Best Restaurants in Grove City, Ohio That You Need to Try Out ASAP

If you’re a local foodie, or looking for your next roadtrip, or a reason to get out of the house, Grove City, OH should be your next stop!

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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

You clicked for a reason, and now we are about to deliver the reason in all it’s delicious foodie glory. If you’re looking for the best takeout or a nice sit down restaurant in Grove City, OH, you’ve come to the right place. As we’re looking at restaurants to fill this list up with, we’re tempted as much as you are to hop in our cars and make a trip to Grove City to check out some of the best food they have to offer, and the best ambiance as well. So let’s get started!

Plank’s on Broadway

A delicious wrap that will have you coming back for more!

4022 Broadway | Grove City |

Located right on Broadway, this local business has been running since 1939, is open to help and serve their community in which they were brought up. After making a change from a hotel-saloon, which was open from 1854 up until the change in 1939, made a huge impact on the community.While you’re here, you are going to want to stay a while, as there are many events that go on, and also a menu that has the best food options around. 

In case you don’t want to dine in, Plank’s on Broadway also offers carry-out. From a kids menu, with traditional stuff such as hot dog’s, grilled cheese, and the like, there is something here for the entire family. There is also a night menu that lists weekly specials.

“Plank's is a prestigious example of a Columbus, Ohio bar that serves food. Plank's is known for having solid pizzas.” - Yelp Review

Grove City Brewing Company

One of Grove City's finest breweries!

3946 Broadway |  Grove City |

Brewing companies are some of the best places to dine out at, or to have an excuse to go for a wine or beer tasting event. There is no way you’ll be able to turn this place down -- even though they do serve alcohol, the Grove City Brewing Company makes it known that they serve their community. 

From tasty menu options to a great open concept restaurant and much more, there is much to be discovered here. The most popular food item on their menu seems to always be cheese curds, and the choice of domestic beers and wines is the talk of the entire evening during your visit.

“Ok, so I've been having too many "good times" so I have been cutting back on all the craft beer. But the yelp recommendation stats for Grove City Brewing got me to give in and have a little indulgence. And I'm so glad that I did. Everything was fantastic!” - Yelp Review

City Barbeque

You will not be disappointed with the food options in Grove City, Ohio!

2261 Stringtown Rd | Powell |

City Barbeque takes pride in their range of menu items. From healthy options to gluten free and many others, the food choices here, along with drink choice, seems to be wide and open. With current events going (COVID-19 pandemic), they have modified and limited their menu choices, but if there are ever any questions, be sure to give them a call. They’re more than happy to answer. 

On their menu, you are able to order a sandwich with or without bread, and if you don’t want pulled pork or beef brisket, there are other choices you can look at to put on your sandwich. If you are having a small get together, they also offer catering services.

“Supporting the locals that support the medical staff. Pulled pork was delicious, moist and the right amount of Smokey flavor.” - Yelp Review

The Garden Bar

If you are a healthy eater, this restaurant is for you!

3989 Broadway | Powell |

Dedicated to vegans and others who enjoy healthy eating or want something nice and cool during the Summer months, this restaurant is for you. The Garden Bar aims to serve healthy and organic substitutes to other places such as fast food restaurants. Whether you are on the go or you want to sit down and take a breather, The Garden Bar has a wide range of assortment at your disposal. 

The one food item we will focus on is their snack pack. It’s perfect if you are out with your kids and want a light snack before dinner, or the college student that’s looking for something reasonably priced. There are two different types of snack boxes. The first set contains a protein box, a fruit and cheese box, and a hummus and veggie box. Their kids box contains a choice between grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, or peanut butter and jelly.

“Nice little gem in downtown Grove City. Cute inside and little patio out front. Great for a quick light lunch. So happy to have finally tried this place.” - Yelp Review

Matt and Tony’s Wood Fired Kitchen

Fine dining at its, well, finest!

525 Short Street | Powell |

If you are looking for the next Italian hotspot, look no further than Matt & Tony’s Wood Fired Kitchen, serving up the best food near Grove City, Ohio. The best thing about Matt and Tony’s is their prime rib. With so many rave reviews, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular entrees on their menu. With a side of delicious broccoli and scalloped potatoes, your mouth will be watering for more the next time you come in.

“Both visits I ordered salads, which are huge and full of great ingredients! I really enjoy the salad with chicken tenders, as well as the Mac and cheese.” - Yelp Review

Siam Hibachi

Delicious hibachi that you will experience only in Grove City!

2257 Stringtown Rd | Powell |

If you’ve never had fusion food, you are sadly missing out on all of the fun you could be having trying Japanese and Thai fused-cuisine. If you are unfamiliar, fusion foods are essentially two cultures that come together to create a new type of cuisine to help suit a person’s taste buds or cravings. Their menu is filled with traditional Thai and Japanese Hibachi dishes. If you are not interested in eating at the restaurant, you are able to order through DoorDash.

