Get a Taste of the Warm Weather This Spring With the Most Beautiful Parks in Gahanna, Ohio

If you’re looking for some breathtaking places to go for some relaxation and to enjoy the beautiful weather, explore the local parks in Gahanna today!

Gahanna Parks
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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of Visit Gahanna. 

Going to a park on a nice beautiful spring day is one of the best ways to clear your mind. From walking on nature trails, seeing the trees and flowers bloom with pretty petals, going on a run and exercising, or even just to sit and read a book or write can be extremely relaxing and help you to not only get a taste of the outdoors, but to also de-stress. It’s known that getting out and enjoying the sunshine can make you a much happier person, so why not get out there and enjoy it right?

If you’ve never heard of Gahanna, Ohio, just know that it is mainly known for all of the beautiful parks they have, over 750 to be exact. Gahanna has many vibrant neighborhoods, opportunities to grow your business, and it’s only eight miles from downtown Columbus. With knowing that this lovely area of Ohio is known for the many breathtakingly beautiful parks, then you should definitely go see a few of them right? Well, here are some of our favorite parks that Gahanna, Ohio has to show you today!

Gahanna Woods Park

Walk on nature trails, explore the woods, and even view the colorful spring flowers that bloom here!

Gahanna Woods Park
If you love nature parks and want to see one of the best ones in Gahanna, then make sure to check out Gahanna Woods Park today! Image courtesy of Shopping in Gahanna. 

1501 Taylor Station Road | Gahanna |

Do you love nature preserves? If so, then you need to stop by Gahanna Woods Park today and check out the swamp forest and the many nature trails that it has. They offer one mile of hiking trails that you can walk, run, or bike through. You can even go hiking and look at the many birds that are there as well. Another reason that you should check out this beautiful park is for its spring flowers that bloom all around the forest that come in many different colors and sizes. With woods, wetlands, and spring wildflowers, there is so much to see here at Gahanna Woods Park, so stop by today!

Friendship Park

A full 23-acre plot offers lots of fun activities and a day full of sunshine!

Friendship Park
If you’re looking for something for the whole family to do, or even for a simple date idea, then make sure to check out Friendship Park today! Image courtesy of What Should We Do Today in Columbus.

159 Oklahoma Avenue | Gahanna |

Are you looking for something to do in a local park in Gahanna and make a day out of it? Spending your day in the sunshine on a beautiful spring day would be perfect if you decide to go to Friendship Park! Friendship Park is known for being a 23-acre lot that includes playgrounds, a story trail that is perfect for kids, a large lake to fish or canoe in, and even areas where you can play tennis or basketball. This area is great if you want to have a picnic and enjoy the spring day with friends, family, or a significant other, and you can even hold gatherings here at their rentable picnic shelter or gazebo. Why not check out Friendship Park for yourself and spend a day there!

Hannah Park

Enjoy a game of baseball, basketball, tennis, or just talk a walk on one of their hiking trails!

Hannah Park
Spend the day at Hannah Park for a fun and enjoyable day out in the sunshine with the warm weather! Image courtesy of The Blue Book.

6547 Clark State Road | Gahanna |

Looking for a large park to enjoy playing some sports, walk along the trails, or even just to relax on a beautiful spring day? Why not come and experience what Hannah Park in Gahanna, Ohio is all about! Hannah Park is a 34.5 acre park that has a playground for kids, tennis and basketball courts, and even a diamond baseball field where you can come and practice your pitches, or hit a home run. This park also has lots of green space too with lots of trails, ponds, and even the opportunity to go fishing. If you’re celebrating a special occasion too, you can rent their covered shelter area too. Come to Hannah Park today!

Woodside Green Park

Looking to surround yourself in some beautiful greenery? Why not come to this park with lots of green space!

Woodside Green Park
Stop by Woodside Green Park for some beautiful greenery and an area where you will feel relaxed and enjoy the spring day! Image courtesy of 3.1 WEB Splash. 

213 Camrose Court | Gahanna |

If you’re looking for some leisure park activities to enjoy with your family, then make sure to check out Woodside Green Park today! This 32-acre park offers a large playground for kids, a canoe launch in the Big Walnut Creek, a basketball court, a fishing pond, and even a few softball and baseball fields. This area also has a rentable shelter with a grill and parking surrounding it, and it is also known for the Big Walnut Creek trails to go walking or running through. Stop by Woodside Green Park today for some sunshine and a day full of fun outdoor activities!

Sunpoint Park

Check out Gahanna’s newest park that offers a little bit of everything!

Sunpoint Park
Go to Sunpoint Park, the newest park to go to in Gahanna where both adults and kids will have a blast! Image courtesy of ThisWeekNews. 

