Living in Grove City, OH

A suburb boasting all the convenience of Columbus with the atmosphere of a rural area

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Katherine Bauer


Jan 21, 2021

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When looking for a new home, you’re obviously constrained by things outside your control.  Your job may be sending you somewhere new, your partner’s job may be relocating, you may be wanting to relocate from a city to a suburb or vice versa, etc.  Regardless of your constraints, you can always try to pick a locale that fits both your needs and your wants, and if you’re moving to the Columbus area, there are plenty of surrounding suburbs and small towns for those who don’t want to live directly in the city.

View homes for sale in Grove City, OH

Grove City, OH is just outside the city limits of Columbus, one of the last areas before the surrounding landscape goes from urban to farmland.  This suburb town is close enough to Columbus to make it an ideal place for commuters, featuring

  • Good Schools
  • Short Commute to Columbus
  • Pleasant Topography and Surroundings
  • Lots of Activities and Restaurants in the Area

Sound like someplace you’re interested in?  Read on.

Good Schools

Kid writing

According to, many of Grove City’s schools rank above similar schools in other parts of the state, particularly in test performance and math classes.  For such a small area, there are a wide range of schools to choose from, with multiple pre-k, elementary, intermediate, and high schools.

Short Commute

While many cities are once again seeing influxes of residents in the hearts of urban centers, commuter culture is still going strong.  For some people, such as those with young or larger families, those who don’t like urban environments, and those who may occasionally work from home, living in the city center can be both infeasible and unnecessary.  At only 17-20 minutes away by car, the commute from Grove City to Columbus is quick and easy (though as with any city commute, this time can double for rush hour).  You can have all the space and freedom of suburban living with easy access to the activities and job necessities of downtown Columbus.


Want to work AND live in Grove City?  That’s fine!  But you’ll still be close to downtown Columbus and have access to all of the perks of a city, like a variety of restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife that may not be as readily available in a suburban area.  It’s possible to have a night out on the town, but still be home quickly at the end of the night (although if you know you’re going to be out partying, perhaps take a cab or rideshare service into and out of town, or plan to have a designated driver; a short commute is just as bad of an idea for an intoxicated driver as a longer one).

Pleasant Surroundings

Pleasant Surroundings
Image courtesy of Metro Parks

Grove city is on the edge of farmland and city, a kind of suburban that is really more of a direct line between urban and rural.  If you like nature, it has both natural landscape scenery and public garden areas, as well as close proximity to the Scioto Mile Parks.  These parks run along the Scioto River, creating a near-constant line of green spaces that cuts through even the most urban parts of the Columbus area.  Grove city in particular is known to have everything from great fishing ponds and hiking trails, to scenic farms and cute playgrounds.

If you’re the adventurous type, you can check out the Scioto Audubon Metro Park, which is a 120 acre metropak nearby that boasts the largest outdoor free climbing wall in the United States**. There is also a dog park and sand volleyball court at the park for those who prefer a bit less adventure.

**The free climb wall is only open to experienced climbers for safety reasons.

For those who prefer history to adventure, Grove City features both Gantz Farm and Park (which we mentioned in an article a few weeks ago!), as well as Century Village.  In the village, you step back in time to a turn of the (previous) century to experience and learn about life as it was in the late 1800-early 1900s in the area.  The village features a one-room schoolhouse, log cabin, barn, and a working blacksmith forge which even offers blacksmithing classes!

Local Activities and Restaurants

Though Grove City itself is fairly small, the town has a relatively bustling arts and activities scene.  While we discussed recreational family activities and fun spots in a past blog post, there are plenty of educational, artistic, and more adult-oriented things to do around the city.  


Little Theatre Off Broadway exterior
Image courtesy of Visit Grove City

Directly in Grove City, there are two major theatrical operations: “Dinner. Death. Dessert.” and the Little Theater Off Broadway.  As you may have guessed from its name, “Dinner. Death. Dessert.” is a family owned company that puts on murder mystery dinner theater shows.  They believe that “good friends, good food, and good entertainment make for a great evening, but inevitably, whenever they get people together, someone ends up dead!”  The audience then has the task of playing detective to solve the murder mystery while helping some of the wacky characters involved.  The show can also be booked for private events, such as corporate parties, large groups, and more.

The Little Theatre Off Broadway, by contrast, is a locale where there is decidedly less death.  Well, actually it depends on what production they’re mounting at any time, as the historic theatre mounts six productions per year: two comedy plays, two dramatic plays, and two musicals.  The theatre also brings in tours of productions and occasionally hosts improv classes for locals and groups that are interested, and they like to mention that (like all good theatres), they have a resident ghost.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts
Image courtesy of Anders Ruff

The AR workshop is a unique workshop environment that teaches guests how to make a wide variety of crafts from wall hangings, to wooden signs, canvas pillows, and more.  The venue aims to teach people how to use tools to make small things for themselves and their homes in a fun, creative environment.  There is also the Sommer House, a local gallery that both exhibits and sells art while also serving as a location for events like book signings and more.

View homes for sale in Grove City, OH

To learn more about Grove City and the things to do there, check out “Mixing the Old with the New in Grove City Ohio”

February 10, 2021
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