5 Best Hair Salons in Grove City, Ohio to Visit for Your New 'Do

Is your mane simply out of control? Get it cut to perfection at these locations in Grove City, Ohio!

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Grove City
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4183 Parkway Centre Drive Grove City, Ohio 43123
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Genna Edwards


Jan 21, 2021

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Need a new cut, color, or style? Sick of your limp locks and searching for a Hair God to breathe some life into your strands? Head on down to Grove Ohio and skip the Great Clips- go for a locally-owned and operated salon, which are coincidentally some of the best in the city!

Whether you’re the victim of a bad bargain haircut or simply on the market for a new look, hair salons in Grove City have you covered. Looking for a new color, or want to try highlights? An eyebrow wax to match your new haircut, or a perm? Maybe even shave it all off, or fix a terrible bowl cut? Not to fear- these spots in Grove City can do all that and more, with acclaimed stylists and happy customers singing their praises year-round. Call in to schedule an appointment, or drop by during slower hours for your new ‘do! You won’t regret it.

Grove City’s 5 Best Hair Salons- Give These Places a Try!

  • Salon Lofts Grove City
  • Aqua Hair Salon and Spa
  • Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas
  • J Anthony’s Salon and Spa
  • Total Platinum Salon
hair salon

Salon Lofts Grove City is your typical salon with atypical value- their value exceeds their prices, with customers praising their fabulous stylists and staff. Consider stopping here for your next color treatment- rainbow dreadlocks, anyone?

Salon Lofts Grove City

A grab bag of services for any budget- great coloring too!

On their website or simply by searching their name online, you’ll find lots of pictures of wild and wacky color jobs. From purple to green, gray cover-ups to blonde highlights, the crew working at Salon Lofts in Grove City knows what they’re doing. Customers praise them for cleanliness, professionalism, quality, and value. Every stylist does a great job and are at the top of their game, customers tend to go back to the same stylist every time.

Their interior isn’t like regular open air salons. Each stylist has their own little private loft section that they take you into while they do your hair. It can feel like you’re the only one in the whole building- talk about customer service. Here you are the King- or Queen- of your locks!

They’re open from eight a.m. to eight p.m. every day, all week. Seasonal and holiday times may differ.

man getting his hair combed

Salons and spas aren’t just for the ladies- treat your favorite man in your life to a great cut and an even greater facial. He might not understand the face-care appeal at first but trust us, the way he’ll feel after will turn him into a spa fan for life.

Aqua Hair Salon and Spa

Get a trim and a facial treatment all in one!

As the name implies, Aqua Hair is more than just a hair salon- it’s also a spa. The two-in-one salon offers everything under the sun for all your beauty needs. A huge variety of hair cuts, colors, treatments, and the like, along with a vast array of spa treatments. Get a massage, an eyebrow wax, a facial treatment, and then schedule a haircut right after. Or vice versa. You’ll feel shiny and new in no time.

Customers love Aqua Hair Salon and Spa for their consistent quality and reasonable prices. Regulars come back time and time again to their trusted stylists. They do special occasion hair and makeup as well, with bridal parties loving the place for their pre-wedding hair.

The Aqua Hair Salon and Spa is open every day except Sunday and Monday. Hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are ten a.m. to eight p.m., with Saturday hours being eight thirty a.m. to five p.m.

woman with hair curlers in

Kenneth’s Salons and Spas are all over the state of Ohio, and for good reason- the company and its employees and stylists are known for consistent quality and care. Need a trim, new highlights, or an updo for a special day? Try out Kenneth’s in Grove City- or any of their locations across Ohio.

Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas

Top-notch quality at prices you’ll love

Located in the Parkway Centre-North Shopping Center, Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas are a huge hit among customers. Regulars come back time and time again for consistent quality and stylists that are patient and great at experimenting with new styles. If you’ve been thinking about getting a mohawk for a while now, perhaps this is the place to try it!

Stylists are known for giving great trims and treatments, and providing customers with helpful tips and styling tricks, pointing them towards the right products to keep their hair happy and healthy. Kenneth’s Salons are all over Ohio, with locations in New Albany, Worthington, Polaris, and Powell, to name a few. Their reputation of excellence precedes them, allowing them to have so many salons across the state.

Kenneth’s does more than hair, as well- stop in for a manicure or pedicure, or splurge on one of their relaxing spa treatments. You deserve it!

woman getting her hair curled

Whatever you’re in the mood for, or if your chin needs a good waxing, J Anthony’s Salon and Spa has got you covered. With a variety of services and skills under their belt, the J Anthony’s team knows how to turn a bad haircut into the best hairdo you’ve ever had in your life.

J Anthony’s Salon and Spa

Hair, skin, and nails under one roof

J Anthony’s Salon and Spa excels at hair, skin, nails, and atmosphere. Known by locals and customers as a relaxing salon if there ever was one, J Anthony’s is friendly and welcoming no matter your beauty needs. Locally owned, the salon is right off I-71 South and has been open and serving Grove City locals and beyond since the summer of 2014.

J Anthony’s is open Monday through Saturday, closed on Sundays. Schedule online or via phone. The salon also accepts walk-ins and if they can’t accommodate you at that date and time, they will schedule you for the next available date.

They do regular trims, haircuts, and colors, and also have a variety of special coloring services. Balayage, ombre, color melting, and color correction are priced upon consultation. They also offer texture treatments like permanent waves and perms. Updos and other one-day hairdos are offered as well for low prices.

J Anthony’s offers eyebrow, lip, and chin waxing, as well as airbrush makeup services. They also- wait for it- do nails! Whether you want a manicure, pedicure, gel nails, or a full set, J Anthony’s Salon and Spa has you covered.

hair styling tools

With homey insides and stylists determined to make you feel as comfortable as possible, Total Platinum Salon is more than just a place to receive the haircut of your life- it’s also a great place to treat yourself to a spa treatment and relax. Lean on back in your chair and let their experts get to work bringing out how beautiful you are!

Total Platinum Salon

An adorable salon in a great area- with even better stylists

Total Platinum Salon is a five star place to get your hair done. Don’t ask us- ask their customers! Total Platinum is known for excellent prices, top-notch service, and an easy to get to location. Customers praise Total Platinum for their lovely and talented staff that make everyone feel at home. Locals come back here year after year for the same cuts and styles, and also to try new looks.

The salon’s outsides are adorable for sure- you can’t miss the dainty building nestled in the street- but its insides are even cuter. A great place to get a spa treatment and relax, Total Platinum Salon wants you to feel as comfortable as possible within their walls. Their stylists are known for great know-how, coming from some of the best beauty schools in the state and country, but also for their ability to forge lasting bonds with local customers who will come back again and again.

Total Platinum is a full service salon, meaning they offer a variety of cuts, colorings, wax services, and products for all your hair and skincare needs. They also do special occasion updos and one-day hair stylings. Located on Broadway street smack dab in the middle of historic Grove City, Total Platinum Salon is the place to try for your next cut, color, or wax.

Whatever your beauty needs, Grove City is at your beck and call. The next time you need a wash, cut, trim, or complete style makeover, skip the bargain outlet hair salons. Head over to one of these locally-owned and loved places, salons and spas that create happy customers and keep them coming back. Support local business and support your hair’s health and beauty at the same time- it’s a true win-win. Grove City knows hair, and it’s here to give you your best ‘do yet.

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