HER, REALTORS® Opens New Office in Gahanna, Ohio

Exciting Expansion Includes One of Ohio’s Best Hometowns!

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4261 Morse Road, Columbus OH 43220
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Main image courtesy of Visit Gahanna

HER, REALTORS® is excited to announce the expansion of their operations to include their news office in Gahanna, OH. Voted one of the “Best Hometowns” in Ohio Magazine, Gahanna is a welcoming community and one that HER, REALTORS® is proud to be a part of.

This HER community office is led by Rob Matney, who has almost two decades of real estate experience under his belt. As a fifth-generation Gahanna resident, Matney is dedicated to building the community and making it one of the best places to “live, work, and play.” 

Matney has been with HER, REALTORS® since 2002 when he was attracted by the family-like community that HER has developed. As the country’s largest agent-owned real estate firm, HER, REALTORS® provided Matney with the opportunity to work in an environment geared towards building great relationships through the communities they work in.

The exceptional levels of customer service that characterize HER, REALTORS® customer interactions are expected to flourish at the Gahanna office, where Matney plans to fill his office with like-minded realtors dedicated to enhancing the community. 

  • Gahanna’s History and Future
  • Top Places to Go in Gahanna
  • How HER, REALTORS® Continues to Provide Exceptional Service

Gahanna’s History and Future

Gahanna Has a Bright Outlook

Gahanna was founded along Big Walnut Creek in 1849 by John Clark, who took the name from the Algonquian word for “three into one” as an homage to the three creeks that join into one just outside of the city borders. 

Gahanna’s 12.6 square miles boast 750 acres of parkland, including Friendship, Hannah, and Woodside Green Parks. With a population in excess of 36,000, Gahanna is experiencing a period of economic rejuvenation characterized by its revitalization of the “Olde Gahanna” downtown sector.

Rob Matney states that “Gahanna offers the small town atmosphere, where everyone is friendly and you feel as one big happy family.” Events occurring throughout the year contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of Gahanna and are celebrations of the strong community values prized by residents. 

People on a green field
Creekside Park is a charming oasis located along Big Walnut Creek where visitors can fish, enjoy paddle boats, and attend entertainment events through the year.

Opportunities to experience Gahanna’s culture and interact with the local community are everywhere. The Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Taste of Gahanna, Arts in the Alley, the Creepside Halloween celebration, frequent farmers’ markets, and many more events reflect the high quality lifestyle and vibrant culture of Gahanna. And, as the Herb Capital of Ohio, expect to hear about Gahanna’s annual Herb Day, a time for local vendors and artists to bring together their community in order to celebrate all things herbal.

“It’s so good to be a part of a community, not just by living here, but by being a contributing member, a business owner, and a servant to the local area. I love the northeast area, my family loves Gahanna and we are always asking ourselves how we may better the community”, says Rob Matney. Matney is eager for the opportunity to continue Gahanna’s legacy of excellence through his work with HER, REALTORS®.

Louise Potter, Regional Vice President of the Northeast Regional Office and Broker of Record for HER, REALTORS® says, “With the tools, technology, and support services HER offers, Rob, is well-positioned to assist consumers with their housing needs throughout Franklin County and the surrounding communities in Ohio.” 

Potter considers Matney’s “dedication, experience, and enthusiasm a tremendous asset in helping clients with their home buying and selling needs." His background in banking, wealth management, and sales have helped sculpt his abilities in the real estate market, making Matney the expert he is today.

Top Places to Go In Gahanna

What Makes Gahanna Such a Great Community?

Gahanna is a great place to open a business, raise a family, or spend the day. In addition to the new HER, REALTORS® office, there are a number of businesses and shops in Gahanna worth stopping by--not to mention the parks and other attractions.


A family plays at Legoland
LEGOland is a place for the whole family to interact and explore. Image courtesy of LEGOland.

Gahanna’s LEGOland Discovery Center has a cinema, workshop, play area, and more to help children create and discover through Legos. Encouraging families to play and interact with the various rooms and play areas together, LEGOland fosters an atmosphere of fun and is engaging for the whole family. 

While LEGOland is a zone primarily for children, they do host an Adult Night once a month where adults who love legos can come together and explore the space.

Wyandotte Winery

The charming exterior of the winery
Wyandotte Winery’s charming exterior is complemented by their outdoor backyard space, where string lights and wooden furniture enhance the magical atmosphere. Image courtesy of Wyandotte Winery.