670 McCutcheon Road | Gahanna |

Have you checked out the newest park in Gahanna, Ohio? If not, then you need to go to Sunpoint Park today and check out the insanely awesome jungle gyms and other obstacles on the playground that they offer for kids. Sunpoint Park opened in April of 2019 and it is the place to go, especially if you have children. With everything from climbing, spinning, sliding, and swinging on all parts of the playground, this is a great place to go to to get any kid excited about playing outside. Sunpoint Park is the ultimate place to go to for kids, so make sure to take your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, or even the kids you babysit here today!

Creekside Park

Looking to enjoy a day in the outdoors? Make sure to come and check out this mixed-development park today!

Creekside Park
Stop by Creekside Park for an enjoyable time spent outdoors by gazing at the beautiful landscape around you! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

123 Mill Street | Gahanna |

Located close to the Creekside Plaza lies Creekside Park, an oasis where calm nature lies form the crazy plaza and shopping that goes on there. The Big Creek Trail also goes through Creekside Park to connect you to not only nature, but the Gahanna Municipal Golf Course and the Gahanna swimming pool. If you’re looking for something different, yet fun to do in nature, make sure to ride the paddle boats, go fishing, and even go walking up along the creek. Check out Creekside Park today!

Pizzurro Park

Stop looking for a dog park, because this park offers the best one around!

Pizurro Park
If you own a dog and are looking for a dog park for your dog to get out and run around, then make sure to go to Pizzurro Park today! Image courtesy of City of Gahanna Ohio. 

940 Pizzurro Park Road | Gahanna |

Do you own a dog or two and want to take them to meet new dogs and run around to get all of that extra energy out? Stop by Pizzurro Park and meet other dogs, along with their owners at their awesome dog park you’ll love! With over 23 acres of property, Pizzurro Park is known for the 4-acres of fenced in land where dogs can run around and have a good time. This park includes areas for big dogs, small dogs, and even an agility area. You can even go paddle boating, go fishing, and walk on the trails too. Why not stop by Pizzurro Park with your pups today!

McCorkle Park

Play soccer on the soccer field and check out the other outdoor activities this park has to offer!

McCorkle Park
Experience what McCorkle Park has when it comes to being outdoors and looking for something fun to do! Image courtesy of Visit Gahanna.

200 McCutcheon Road | Gahanna |

If you love sports and are looking for a fun place to go to to enjoy a game of football, then you need to go to McCorkle Park and check out their two very unique football fields! McCorkle Park has two awesome football fields to be able to have fun with friends and family, and they also have a playground and set of trails for people to walk around, or take their kids to get rid of some of their energy. If you love football, or just want to check out another unique park in Gahanna, then make sure to stop by McCorkle Park today!

Academy Park

Love the peace and quiet? Come to this park where you can enjoy just that!

Academy Park
Stop by Academy Park for some peace and quiet with listening to the wind blow, and feeling the sun shine down on you! Image courtesy of City of Columbus. 

1201 Cherry Bottom Road | Gahanna |

We know you’re hungry for some peace and quiet. If you live in the bustling city of Columbus, or in a suburb around Gahanna and you just want to enjoy the sound of nature, then make sure to come to Academy Park! Academy Park offers 107 acres of land for you to explore and it even includes seven baseball fields and two basketball courts! Connecting to Woodside Greek Park, you’ll also have close access to the Gahanna Municipal Golf Course and Creekside Park as well. You can even stop by and enjoy a relaxing and quiet day full of creek fishing as well. What are you waiting for? Why not check out Academy Park today!

Headley Park

Come see the layers of parks, recreational activities, and nature that you can explore here!

Headley Park
Headley Park is known for the numerous amounts of outdoor activities that you can partake in, so make sure to stop by today! Image courtesy of City of Gahanna Ohio. 

1031 Challis Springs Drive | Gahanna |

With the warm weather coming at your very soon with spring rolling around, it’s important to get outside. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, then you need to go to Headley Park today! Headley Park is known for the 33-acres of recreational fields that it offers. They have twelve soccer fields, so if soccer is your sport, then you need to stop here and play a game with friends or family, or practice shooting goals. They even offer a playground here as well that the little ones can enjoy too, so why not make a day out of it and stop at Headley Park today!

As you can see, there are lots of parks that you can check out in Gahanna, Ohio. We were only able to mention a handful, but there are so many more to explore. Spending time outdoors, and especially in parks is good for the soul and for your overall health. With being able to soak up the sun, listen to the sounds of nature, and even seeing just how great nature can be, it can be a great way to de-stress. Go out explore nature, get some physical activity in, and enjoy many of your favorite outdoor hobbies with making sure to check out one of these top nature parks in Gahanna, Ohio as soon as you can!

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April 21, 2021
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