, rather than the stocked flowers at your local grocery store. 

Florist’s flowers are unique, better cared for, and last longer than your typical flowers. And it goes a really long way to show that you care if the flowers you get are more personally designed instead of premade. 

In the Gahanna, Ohio area there are some select florists that you’ll definitely want to check out, and each has its own merits and Valentine’s Day deals. Each of them within a twenty-minute driving distance. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Oberer’s Flowers Inc
  • Ree’s Flowers and Fine Gifts
  • Expression Floral Design
  • Flowerama Columbus
  • Griffin’s Floral Design
  • Connells Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts

Read below for a breakdown of these floral shops.

A picture of the Oberer's Flowers storefront. The sign is green and there are shrubs out front.
Caption. Image courtesy of oberersflowers 

Oberer’s Flowers Inc.

3950 Morse Crossing | Columbus | 

An 11-minute drive from downtown Gahanna Oberer’s Flowers has that small town intimate atmosphere with a varied selection of flowers for your selection.

Founded by Carl Oberer in the late 1800s, Oberer’s Flowers has a long history with the Ohio area and has been family-run from Oberer to Oberer ever since its inception. And while the shop has ventured far beyond its initial market-selling roots it still has a local mindset.

But because of their growth, Oberer’s is the perfect option for anyone looking for a Valentine’s Day gift more out of the norm than a dozen red roses. Oberer’s selection ranges from the common purple orchid to the complexities of a potted African Violet. 

They have some wonderful traditional options for Valentine’s Day but here are some unorthodox choices that you should consider before buying.

  • A potted azalea tree as an option is definitely not a normal plant on the menu for the day of love but is a great long-term caring option for your giftee. Be sure to speak with the florist about specific plant care for this flowering bush but this option clearly shows more meaning and heart. 
  • How about a dutch garden, planted and ready to go? This adorable mini potted garden comes with hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, crocus, irises, and primroses for a spring touch to the home.
  • A sweet and salty snack tray isn’t exactly what you might expect from a florist but sometimes snacks are a better option. For those snack-lovers buy them a basket full of skittles, Cheetos, Twizzlers, and more.

“They are so incredibly talented with excellent customer service! Great prices, great people, great flowers!” -Yelp Review

An inside shot of Ree's Flowers and Gifts. There are tables full of flowers and plants and hanging wind chimes.
Caption. Image courtesy of

Ree’s Flowers and Fine Gifts

249 Lincoln Cir | Gahanna |

Definitely more of a local-go in your set on shopping in the heart of Gahanna, Ree’s Flowers and Gifts is a family-owned florist with a more personal touch.

If you’re looking for roses this is the place to be, they have a particularly large selection of pre-made bouquets if you want to stick with the classics this February 14th.

And Ree’s has over a dozen bouquets already ready for you to pick and order on their website. Here are some of their best options.

  • The blush life bouquet, one of their newer additions to the rose section, is carefully crafted in shades of pink and yellow, starring some blush colored roses. With some green hydrangeas and Asiatic lilies in supporting roles this bouquet immediately softens the room starting at $59.99.
  • The magnificent mauve is bold, for the daring and dramatic, even more so than a red rose. If you want to make a statement make sure to pick up this arrangement of purple, featuring lavender and creme spray roses, purple hydrangeas, and lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums starting at $84.99.
  • The thoughts of you bouquet with red roses are smaller than the first two but just as meaningful, and won’t completely break the bank starting at $34.99. Coming in a small glass vase with three perfect red roses, white waxflower, some green foliage to counter, and tied with a red bow it's the perfect-sized gift. 

“They provide truly beautiful flower arrangements consistently.  Their delivery is prompt and reliable. And most importantly they treat their customers kindly and respectfully even when they are busy, busy, busy.” - Yelp Review

Customized red and white bouquets of flowers potted in small football pots, in the spirit of the Ohio State Buckeye's.
Caption. Image courtesy of Expression Floral Design Studio

Expression Floral Design Studio

1247 N Hamilton Rd | Columbus |

Located in northern Gahanna Expression Floral Design Studio, owned by Jody Brown Spivey who has worked in the floral industry for seventeen years and collaborated with companies like Disney, Star Wars, and the LA Dodgers, has years of experience to handle your flowers with pride.

Their website is easy to navigate if you’re looking to order and pick up, and you can sort by price range if  you’re looking to hit a particular sweet spot.

If you’re a sports fan this is the shop you’ll be wanting to check out, because Expression Floral Design has an entire section dedicated to custom-made Buckeye’s flower paraphernalia. For that football lover in your life, there is no better way to say I love you.

But the best part about buying from them this time of year is that their bouquets come with an automatic option of Valentine’s Day additions, chocolates, teddy bears, you name it. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Milk chocolate mini buckeyes bag, modeled after the signature buckeye seed that all Ohioans know and love, add on this small 8 oz. bag of chocolatey smooth treats to your flowers. For $10.50 you can add even the subtlest Buckeye spirit to your order if you’re afraid to go all out.
  • Adding a heart necklace with a topaz pendant will save you the extra trip to the jewelry store you were thinking about. You can get a similar necklace here for $24.95 and save money on gas. 
  • Chocolate covered Oreos are arguably the best kind of chocolate gift you can give, and they are also one of the cheapest options to add to your order. Three perfectly wrapped bundles of goodies, you can’t go wrong with for $5.99. 

