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Jan 21, 2021

Whether you’re looking for a change from the hustle-and-bustle of the city or the slow quiet of rural small-town Ohio, Gahanna could be the perfect town for you. This small city has a welcoming community, a booming economy, and a rich history.  

Before you move to Gahanna, you probably have a lot of questions. Lucky for you, we have the answers. Here’s what you should know about moving to Gahanna:

  • History of Gahanna
  • Facts and figures about Gahanna
  • Local favorite things to do in Gahanna
  • And more!

History of Gahanna

Before Moving to Gahanna, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

In 1849, John Clark of Ross County founded Gahanna on 800 acres of land along the Big Walnut Creek. This land had been purchased by his father from Ohio’s Governor Worthington in 1814. Clark called the property the Gahanna Plantation, which would later be the name of the city. 

“Gahanna” is derived from a Native American word that describes three creeks joining into one — in fact, this is the former name of the Big Walnut Creek! Still today, Gahanna’s Official Seal bears the inscription “Three In One” to honor the origins of the city’s name.

For decades, Gahanna was rivals with the nearby town of Bridgeport, which had been founded less than five years after the Gahanna Plantation. Finally, in the year 1881, the two towns merged into one — called Gahanna, because there was already another Bridgeport in Ohio.  That same year, the city was incorporated by Franklin County and held its first mayoral election.

In 1965, the town of Gahanna — which had only a few thousand residents — founded the Gahanna Historical Society. This organization is dedicated to keeping the historical spirit of Gahanna alive by maintaining the historical records and artifacts of the city. For example, the Log House, the John Clark House, and the Lily Stone Bed & Breakfast are all historic buildings restored and operated by the Historical Society.

The Historical Society decided to begin tending herb gardens in the early 1970s, encouraging the use of local herbs in the Gahanna community. As a result, the governor of Ohio designated Gahanna as the official Herb Capital of Ohio. The city is also a certified National Wildlife Habitat as of 2007. 

This reflects Gahanna’s history of preserving its natural surroundings and resources, especially their natural streams. The Big Walnut, Rocky Fork, and Sycamore creeks are economically, environmentally, and structurally very important to the residents of Gahanna. The preservation of the streams’ ravines protects Gahanna from flooding. 

In terms of historical architecture, there isn’t one theme or ‘look’ to keep your eye out for. In the words of the Historical Society, “Gahanna has no design theme. We are and were a community of individuals with varied tastes and preferences. Our wonderful neighborhoods are as different as we are… That is a delightful thing, like a jigsaw puzzle or a mélange of stones in a stream.”

Gahanna by the Numbers

Learn About Gahanna’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Moving can be stressful enough — you don’t want to arrive at your new home without knowing anything about the neighborhood! Here, we have some of the most important basics about Gahanna to put your mind at ease.

Your New Neighbors

Gahanna is not your average Ohio small town! This city is home to about 35,000 people, with a population density of 2,791 people per square mile. But while it is a more robust town than many smaller, more rural neighborhoods, Gahanna is still much calmer than a big city like downtown Columbus or Cleveland. 

Since 2010, Gahanna has seen a population growth of 6.5%. This shows how it is a truly promising and evolving neighborhood that is attracting more and more residents. After all, Gahanna was named one of the top 100 places to live and top 8 places to start a business!

Roughly one-third of the 9,479 family households in Gahanna are married couples with children. Gahanna is a great place to raise kids — they will grow up in a beautiful and safe community, and receive a great education. Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District is in the top 10 Best School Districts in the Columbus Area, according to Niche also graded the neighborhood of Gahanna with an A+, calling it “good for families.”

The neighborhood of Gahanna is relatively diverse — the ethnic/racial minority population is about 20% of the total population. This includes 11.8% Black, 3.4% Asian, 2.5% Hispanic, and 2.9% biracial or multiracial.  

Economy and Jobs

Gahanna’s current unemployment rate is 4.8%, well below the national average of 6.0%. This shows how Gahanna’s economy has remained strong in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic — in fact, Gahanna has actually seen the job market increase by 0.9% over the past year. 

This trend of job growth is anticipated to continue over the next 10 years at a rate of 34.6%. This rate is higher than the US predicted average job growth of 33.5%. Clearly, Gahanna’s job market is stable and strong.

The average individual income of a Gahanna resident is about $36,000 per year, and the median family income in Gahanna is about $94,000 per year. Both of these figures are well above the national averages!

In terms of jobs, Gahanna has a wide range of employment opportunities available. A majority of Gahanna residents work in manufacturing, retail trade, finance and insurance, educational services, and health care/social assistance. However, many other fields are also employing Gahanna residents, from arts and entertainment to public administration.

Weather and Climate

Gahanna, Ohio has a wide range of temperatures and forecasts, varying by each season. In July, the high is about 85 degrees and the low in January is about 21 degrees. Overall, Gahanna is slightly warmer than the rest of Ohio in both the summer and winter seasons. 