As the oldest winery in central Ohio, a trip to Wyandotte Winery is a must for wine-lovers in Gahanna. Featuring a range of flavors, the winery has something for everyone to enjoy, including their famous wine cakes, available for online purchase.

If you’re looking to celebrate buying or selling your house in Gahanna, consider marking the occasion with one of Wyandotte’s custom made labels. And in case you didn’t know, Wyandotte grows their own grapes and makes all their wines--another perk of Ohio is that it’s great for growing certain varieties of grape!

Story Trail 

Reading on the Story Trail
Help combat boredom and instill a lifelong appreciation for nature in young children by taking them on this fun, interactive trail! Image courtesy of Gahanna.gov.

A collaboration between Gahanna Parks & Recreation, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gahanna students, and the Gahanna Rotary led to the development of the Gahanna Story Trail. The Story Trail helps visitors learn about environmental stewardship through an interactive storytelling environment. 

Located in Friendship Park, the Story Trail encourages outdoor recreation and highlights literacy. A part of the Gahanna Library’s Summer Reading Program, the Story Trail is a great community feature that children and adults can benefit from.

Herb Trail

Herbs and a pot
Beautiful bunches of herbs grow in the multitude of gardens you can visit on the herb tour--smell their fragrant leaves and learn about their many uses from knowledgeable gardeners and guides. 

As the Herb Capital of Ohio, Gahanna naturally has a big focus on herbs. From herb businesses to herb cocktails at restaurants, the Herb Trail will take you through the world of herbs as represented by Gahanna.

The Herb Trail showcases culinary and shopping venues, gardens and eco-learning opportunities, and health and wellness centered around herbs and herbal medicine. With visits to the Herb Center and Goosefoot Garden, classes at Shepherd’s Corner, meals at 101 Beer Kitchen and Arepazo Tapas & Wine, and plenty of cookies at Mrs. Turbo's Cookies, the Herb Trail is a complete sensory experience.

Commemorate your experience with herb infused soaps and bath products, herbal teas, books on herbs, or bundles of dried herbs from the Ohio Herb Center’s gift shop!

Volunteer Opportunities

Grandparent and grandchild spending time together
Volunteer to spend time with elderly community members and help brighten their day.

Volunteering plays a big role in Gahanna, where there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer throughout the community. Volunteer on the golf course as a greeter or ranger, at the library or education center, with the rotary, or one of the many other places Gahanna residents build up their community.

If you, like Rob Matney and other HER, REALTORS®, are looking to serve your community in a meaningful way, consider taking advantage of one of these volunteer opportunities in Gahanna.

How HER, REALTORS® Continues to Provide Exceptional Service During Covid-19

A Pandemic Can’t Stop HER, REALTORS® From Serving Their Communities

A big house on a driveway
HER, REALTORS® works throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky to provide clients with access to outstanding services that help go above and beyond their expectations.

Since HER, REALTORS® was founded in 1956, they have continued to provide excellent services and are consistently recognized as one of the country’s most innovative, advanced, and award-winning firms. But a lot has changed since 1956 and, in light of the current Covid-19 outbreak, you may be wondering how HER, REALTORS® has adapted in order to continue to facilitate successful real estate transactions.

Realtors have always been an important component of successful real estate transactions, as Rob Matney can certainly attest to, and now more than ever realtors are providing an essential service by guiding prospective buyers and sellers through the new socially distanced real estate process.

With 1,250 agents and 85 offices, HER, REALTORS® is helping clients answer big questions like: How can you buy a house without ever seeing it in person? Realtors like those in HER, REALTORS® Gahanna office are equipped with answers. Virtual transactions and virtual tours are helping buyers and sellers to stay on track and meet their real estate goals.

HER, REALTORS® offers a full range of services including (but not limited to!) residential and commercial real estate sales, property management services, title services, insurance, home warranties, and other home-related, lifestyle services. HER, REALTORS®’ ability to cater to the needs of their customer base has proven especially useful during the pandemic, enabling them to go above and beyond for their clients even in the midst of a global pandemic.

A big part of continuing Gahanna’s economic growth lies in the creation of new jobs and the moving of real estate, two services Matney is prepared to provide for the area. In the age of Covid-19, real estate can look a little different--when it comes to selling your house during a pandemic, HER, REALTORS® has answers to the pressing questions.

With Rob Matney’s help, the Gahanna office will continue HER, REALTORS®’ legacy of providing exceptional customer service and community support.

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July 15, 2020
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