Pig Out In Gahanna, Ohio With These Delicious Mexican Restaurants

Feeling the enchilada crave? Stop by at one of these restaurants

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Diana Velasquez


Jan 21, 2021

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When you have the hunger for some good Mexican food, it’s not going to go away until you’re satisfied. But, it’s often difficult to find some good authentic Mexican food in your area. Not every restaurant lives up to the hype.

Luckily, in Gahanna, Ohio there are a handful of restaurants that vary in their food style and service to pick from when you want some Mexican for lunch or dinner.

Each of these restaurants is within a thirty-minute drive of downtown Gahanna, and whether or not you want something more local or if your tastes range out into the more general Columbus area there is something on this list for you.

Check out these six Mexican restaurant options for the best dining experience.

  • Mi Tradicion
  • Casa Hacienda Grill
  • El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant
  • Los Guachos Taqueria
  • Local Cantina
  • La Michoacana

Photo of Mi Tradicion - Gahanna, OH, United States
At Mi Tradicion you get authentic food, not far from home! Image courtesy of Yelp

Mi Tradicion

111 N Stygler Rd | Gahanna, OH | mitradiciongahanna.com

If you’re a Gahanna native you’re already likely familiar with Mi Tradicion, located in the central Gahanna area. But just in case, here’s a rundown of this classic for you.

Open seven days a week, Mi Tradicion serves authentic Mexican food ranging from appetizers to full-course meals to tasty desserts. You can get easy and quick takeout from them as well if you’re not looking to dine-in.

When visiting this Latin must-have for your food cravings make sure to take a look at these three offerings. They are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of good food to be had there, but you won’t want to miss them. 

  • The vegetarian combination menu should be a beacon to any vegetarians in the area. When you think of vegetarians you often don’t think of Mexican food, but that doesn’t mean you should be left out. Try Mi Tradicions mushroom quesadilla, or their spinach enchiladas, or for a combo their burrito quesadilla and chalupa starting at $14.99. 
  • The enchilada tri-color is the plate to beat for enchilada lovers. Sometimes you can’t decide what kind of enchiladas you want, especially if you’re a meat-lover. With this dinner choice, you get one chicken, ground beef, and cheese enchilada smothered in sauces and rice and beans. 
  • A banana chimichanga. Yeah, you read that right, chimichanga but sweet banana style. Normally when you’re thinking of a chimichanga it isn’t something you’d order out of the dessert department. But here you can give this sugary option a try starting at $6.49. 

“Quick, friendly service, delicious food with plenty of options, ample portion size, and reasonable prices. We have been in several times and will continue to come back. texmex!” - Yelp Review

Photo of Casa Hacienda Grill - Columbus, OH, United States. Auténticos Platillos
Stop by Cases Hacienda Grill for a plethora of food options. Image courtesy of Yelp

Casa Hacienda Grill

1356 N Hamilton Rd | Columbus, OH | casahaciendaohio.com

Located north of Gahanna, this Mexican restaurant is a must-visit for lovers of the cuisine. It has a reputation for being exceedingly authentic and with a wide array of food for you to choose from in a wonderfully decorated and welcoming atmosphere.

Visit Casa Hacienda Grill for some great service as well as a great bargain for your night out on the town with your friends or family. Their menu is giant so even the pickiest eaters in your party will have something on there that they’re going to like. 

When you go, keep these options in mind beforehand, so that when it comes time to take your order you have something on your mind and you get to dig in that much faster.

  • If you’re a nacho fan, this is going to be the place for you. Casa Hacienda Grill has a nacho bar on their menu and you can order these for your appetizers or pig out with your friends all night long on some great nacho options. Try nachos supreme loaded with meat and veggies or the casa fiesta nachos with shrimp, chorizo, mushrooms, pineapple, and more.
  • Try the Sopes Revolucionarios if you want a large meal with that homemade feel. Consisting of a thick and crisp corn tortilla, made in-house, with carne asada, pastor pork, or grilled chicken there is no better option. Finish it off with a topping of cactus, pico de gallo, and ranchero cheese starting at $14.95. 
  • The Copa Levanta Muertos is a stellar option off of their seafood menu. If you want a sampler of everything they have to offer this should be your pick. It comes with shrimp ceviche, octopus, four oysters, fish, and scallops starting at $22.95. 

“Casa Hacienda Grill is a great spot for some authentic and delicious Mexican food. The staff from hostess to servers are all friendly, I've tried a couple of dishes and all have been high-quality ingredients, fresh and delicious.” - Yelp Review

Photo of El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant - Columbus, OH, United States. Spacious and CLEAN!
A perfect restaurant with a great atmosphere for the whole family. Image courtesy of Yelp

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

2808 Stelzer Rd | Columbus, OH | orderelrodeocolumbus.com

How about a hustling and bustling option for you? Do you want a Mexican restaurant with an always lively atmosphere, some great deals on their food, and weekly specials? Then El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant is for you.

Located in Columbus, this restaurant is more of a drive for those living in Gahanna but sometimes we have to make the sacrifice for something this good. Their staff is polite and welcoming and their food is worth the trip.

El Rodeo also has a weekly lunch buffet from 11-2, so you can pile on the food that you love and have leftovers for dinner, and the next day. Who’s to say that you can’t eat Mexican a couple of days in a row.