“It was delivered on time and was just like the picture. Flowers were absolutely gorgeous!” - Yelp Review

A shot of the outside of Flowerama's store. There are dozens of hanging flowers in front of the store.
Caption Picture courtesy of FloweramaColumbus

Flowerama Columbus

1600 Morse Rd | Columbus |

One of the biggest floral chains in the Columbus Ohio area, Flowerama has quite literally all you could ever need anytime you would want some expertly crafted flowers, and on Valentine’s Day they are kicking it up a notch.

Their Columbus location is just a twenty-minute drive from downtown Gahanna for those willing to spend some more time on their commute for varied flower options. 

Their Valentine’s Day section is divided into multiple options for you to choose from. They have roses, potted plants, mixed bouquets, packages that come with a stuffed animal or chocolate, and their top of the notch luxury line of flowers starting at $149.99. 

They also offer same-day delivery to your door, if you don’t have the time to go and peruse the flowers yourself. But you might want to make time to look at these excellent options.

  • Four dozen roses in mixed colors is the perfect option that balances between classic red roses and something with more pop and color. Add in some orange, some pink, a bright spot of purple, and even some yellow to add variety this holiday starting at $224.99.
  • The date night elevated package provides all the necessities in one shop stop. A bouquet with roses and carnations, two lovely red candles, a box of eight chocolates, and a bag of rose petals to decorate your home as you please starting at $89.99.
  • Consider the sugar mold succulent planter if you’re looking for a gift way out of the box. A rustic planter with four succulents, it’s a great starter plant for those new to plant-care starting at $49.99.

“This is my favorite flower boutique. I've been buying flower arrangements from here for years.” - Yelp Review

A shot of a table arranged with flower bouquets. There are sunflowers and small purple flowers in them. And a sign that says "Pear Table".
Caption. Image courtesy of GriffinsFloralDesign

Griffin’s Floral Design

211 E Livingston Ave | Columbus |

Griffin’s Floral Design is a little more out of the way if you're looking for something closer to Gahanna, but if you’re in Columbus and want to knock out your Valentine's Day purchases at the same time, make sure to check this florist out. 

Griffin’s specializes in making varied bouquets, each with a different aesthetic for the holiday. Not everyone wants the same old bouquet that they get every year. Try something different, there are plenty of flowers and plenty of ways in which to present them to your loved one.

This florist can help you come out of your comfort zone, with baby-steps if you need it. There are some stand-out options available for order on their website to get you started. 

  • The simply orchids bud vase is a modern looking twist on a typical orchid. Normally orchids would be bought in pots but these orchids have been cut and arranged in a glass vase with some counteracting greens starting at $44.99.
  • Griffin’s champagne and flowers category is the best choice out there for liquor lovers and the only florist in the area that provides the option. You can order a box full of roses, orchids, or succulents accompanied by a bottle of Don Perignon, Martini Rossi, rose regale, and more starting at $139.99.
  • The love is grand bouquet is a soft confection of pink and white for those looking for some softness. A hand-blown glass vase featuring white hydrangeas, bells of Ireland, pink roses and gerber daisies, oriental starfighter lilies, and more starting at $215.99. 

“Beautiful birthday bouquet delivered today! Quite possibly the most stunning arrangement of flowers I have ever received.” - Yelp Review

The Connells' Maple Lee Flowers & Gifts store front.
Caption. Image courtesy of cmlflowers

Connells’ Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts

3014 E Broad St | Bexley |

Connells’ Maple Lee Flowers and Gifts might be out of your way if you’re looking for something more local, as it’s north or Columbus and Gahanna, however, they do a specific set of flowers if you’re looking for something in their wheelhouse.

Connells’ is not just a flower shop but has a wide variety of gifts for you as well. And on Valentine’s Day there is nothing too big, or too much to go by, might as well splurge than undersell your gift.

Of course, their flowers as well are a selling point but why not get both together. 

And this Valentine’s Day make sure to check out their blog because Connells’ has hosted a contest for the day of love, in which a professional writer will be highlighting a local love story to spread happiness this February. 

To keep that energy up here are a few suggestions on what you should buy from Connells’.

  • The love grows succulent is a perfect gift for those on a budget. This small pink pot hosts a succulent that's easy to care for and it comes at a wonderful $9.99.
  • The je t'aime (I love you) statue is a Valentine’s appropriate knickknack you might want to purchase if you have room on your shelves. The statue, carved in the shape of a woman holding a heart in her hands, can be added to your flower purchases or separately for $38.99.
  • A dozen rainbow rose assortment is a myriad of color and a great option for any rose love. A dozen roses in shades of pink, magenta, yellow, and orange accompanied with some baby’s breath starting at $49.99.

“I've been with this company for almost 30 years and I've always been pleased with the service and quality!  The flowers are always strong and they last a long time.” - Yelp Review

An image of an older asian couple. They're both smiling and the woman is holding a large bouquet of yellow gerber daises in her hand.
There is a perfect Valentine’s Day floral gift for everyone, thankfully you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Spreading love and appreciation is an absolute must this year, don’t skip out on it. There are countless ways to say I love you, and you don’t have to stick to the traditional ways that we’re familiar with.

Red roses and chocolate are great, but why not spice it up in 2021? Try a different arrangement of flowers, add on a separate sweet and salty gift, a statue, a trinket, there are plenty of options to choose from with these florists in the Gahanna area.

All of them have their own merits and specialties, but no matter where you go there will be an extra level of care put into the flowers. That’s their job, and it really says something when you go to an expert when you’re on the search for a gift of love.

Do you have a preferred florist in the Gahanna area? Make sure to tell us below, and like and share!

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