5 Events To Look Forward to in Grove City Ohio

Grove City’s got amazing weather during the summer, and a lineup of festivals and events that you won’t want to miss out.

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Albert Wunsch


Jan 21, 2021

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Grove City Summer

Ohio remains one of the choice destinations for people all around the world to enjoy their summer holidays. These holidays deliver the right dose of excitement when you find yourself in a location where interesting and engaging activities are lined up. If you need a suggestion for an amazing summer holiday location, I suggest Grove City, Ohio.

View homes for sale in Grove City, OH

Why? Grove City’s got amazing weather during the summer, and a lineup of festivals and events that you won’t want to miss out.

If you're looking to relocate, check out some available listings in Grove City. If you're just looking for fun stuff to do, here are the top 5 events you should look forward to this summer in Grove City!

grove city farmers market
Fresh produce from local Grove City Farmers

The Grove City Farmers Market

This event is organized by the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce, and runs every Saturday in from 8am to noon. There, you will find fresh farm produce and a variety of already canned homemade goods available for sale.

The Summer Sizzle Concert Series

During Summer, the sizzle concert is open to all every Friday evenings. The music is superb, and there are amazing delicacies to accompany from local eateries in the Grove City town center.

grove city wine festival
Enjoy amazing wine, food & entertainment at the Wine Festival

Grove City Wine & Arts Festival

This festival delivers arts and wines as a unique blend and this blend is matchless across the world. the grove city wine and arts festival boasts Ohio’s finest wines and affords art vendors and enthusiast an opportunity to enjoy good food and live entertainment of all sorts for two days in the month of June.

ecofest at grove city
Go green in Grove City


On August 19th this year, there will be an opportunity to celebrate green and healthy living at the Grove City Town Center. Everyone around the world is trying to key into going green and enjoying a clean slate of health. ECOFEST is not just a festival, but an opportunity for more information, demonstrations and workshops are put in place to shine more light on clean natural living, at no cost for both visitors and residents. One outstanding feature of the event, is the live entertainment on display.

arts in the alley grove city
Beautiful arts and crafts at Grove City's Arts in the Alley

Arts in the Alley

This year, the 38th annual Arts in the Alley Music and Arts Festival will commence from September 16th – 17th, and will feature over 100 exhibitors. As it is common with the Arts in the Alley festival, great musical entertainment will accompany the exquisite display of fine art, jewelry, pottery, crafts etc. events will kick off with a street parade.

The common feature for all events that happen in Grove City, Ohio every summer, is the amazing musical entertainment. For visitors, these unique musical experience always stays with them even after they leave.

Some other notable events include the Heritage concert, the annual Bourbon tasting, and the fryer flicks on the Hill movie Series.

For an unbeatable, yet memorable summer experience, your surest destination still remains Grove City in Ohio. the food is amazing, the weather even better, and the culture is surely one to rub off positively on you. You have my best assurances.

View homes for sale in Grove City, OH

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May 12, 2017
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