7 Best Places to Get Your Pup Groomed at in Grove City, Ohio

Fresh cuts and great service for your pets are right down the street from you.

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Jenalee Janes


Jan 21, 2021

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It’s a lot easier than we’d probably all like for it to be for your dog’s hair to become a matted, tangled mess. It grows quickly and it can become difficult to manage in no time. No one wants to be the person trying to hold down their antsy dog while they pick out burs and try to wash the mud out of their pup’s fur. Luckily, though, there are people who do dog grooming as a profession - and Grove City is home to quite a few options for you to choose from.

Here are the 7 best places to get your pup groomed at in Grove City, Ohio:

A long hair and a short hair dog.
Long hair, short hair, something in between? It doesn’t matter at The Dawg Shoppe!

1. The Dawg Shoppe Pet Salon & Spa

If you’re looking for a place where your pooch can be truly pampered, The Dawg Shoppe Pet Salon & Spa is a hometown favorite among the people of Grove City, Ohio. Previously run by just Christina, The Dawg Shoppe eventually outgrew its old space and more recently moved to a new location on Hoover Road, taking on five more groomers to help out with the demand.

Your dogs will feel right at home here, where they treat both you and your fur babies with unparalleled respect. At The Dawg Shoppe, they believe that there is no task that is either too big or two small. Call to see about getting your pupper’s nails cut, about a fresh summer cut to keep them cool, or even just about a bath after a hike through the woods. They can do it all - and as all the reviews point out, your dog will smell amazing!

“They do an awesome job! Everyone that works there is so nice. I have taken 3 dogs there to be groomed. They always look great and are so happy! Highly recommend The Dawg Shoppe! Can't say enough great things about them!” - Facebook Review

2. Four Paws and a Tail

If you love professionalism and high quality service, Four Paws and a Tail is sensitive to all of your - and your dog’s - needs. With three regular groomers with a minimum of five years experience, you can be guaranteed that your pups are in good hands when you bring them here for your grooming needs.

They offer services ranging from walk-in nail trimming, to ear cleaning, to full-coat cuts, to even packages that include all of the above! When you bring your dog in, you can expect that they will love their experience with the groomers, and they’ll smell amazing by the time you pick them up, as well! You can even get your dog’s hair dyed for a fresh look that will help set them apart from all of the other dogs in the neighborhood.

“They remember my dog and know he's anxious when he gets his cut and they are sensitive to that. His cut is beautiful everytime. They really do a great job here!” - Yelp Review
fluffy dog
Your dog can be this fluffy after an appointment at Scruffy to Fluffy.

3. Scruffy to Fluffy

If you’re looking for a place that will treat you (and your dog) just like family, Scruffy to Fluffy is your go-to place. It’s their mission at Scruffy to Fluffy to make the experience of dog groom painless for both you and your pup. In fact, they refer to every single one of the animals that pass through their doors as “VIPs” - Very Important Pets. Your dogs are just as important to the groomers at Scruffy to Fluffy as they are to you.

Along with treating your babies with the utmost care, you can find a variety of services at Scruffy to Fluffy - including, but not limited to, a full groom package, a trim package, a bath package, and even a teeth brushing add-on. Your dog will look better than ever when you finally pick them up from Scruffy and Fluffy - and they’ll probably feel a lot better, too. They’ll even get a blueberry facial with each one of the packages! Now that’s what we call pampering.

“I always take my dog to this place as they are so friendly to me and Levi!  He gets a bath but hates the hand held  dryer so they let him hangout near the floor dryer.  He always looks so nice when he's done!” - Yelp Review

4. Kathy’s Pampered Pets

If you’re looking for a good hometown groomer that can provide your pets with the individual attention they need, Kathy’s Pampered Pets is the next groomer you need to try out for your pupper. Kathy runs a one-woman show, and she’s great at what she does. Because of this, she can only really take in one pup at a time, so make sure you call well in advance of when your dog needs a good grooming session, so she can be sure to fit you in.

Get your babies’ nails trimmed, and their fur cut and styled however you’d like it to look. If the “after” pictures people have posted to their Facebook have anything to say about it, they’ll look adorable. Pets are treated like royalty here, and they might as well be royalty by the end of their appointments with the gorgeous cuts they come out with. Treat your dogs to the kind of pampering that they won’t get anywhere else.

“I appreciate Kathy SO MUCH! She turned my Demi from a fur ball of mess into a “Pampered Pet” I was absolutely stunned with the results !!!” - Facebook Review
a pair of sibling pups
Have a pair of sibling pups? When you go to a place with a whole team of groomers, you don’t have to worry about only getting one haircut at a time.

5. Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay

If you have some very social dogs, Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay is the perfect place to bring them for their next groom. Though it is primarily a place to board your dogs while you’re out of town, they offer grooming services as well - and your dog will be more than happy with all of the attention they’ll get from the grooming staff. Everyone who works at Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay loves dogs, so you can leave yours and know that they’ll be treated well.

Drop them off to get a trim and a bath, and then stop back in to pick them up when you’re ready. Pinnacle is one of the few dog grooming locations in all of Ohio that has been decreed AKC S.A.F.E. - which means you can drop your pets off and know that they are receiving the highest quality of care. It is one of Pinnacle’s core tenets to provide continuous safety and education amongst it’s staff. Your dogs will be well taken care of here.

“I really appreciate the care my dogs receive from the staff at Pinnacle Pets. It is an awesome facility run by people who really care about their clients and the pets who come to visit.” - Facebook Review

6. PetSmart

It might be a national chain, but if you’re looking for quality, reasonably priced grooming services from people who you can trust are going to treat your dogs well, PetSmart is the place to go in Grove City. They’ll accept any dog, and they’ll work alongside you and your pup to make sure that all of your needs are being met by your groomer.

PetSmart is dedicated to giving your pets the kind of attention you want them to receive as your surrogate children. Everyone who chooses to work at PetsMart loves animals, so you know that your groomers will give your pup plenty of attention and pets on top of the grooming that they do for you. Your dogs can get a full cut, a trim or just a good brushing here, on top of a bath. You can also bring them in for regular nail trimming to keep their claws nice and short.

“He is always washed and cut well and his breath smells clean (for a change). I love my puppy and the people here are always so good to him that I feel like they love him too!” - Yelp Review

7. All About the Dogs

If you’re looking for a place where you can either bring your dogs and give them a bath yourself or let someone else do it and give them some nice grooming in the process, All About the Dogs, located in Columbus, is the place to go. They have a self-service bathing area, where you can pay a small fee to use their various soaps and conditioners to give your pups a bath on their own if they’re skittish around other people.

If you’d like to use their full grooming services instead, they come with several options that can always be altered to fit whatever needs you and your dog have for that appointment. Their pricing varies based on breed, size, and state of the coat when you bring your pup in, so there isn’t really any set pricing, but you can call ahead to get a rough estimate. Your dogs will be bathed, receive the cut and style of your choice, and even some toothbrushing! It really is all about the dogs here.

“It is a definite definite Spa experience for my fur babies! Without ever questioning anything that I would do for my two dogs going to All About the Dogs is without a doubt the best decision that I could have made.” - Yelp Review

Gone are the days of trying to wrestle your dog into the bathtub for bath time or having to wait until they’re asleep to start clipping their nails. The trained professionals of the dog grooming world are here for you - and they’re so good at their jobs that you’ll never want to go back to trying it yourself again.

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