When you check out El Rodeo make sure to look at these options on their menu.

  • The Acapulco cheese steak on their lunch menu can’t be missed. All you beef lovers make sure to give this one a try. A flour tortilla stuffed with grilled steak, onions, and nacho cheese, lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, and beans starting at $8.99. 
  • The carne asada fries is the Mexican version of french fries that you’ve been looking for and a killer appetizer option. Think chili fries, but instead of chili you’ve got carne asada on top with shredded and white melted cheese on top starting at $10.99. 
  • Tacos, the Mexican food staple for Americans, cannot be missed here, especially when it's street-style tacos you’re looking for. Try it with a traditional flour tortilla, or if you're feeling the American route they have hard corn ones as well. You have your meat of choice with onions and cilantro, taqueria sauce, and a lime wedge. The Birria tacos option even comes with a cup of hearty beef broth. 

“Not only is the food authentic and freaking delicious, the staff are so incredibly nice. Wonderful people and so hospitable!” - Yelp Review 

Photo of Los Guachos Taqueria - Gahanna, OH, United States. Gringa y Juana.
Try Los Guachos for the best taquerias in town! Image courtesy of Yelp

Los Guachos Taqueria

1376 Cherry Bottom Rd | Gahanna, OH | losguachostaqueria.com

Owned by the Nanatos family, Los Guachos Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant with humble roots and even greater service and dedication by its owners and workers. This is as authentic as you can get in the Gahanna area.

Originally starting as a taco truck that gained a dedicated following in the area the Nanatos family upgraded their passion into a family business that now boasts four locations in the Columbus, Ohio area. 

The local Gahanna location is just as good a visit as the original, and when you’re in the mood for tried and true Mexican this should be the option on this list you pay a visit to.

When you take the drive down to Los Guachos, make sure to look at these three menu options. You are not going to regret it.

  • The Mexican-style sandwich isn’t a typical option you’d expect from a Mexican restaurant but it’s something that you have to try, especially from Los Guachos. Made with Mexican style sub bread, melted mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, refried beans, onions, and sliced avocados varying from $9.00 to $10.00 varying on your choice of protein. 
  • The la chula quesadilla isn’t your typical plain cheese quesadilla that everyone makes on their frying pan now and again at home. This one has a homemade blue corn tortilla stuffed with grilled mixed cheese, peppers, and onions, a side of sour cream and pico de gallo, and of course your protein of choice. You can even get lengua, beef tongue, starting at $9.00. 
  • You can’t visit the taqueria without trying their taquitos, and they have a perfect set of four for you to try. Fried chicken taquitos with lettuce, sour cream, and a side of cream salsa starting at $7.00. 

“Quick, friendly service, delicious food with plenty of options, ample portion size, and reasonable prices. We have been in several times and will continue to come back.” - Yelp Review 

Photo of La Michoacana - Columbus, OH, United States. #48
La Michoacana comes as a grocery store and restaurant in one package. Image courtesy of Yelp

La Michoacana

3160 South Hamilton Rd | Columbus, OH | michoacanamarket.com

When you pull up to La Michoacana you might be a little confused at first glance. This looks like a grocery store, not the Mexican restaurant you’ve been craving. 

But hold back on your misgivings there is fresh hot food to be had here. La Michoacana boasts a small restaurant in the back of their grocery store worth waiting for. 

This is the best option for our home cooks as well as our Mexican food enthusiast. La Michoacana doubles as a Latino grocery store and a restaurant. A two in one deal!

So if you’re looking to have your own handmade Mexican feast at home you can do your shopping here, while also stopping for a bite of their delicious food. 

When you pop into the restaurant, any time of day because they serve food for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner, make sure to check out these food options.

  • Try the Chilaquiles for your breakfast option. Egg lovers especially will appreciate this finger-licking greasy option for your morning time meal. They are corn tortilla chips cooked in your choice of red or green sauce. Topped with one egg and melted cheese. Served with rice and refried beans. A hearty start to your day for sure. 
  • The caldo “La Michoacana” is a soup option for people looking for something different than the typical Mexican cuisine you’d expect from a restaurant. Served made with fresh shrimp, oysters, fish, and octopus, slowly simmered in their specially seasoned stock, With fresh lime and crackers on the side. 
  • Fried ice cream is a dessert one could expect at any Mexican restaurant, it’s a staple, a classic to rival the notoriety of the churro but even better some would say. Try this dessert option at la Michoacana, vanilla Ice cream rolled in corn flakes and cinnamon, drizzled with chocolate syrup and honey then topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

 “Definitely one of the hidden gems of Columbus and by far the best Mexican food in Columbus! While  the restaurant is at the back of a grocery store and isn't that well known, the food is incredibly authentic and flavorful!” - Yelp Review 

It’s hard to choose at a Mexican restaurant, there are so many options and you can only eat so much. 

Mexican food has become a staple to Americans. Someone always brings it up when it’s time for your weekly night out because we’ve all come to love and appreciate the food.

Now,  whether you’re looking for a fusion between the cuisine and more traditional American food, or something so authentic it’s like your dining in the country itself there is an option for you.

We all want some kind of authenticity and good service, good drinks and food to share with your family and friends. Takeout to bring home and enjoy. The restaurants listed here in the Gahanna area can do all this and more.

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant in the Gahanna area? Make sure to comment down below, and to like and share!

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