The Best Local Gyms To Better Yourself In Gahanna, OH

Picking the right gym is the first step to seeing improvements in your overall health. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best gyms for you if you live in or around Gahanna, Ohio.

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4261 Morse Road, Columbus OH 43220
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Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

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Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash.

Staying or getting healthy has never been as important as it is right now in today’s world. However, picking the right gym can be an overwhelming process because there are so many, but here we have a list of some of the best in Gahanna, OH. All of these gyms have state of the art workout equipment that is sure to help you achieve your fitness goals in the near future. 

The Gym

614-864-3481 | 720 Cross Pointe Rd |

The Gym
For a gym rat, this photo is prettier than a technicolor sunset descending behind a mountain range. Image courtesy of

The Gym is a gym that is dedicated to personalized workouts built to make you into the fit, healthy person that you want to be. Getting to a gym is hard enough, but figuring out what exercises to do once you get there can be even harder, especially if you’re not so experienced in going to the gym. 

The people at The Gym understand this, which is why they have a whole staff of folks who are ready and willing to help you reach your fitness goals in the most efficient, safe way possible. 

The Gym has a staff of eight different coaches that have a wide range of experience in athletics and fitness in general. They’ve got people who went to college for this sort of thing, and people who have experience in mixed martial arts and can train you more from that perspective. 

You get to pick your own trainer based on your specific needs, and of course your own schedule. 

The Gym also created its own app that is meant to help you keep track of health and fitness goals and can aid you training from home if you can’t make it to the physical gym on a certain day. The app is called, “Stronger Than Yesterday,” which we think is perfect for an app created by The Gym. 

The idea that The Gym emphasizes “stronger than yesterday” is ventral to their understanding that it doesn’t matter how you start, but rather where you’re headed, and The Gym will make sure that you’re headed in the right direction. 

We’ve already said a lot about The Gym, but here’s a review from Rhett Tiller just to prove that it isn’t only us who think this place is great - “lace clean, staff is awesome. Everyone seems nice and the facility has equipment I’ve never seen. The Gym, (love the name) - has platforms for deadlifts and barbell lifting as well turf to push sleds on. Plus it has a great welcoming feel. This is definitely a hidden gem. One of the best facilities I have been to, first class all the way from the operations to cleanness to equipment. If you’re into fitness it’s worth getting a day pass, you will not regret it.” 

Superfit Columbus

614-414-6022 | 145 South Stygler Rd, Gahanna, OH |

Superfit Columbus
For someone who looks to be in impeccable shape, he sure is having trouble with that un-weighted bar. Image courtesy of  

Superfit Columbus is a crossfit centric gym that’ll have you feeling healthier and more fit in no time. We understand that going to a crossfit gym may seem a bit daunting if you haven’t given crossfit a shot yet, but so does Superfit Columbus. 

If you want to try out crossfit at Superfit Columbus before you commit to any sort of membership, Superfit Columbus has you covered with a 10-day free pass. You’ll have the opportunity to workout in group sessions or workout with a personal trainer. 

Now, crossfit does come with some risks. Crossfit can cause some joint and back issues, but if you’re starting off being trained by a professional, that will definitely mitigate the risks. If you have recurring joint or back problems though, we suggest you have a talk with a doctor before you jump right in. 

If you do feel like you’re ready to start crossfit for the first time, you should know that there are also some serious benefits to doing crossfit as compared to traditional weightlifting. 

Superfit Columbus also has a crossfit kids program, so if you are in a need of someone to look after your child while you are working out, look no further. It’s a perfect way to get your exercise in while also getting your kid to get some much needed activity, and you can finish up at around the same time! 

Superfit Columbus has a great track record as well seeing as they have a straight up five star average on Google reviews. Rachel E. on Google reviews speaks for all who have reviewed Superfit Columbus: “I wanted to increase my strength and add variety to my fitness training so I tried a free Saturday class. I was hooked by the close sense of community and Brian’s knowledgeable coaching. People here want to see you succeed and you will if you can take that first step! 2 years later I have accomplished so many of my personal goals and am doing things I had previously been amazed by. Don’t let fear keep you from this place! Join us as we work to get better everyday.” 

One More Rep

614-414-0881 | 4289 Morse Road, Gahanna, OH |

One More Rep
A couple of personal trainers over at One More Rep who are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goal. Image courtesy of

One More Rep lays out some pretty big claims when it comes to what their personal training sessions can do for you. The trainers at One More Rep say that they can get you to see some serious results with only 2-3 30-minute sessions per week. 