The city received a 7.1 out of 10 on the BestPlaces Comfort Index, which means it is more comfortable than most places in Ohio. Overall, the most comfortable months in Gahanna are September, June, and August. 

There are about 177 sunny days each year in Gahanna, and 136 days of precipitation. On average, Gahanna gets 40 inches of rain and 23 inches of snow per year. Humidity is typically low in this area, though it is slightly higher in the summertime.

Get to Know Gahanna Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Gahanna

Once you move into town, you’re gonna want to eat at all the best restaurants and shop at all the best stores around. But with so many businesses to visit in Gahanna, it can be hard to decide where to go! We have a handful of local favorites to get you started:

  • The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek
  • Arepazo Tapas and Wine
  • Be Social Dress Boutique
  • Gahanna Grill

The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek

“A Steakhouse, Only Better.”

1370 E Johnstown Rd | Gahanna |

This lovely dinnertime spot serves savory and filling American steakhouse meals to Gahanna residents every evening. There is a wide variety of steaks available, from top sirloin to New York strip to ribeye and more! In addition, the Barn serves various forms of seafood and delicious chicken dishes.

This is the perfect spot for anyone looking to host a special event. The Barn can host private events during the day and evening — every day but Sunday — accommodating between 10 and 100 guests.  

The Barn also hosts its own special events, like Happy Hour on weekdays from 4-6 p.m. Wine lovers should be sure to stop in on Wednesday nights, when you can get 50% off all bottles of wine up to $100. 

“Loved the rustic elegance and warmth. The food was amazing. My fiance and I both agreed the steaks were probably the best we have had in a long time… I definitely recommend this restaurant and I will definitely be going back soon.” -- Yelp Review

Arepazo Tapas and Wine

A Gahanna Staple With A Venezuelan-Columbian Twist

1234 Main St | Gahanna |

If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant for your date night or family night out, look no further. This family-owned restaurant has been a Columbus area staple for over 10 years. Though the Gahanna restaurant was not their first ever location, it was the first to offer lunch and dinner, a full bar, and an expanded menu. 

It all started when Carlos and Carolina Gutierrez, the restaurant’s owners, wanted to bring the beautiful flavors of Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine to Columbus. Colombia and Venezuela are the home countries of the owners. 

At Arepazo, you can get delicious empanadas and arepas, fajitas, tostada, tacos, and much, MUCH more! You’ll be coming back again and again to try all of the tasty meals on their menu.

Arepazo is a great option for events, both in and out of the restaurant. You can book a larger reservation, or ask Arepazo to cater for you. Your friends and family will love all of the delicious food on their catering menu!

“I cannot tell you how much I love Arepazos. We eat here often at lunch and everyone really enjoys the variety on the menu. I have never found anything that I don't like but my favorite food is the arepas… So yummy!!” -- Yelp Review

Be Social Dress Boutique

The Best in High Fashion and Formal Wear

121 Mill St | Suite 120 | Gahanna |

This is the best place to shop if you have an upcoming event. Whether you’re attending a wedding or sending your child to their first prom, Be Social has what you need. 

Be Social is the culmination of “a dream of a small-town girl with big-city style and even bigger ideas.” The goal of this boutique is to make customers feel glamorous from head to toe. 

In addition to their beautiful floor-length, mid-length, and cocktail dresses, customers can buy cute and trendy jumpsuits, rompers, tops, pants and shorts, skirts, and shoes. Though the boutique specializes in formal wear, you can also buy more casual clothes like graphic tees.

This is not just a store for women and girls. Thanks to a partnership with Jim’s Formal Wear, men can rent tuxedos from Be Social for any of their special events too!

“Great store with great service! The clothes are adorable (and they have more than just formal dresses)! The owner is hands on and the employees are so helpful. Highly recommend shopping here!”  — Facebook Review

Gahanna Grill

Delicious American Classics

82 Granville St | Gahanna |

Gahanna Grill is great for those looking for a laid-back, hometown atmosphere without all of the fuss and frills. This casual American restaurant serves delicious sandwiches (including burgers), soups, salads, and flatbread pizzas. 

The most famous item on the Gahanna Grill menu is the “Beanie Burger,” named after the man who formerly ran the restaurant’s kitchen for many years. This bacon cheeseburger is topped with sautéed onions, lettuce, tomatoes and Beanie’s Original homemade slaw. 

If you’re looking for an extra challenge try the Triple Beanie Burger Challenge - eat a Beanie Burger with three half-pound patties in one sitting and you can earn a T-Shirt plus a spot on the Wall of Fame!

The Gahanna Grill offers indoor and outdoor seating with live sports and entertainment throughout. Inside there is also a bar, which offers discounts on appetizers, beers, well drinks, and wines between 2 and 6 p.m. on weekdays.

“We are on a “Burger Tour” of Ohio and this was one that we read to stop at. The service was excellent and the food was great. We would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone, nice family friendly atmosphere” — Google Review

Between the people, the economy, the local businesses, and the wonderful surroundings, there’s so much to love about this town. Gahanna is a wonderful place to start a business or a family. What are you waiting for?

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