“A fast-casual joint, this family owned restaurant is known for their hibachi dishes, but also has several Thai entrees to round out their menu.” - Yelp Review

Local Cantina

If you enjoy tacos as much as us, especially with juicy limes, Local Cantina is for you!

3937 Broadway Unit A | Powell |

Mexican cuisine is a go-to for a lot of people. And of course, we have to add Mexican food onto this list because it’s the best food ever. From the guacamole and chips to the tacos, there are way too many good choices here to order at Local Cantina. If you do happen to order take out, don’t forget to order a margarita to go.

“When we first moved to Ohio we were looking for a good taco place to go to. This is definitely a place that we go to every Tuesday for two dollar tacos. We are never disappointed.” - Yelp Review

3 Brothers Diner Mexican-American-Cuban Fusion

A delicious food fusion that we can get on board with!

3098 Southwest Blvd | Powell |

Originating from Oaxaca, Mexico, three brothers grew up cooking with their mother - one amazing delicacy growing up - and dreamed of opening their own restaurant. After venturing out on their own into the United States and settling here at some point, they first began cooking for other restaurants; fine dining and casual were their specialty for a while until they came together one day in 2017 and together opened “3 Brothers Diner”. Since then, they have been making dishes that are like home to them, and to also give their guests a taste of their cultural background. Such a sweet story topped with breathtaking dishes.

They fuse American, Cuban, and Mexican cultures together to create their own original cuisine. If you consider coming in or ordering breakfast from the comfort of your house, we recommend trying the Three Brother’s Omelet. Considered one of the most popular items on the menu, after one bite, you won’t be turning back. Stuffed with ham, bacon, fried plantains, and a few other ingredients, and topped with smoked chili sauce and sour cream to get your taste buds dancing with joy over the new sensation that you’ve put in your mouth.

If lunch or dinner is a better time, we recommend trying out these favorites: either the Jambalaya or the Ropa Vieja. Jambalaya comes with many favorites, especially garlic and cajun season. The Ropa Vieja includes shredded beef brisket, sauteed onions, among other ingredients, and is tossed with smoked chili sauce. Trust us, you want to try these dishes.

“The food is always delicious. I am not a spicy food eater, so I tend to stick with things like the Deluxe Burger or Pelo de Angel (now labeled Angel Hair Pasta, which are both fantastic.”- Yelp Review

Dragon Donuts

Donuts make the best dessert, especially here at Dragon Donuts!

2806 London Groveport Rd |  Powell |

Although the name of this business began as a joke, it has since been born into a local donut shop where they work with those who have had a troubled past and help them develop into their better selves. With one other location, Dragon Donuts has been thriving with its name and creative donuts, and we can see why.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or have a craving for a custom-made donut, you ought to give Dragon Donuts a try, we sure have and we cannot stop raving about its beautiful texture and the delicious icing.

“For a donut place...this was a five star experience!  Delicious, warm, lots of toppings.  This place definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. Love that it is local ownership and we had a great experience from start to finish.” - Yelp Review

Memories Food & Spirits

A bar and grill providing the best American food around Grove City!

3539 Broadway | Grove City |

Sometimes there is just nothing better than some amazing American food and a couple beers or cocktails to go along with it. If this is what you’re craving, then you need to try out Memories Food & Spirits right away! This is an amazing restaurant that has everything you need when it comes to classic American favorites, along with some of the best beer and cocktails to pair along with it!

If you need some tasty traditional American food right away, then make sure to check out Memories Food & Spirits right away! They offer everything from French onion soup, pretzel club sandwiches, Italian subs, buffalo chicken sandwiches, deep fried mushrooms, grilled chicken sandwiches, a pizza sub, and lots more. Don’t miss out on Memories Food & Spirits in Grove City, Ohio today!

“I'm never disappointed in Memories.  The atmosphere, staff, food and owners are amazing. I look forward to the soup of the day, their daily lunch and dinner specials!” - Yelp Review 


Come get the best chicken wings in Grove City, Ohio!

1650 Stringtown Road | Grove City |

There is truly nothing better to try out while you’re in Grove City than Roosters, where they serve up some of the best chicken wings in the area! They are also known for serving the best American comfort food around in a family-friendly environment that both you and your family will enjoy for a relaxing night out.

At Roosters, you need to try out their boneless wings with lots of different flavors to choose from, BBQ chicken pizza, buffalo chicken wraps, wedge salads, mini corn dogs, and so much more. Make sure to stop by Roosters as soon as you can for some of the best chicken wings in all of Ohio right in Grove City!

“Everything I ordered (wings, fried pickles, cinnamon poppers) had good flavor and was cooked well. The customer service was friendly.” - Yelp Review 

No matter where it is you choose to eat, we hope that you consider one of these fine choices that we of course highly recommend. While you are checking out the food options around Grove City, OH, be sure to check out the real estate market so you can visit your favorite restaurant more than just once. HER Realty has the best listings in and around the Grove City, Ohio area. If you are in the area now looking at homes, be sure to order carry out or make a reservation. Trust us, you’ll want to come back again.

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