The trainers at One More Rep will help you see quick and meaningful results through high-intensity, low-impact training. That means short bursts of intense activity that is meant to go easy on your joints. 

One More Rep achieves this low impact training through what’s known as the slow motion technique which is the idea that instead of ripping out 10 reps of bench press at a normal pace, you would normally count to ten on the way down on the bench press, and count to ten on the back up. You would still do a normal amount of reps (usually 8-12) and this method can be utilized for almost any strength training exercise, not just bench press.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been told to be careful about hurting your joints when working out because it can cause lasting damage. That’s why the trainers at One More Rep focus so much on not only making you healthy while you’re there, but also trying to make you as healthy as you can be for the future. 

One More Rep also offers a really cool way to track your fitness progress. It’s called the Bod Pod, and standing in it for just five minutes can give a more accurate reading on how you’re doing fitness-wise than any regular ol’ scale. 

The Bod Pod gives specific metrics like your body fat %, the amount of lean muscle mass you have, and much more. One More Rep is one of the only places in the area that has one of these machines, so if you want a safe and highly accurate assessment of the fitness level of your body, One More Rep may just be the right gym for you. 

Above all else, One More Rep truly values individualized training for you or your group. One More Rep offers yoga, and cardio classes as well, not just the high-intensity, low-impact training. 

Ashley W. left a Yelp review that sums up how we think you’ll feel after spending some time at One More Rep: “I feel better about myself every time I go. Is it easy? No. But I see improvements every single week. They are also very accommodating to my schedule. Adam, Kevin and Tim are awesome. They push me to my limits week in and week out--and I still like them-haha!  30 minutes well spent.” 

Gahanna YMCA

614-416-9622 | 555 YMCA Place, Gahanna, OH |

Gahanna YMCA
Swimming has long been considered one of the best workouts a person can do. Get over to the Y in Gahanna and give it a go! Image courtesy of

The Gahanna YMCA has everything that you could possibly want from a gym and more. The Gahanna YMCA offers fitness classes and resources for people of all ages and abilities. On top of group classes, the Y also offers Personal Training sessions with a trainer or a coach where they will cater toward your exact fitness needs. 

If you are someone with kids that wants their kid to be more active, or needs a fun, engaging activity for your child to do while you’re working out, the Gahanna YMCA  could be the perfect gym for you. Even if your child doesn’t want to just workout, you could sign them up for any number of sports teams or other recreational clubs and teams through the Y. 

If you are an older person that can’t see themselves lifting weights with a personal trainer but you still want to stay or get in shape, the Gahanna YMCA has some great programs for you as well. The Gahanna YMCA has a swimming pool that is great for an older crowd to get a solid workout in without putting stress on their joints. 

Jazzercise Gahanna Fitness Center 

614-861-1155 | 1020 Taylor Station Rd, Gahanna, OH |

Jazzercise Gahanna Fitness Center 
Are they clapping or is this a new form of jazz hands? The only way to know for sure is to attend a jazzercise sesh and see for yourself. Image courtesy of Danielle Cerullo.

So you want to work out but you don’t like the repetition and monogamous nature of a traditional workout? Jazzercise could be the solution you didn’t know about until right now. 

So what is jazzercise? Basically, jazzercise a 55-minute dance-workout set to music that uses a few different exercise styles as a base but melts them together and builds off of them to create a new type of workout. We apologize if that was a lot, we promise it isn’t as complicated as that may have sounded. 

To sum it up - it’s an intense, non-stop dance party that’ll lead to some pretty impressive improvements to your overall fitness and health. Doing jazzercise also has the added perk of having some new go to dance moves to keep in your back pocket for whenever you need them.

In all seriousness, jazzercise is an incredibly effective and fun way to get more fit in a unique way. Pairing Jazzercise with normal strength training is something else that you could do as well if you have the time. If you plan on only doing jazzercise workouts though, you’ll be very happy with the results. 

Emily H. left a rather inspiring Yelp review that we’re excited to share with you: “There are not enough good things I can say about Jazzercise and this center. I started in September, and I have lost 40 lbs so far. It is a seriously great workout, and you can decide how intense you want to make it (low impact options are always given). The instructors are fun and friendly, and the center is extremely well run.” 

We’re sure that out of this awesome selection of gyms in Gahanna, Ohio, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs perfectly. This list runs from the most traditional types of cardio and strength training to, well, jazzercise. Give one or all of these gyms a shot and we know you’ll love the results you see. 

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March 15, 2021
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