7 Pizza Restaurants That Are Bound To Be Your New Go-To Spots In Gahanna, Ohio

Everyone has their favorite pizza place wherever they live, but it can get a bit boring to eat the same pizza every time you’re craving a slice. This list of a few great pizzerias in Gahanna will introduce you to some new, delicious pizza spots!

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Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Hemant Latawa on Unsplash.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods on the plant, and for good reason -- it’s delicious! Even bad pizza is good pizza, but good pizza is some of the best food you can get.

So, if you’re not sure where to get pizza in Gahanna, we made this list of great pizza spots in Gahanna just for you!

Stadz Pizzeria

614-861-0000 | 6755 Taylor Rd B, Blacklick, OH | stadzpizzeria.com

Stadz Pizzeria
Have you ever seen an employee this proud of the pizza they made? Must’ve been delicious! Image courtesy of stadzpizzeria.com.

Stadz Pizzeria offers Ohio style slices among some other dishes you might expect from a pizzeria that doesn’t just serve pizza. 

People just love their chicken wings and they can’t get enough of their baked subs. But you’re not here for the subs or the wings, you’re here for the pizza, and Stadz Pizzeria is one of the best places in Gahanna for that. 

The pizza options here tend to be slightly more expensive than other similar restaurants in the area, but anyone who has ordered a pizza from Stadz knows that it’s worth it. Roberto from Yelp ordered a little bit of everything and couldn’t have been more pleased with their decision.

Roberto A.’s Yelp review: “My son has basketball training at a facility across the street from Stadz so I decided to stop and pick up some food on the way home. Boy am I glad I did! While I was at the counter an employee approached me and asked if I had been there before. I told him I hadn't and he proceeded to tell me about their in house made sauce, dough, sausage and Italian dressing. He was very friendly and his customer service was excellent. I ordered a large pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizza, their old world Italian sub and some cheesy bread. Everything was fantastic! My new favorite pizza spot for sure! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!”

Massey’s Pizza 

614-416-4444 | 261 Lincoln Cir, Columbus, OH | masseyspizza.com

Okay, this is the last picture of pepperoni pizza… maybe...definitely not. Image courtesy of Massey’s Pizza’s facebook.com.

We can say for sure that Massey’s Pizza has the most variety of any of the listed pizzerias in Gahanna. Not only do they have the biggest, most interesting list of toppings, but they also offer a deep dish option and a cauliflower crust option. 

Massey’s Pizza has all the usual suspects when it comes to pizza customization along with taco meat, Philly steak meat, chorizo sausage and much more. Massey’s is also one of the only places in Gahanna that serves deep dish, so if you’re in the mood for something a bit more filling -- Massey’s might be perfect for you. 

The cauliflower crust pizza that they offer is also amazing! It’s not like some of the other cauliflower crust pizzas that you might have had. Those crusts are slightly crispy on the edges and soggy and tasteless all the way through. 

Not at Massey’s. The cauliflower crust at Massey’s is very nearly as good as their regular crust. Don’t believe us though, read Eherby’s review from Trip Advisor.

Eherby’s testimonial on Trip Advisor about the cauliflower crust: “I started the Keto Diet and was wanting pizza. My Daughter told me about the Cauliflower crust. So what the heck. When we sat down to eat I took one bite and said this can’t be right. Called over an employee and he confirmed I had the right pizza. It is fantastic! No, out of this world good. I know where my Friday night pizza will be.” 

Grandad’s Pizza

614-488-9700 | 1254 West 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH | grandadspizza.com

The crispy edges, the square cut, and the pepperoni must be what's making us salivate right now.  Image courtesy of tripadvisor.com.

Grandad’s Pizza is another example of some crisp, flavorful Ohio style pizza that you can get loaded with toppings. This place doesn't skimp at all on whatever toppings you want for you or your party’s pizza. 

Just a quick glance at that picture of their pepperoni pizza shows you all that you need to know. Thin crust pizza with a massive amount of toppings and slightly greasy but in the best way possible. 

If someone that you’re ordering food with isn’t crazy about getting pizza that night, Grandad’s also has some great salads and sub sandwiches. Iparzero on Trip Advisor ran the gamut of the things you can get at Grandad’s Pizza and loved all of it!

Iparzero’s Trip Advisor review: “Large pizza, two subs and antipasto salad. Absolutely delicious, fast and consistently good! Food is gone within minutes at our house.”

Mr. T’s Pizza 

614-478-4782 | 207 W. Johnstown Rd, Gahanna, OH | facebook.com

Yea the logo is a bit dull, and the pizza isn’t the right shape for Ohio style, but the only thing that really matters is how their food tastes; and it tastes really good!. Image courtesy of their Facebook page.

Mr. T’s Pizza could be just the delicious change of pace away from your “go-to” pizza place that we’re sure you already have. 

Mr. T’s has all the normal topping pizzas that you’d expect from an Ohio-style pizza restaurant, but they’ve added a couple interesting options to their list of specialty pizzas. Mr. T’s has added, “T’s Taco Pizza,” and, “Spicy Garlic Chicken,” which are types of pizzas that we’ve never heard of, but we’re sure that if Mr. T’s Pizza is making them, they’ll be mouth wateringly good. 

Mr. T’s also has no problem accommodating large groups for takeout. Anna Ferron left a review about just that on their Facebook page. 

Anna Ferron’s Facebook review: “We would like to thank Jeff and everyone at Mr. T’s pizza for providing us 10 pizzas with all the toppings and a very large salad with zero notice tonight. Our teachers loved your food and we are very grateful for your help in our time of need! Definitely recommend Mr. T’s to any organization wanting to provide delicious food for their guests!“

MOD Pizza 

614-914-4693 | 333 S Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH | modpizza.com

MOD Pizza 
Crispy, fresh, and completely customizable! Image courtesy of yelp.com.

Just because MOD Pizza is a chain restaurant doesn’t mean that they have the typical chain restaurant pizza that tends to be doughy and expensive. The fully customizable MOD pizzas are a super thin triangle crust which you can get any variety of toppings on. 

There aren’t that many places in Gahanna that serve a thin, triangle sliced pizza so if that’s what you have a hankering for, MOD Pizza is the way to go for you. MOD Pizza also offers a thicker crust that is still pretty crispy but is closer to a hand-tossed pizza that is also hard to find in Gahanna. 

The sides that MOD Pizza offers are a little meek as they really only offer a few salads, cheesy garlic bread, and a generic chocolate snack cake. So, if you want anything besides pizza, MOD isn’t a great place for you to start unless that cheesy garlic bread sounds too good to miss out on. 

The most important thing with a place like MOD Pizza where you pick your own ingredients for your pizza in a Subway-esque manner, is that the ingredients are fresh and that everything is clean. Nancy K can attest to the freshness and cleanliness in MOD. 

Nancy K’s MOD Pizza review on Yelp: “Mod is my favorite build your own pizza chain in Columbus primarily due to the quality of toppings and the crispy crust. Toppings wise, they have many types of protein and all produce looks freshly chopped. Nothing looks processed or from a can. The crust is the best part of the pizza as it stays crispy and can still be handheld even with lots of toppings. I like that it gets a little blackened from the oven but it is not overpowering. Aside from good food, this location in particular always has friendly staff, is clean and food is prepared quickly. You can't beat the price either (less than $8 per pie).”

Frankie’s Pizza

614-476-5555 | 200 Granville St, Columbus, OH | frankiespizzagahanna.com

Frankie’s Pizza
This looks like Frankie’s famous peppalooza with three types of pepperoni on top of their signature crispy crust. Image courtesy of Frankie’s Pizza’s Twitter.

The pizza at Frankie’s is really good, but it’s sort of the same pizza that you see everywhere else in Gahanna. It’s crispy and it’s got a bunch of toppings, and it’s really good. That’s nothing new though.

What sets Frankie’s apart are the appetizers that they serve. We could go on and on about how good every one of these appetizers are, but we’ll only mention the three that we think set Frankie’s apart. 

First off is a side of Bosco Sticks which seems simple enough as it’s just cheese-stuffed bread with red sauce, but when you taste it, you’ll realize that it’s so much more. Another appetizer that’ll knock your socks completely off are the mac and cheese bites which are exactly what they sound like -- fried mac and cheese balls -- delicious. 

Okay last appetizer: Burnt Ends. We can pretty much guarantee that Frankie’s is the only Ohio style pizzeria that serves burnt ends. 

All in all, if you want that classic, square-cut, Ohio pizza but you want some extra options that you won’t get many other places -- head over to Frankie’s

We haven’t talked much about their pizza specifically, but we’ll leave that to Ashley.

Ashley F’s Yelp review: “I had a craving for a crispy crust pepperoni pizza and Frankie's did NOT disappoint. I ordered the peppepalooza and am a big fan. Three different kinds of pepperoni (regular, big, and thick cut). I got the audible crunch from the crust that I'm always looking for. Even delivered, the pizza was still nice and hot when it got here.”

Gahanna Pizza Plus

614-428-9878 | 106 Granville St, Gahanna, OH | gahannapizzaplus.com

Gahanna Pizza Plus
A thicker Ohio-style pizza that’s still crispy and chock-full of toppings (mostly pepperoni for now). Image courtesy of onebite.app.

Of course we had to include Gahanna Pizza Plus as this spot is sort of a staple around here in Gahanna. Gahanna Pizza Plus serves up the same Ohio style pizza with a bit of a thicker crust which really sets it apart from a lot of the other pizza places around here. 

If the classic super-thin crust is what you’re expecting though, you can order the thin crust option when you’re there. If you haven’t tried Gahanna Pizza Plus’s thicker pizza then we highly suggest that you at least give it a shot. 

The thicker crust is definitely inspired by the heavier, Greek-style pizza that is also offered here in the form of specific toppings. 

Gahanna Pizza Plus offers a few different white pies like steak portabella and chicken broccoli if that’s what you’re into. 

The only issue we see with this pizza is that it can be slightly more expensive than you’d maybe expect. However, we think it’s totally worth it, and so does Nancy from Yelp!

Nancy K’s Yelp review: “Yum! While a smidge more expensive than your average pie, Gahanna Pizza Plus is delicious and worth every penny. So many places in the area serve the same thin crust style pizza but their pizza crust is thicker but not too thick and has a great crisp. The pepperoni has a little kick to it too. They have salads and subs but no wings or other deep fried apps. Overall, it's a great pizza option in Gahanna.”

These seven restaurants all bring something a little different to the plate. Whether you’re looking for the classic Ohio-style, thin and crispy square slice, or something a little out of the norm, you can find what you’re looking for somewhere on this list. 

Enjoy the pizza!

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