Living in 43085: Worthington Is one of the Hottest Zip Codes of 2018

4 Reasons Why the 43085 is the next 90210

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Rachel Lombardo


Jan 21, 2021

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In’s annual Hottest Zip Codes, 43085 - the charming town of Worthington, Ohio - snagged a top-ten spot. What makes this Columbus suburb so desirable? Local experts HER, REALTORS® break it down for you:

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Location, Location, Location!

Just minutes from Columbus, the 43085 is where you want to be.

bird's eye view of Columbus and the Scioto River
Photo Courtesy of Columbus Living Blog

Located just 12 miles north of Ohio’s largest metropolitan area, it comes as no surprise that 43085 is one of the hottest areas for home buyers. With a variety of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies calling Columbus home, Worthington is a desirable, affluent neighborhood for those looking to balance big-city-bustle with the charm of a small suburban town.

In addition to the growing industry in Columbus, Millenials are swarming to Worthington and its neighboring suburbs for the vibrant cultural and food scene just a few miles south. Columbus is home to a rapidly-growing farm-to-table movement that has garnered attention from top-ranked chefs and critics alike. For those looking to quench their thirst, Columbus is home to dozens of breweries and wineries, all featuring unique flare and flavors for the connoisseur in you.

Beautiful, Affordable Homes

You want custom charm in a booming housing market? Look no further.

worthington, ohio street
Photo Courtesy of Worthington

With a median home price just under $300,000, home buyers - both new and old - are swarming to 43085. Homes in Worthington average just 25 days on the market and sell more than 60% faster than the national average. Boasting high-ranking schools like Evening Street Elementary, Phoenix Middle School, and Ohio State University in its backyard, homes in Worthington are an excellent investment for your future - both financial and educational.

But don’t let the numbers alone make up your decision. Homes in Worthington are overflowing with beauty and charm in a picturesque suburban setting. If you can’t resist brick-paved sidewalks, tree-lined streets, and a friendly town square, you’ve found the right zip code for you. Don’t be surprised at how quickly these elegant colonial-style and custom craftsman homes are being snagged, though. With the help of HER, REALTORS® - your Worthington, Ohio experts - you can find the perfect place to plant your roots in this hot and homey location.

Job Growth and Opportunity

Take your next professional step in an area leaps and bounds ahead the U.S. average.

realtor shaking hands with clients
Photo Courtesy of Video Blocks

Photo Courtesy of Video Blocks

If you aren’t in love with the 43085 already, allow us to introduce you to the land of opportunity. The growing Columbus metropolitan area attracts young professionals and businesses from a variety of industries to Worthington’s backyard. Worthington’s growing commerce surpasses the national average job growth at 2.0%. Additionally, the area’s unemployment rate is merely 3.6% (thirty base points below the U.S. average). This promising professional growth is a must-have for young professionals looking to plant their roots.

Worthington residents are in good company, too. Average household income across’s top-ten zip codes are 50% more than the national average, and the 43085 is no exception. These impressive statistics show no sign of Worthington slowing down, either; Franklin county is expected to add 13,500 jobs this year, and you may be just the candidate they’re looking for.

Small Town Vibes, Big City Fun

History, Cultural, and Community turn Strangers into Neighbors

People Having Wine In A Restaurant

We can’t let Columbus have all the glory, of course. Worthington’s small-town charm will make you feel right at home. This close-knit community is jam-packed with history, culture, and friendly faces around every sidewalk corner. For the historian in you, Worthington is home to the Ohio Railway Museum - one of the oldest roadway museums in America. Let out your creative side with the McConnell Arts Center or the Candle Lab. Enjoy your evenings sipping fine wines to live music at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza.

Does your perfect weekend include picking out locally-grown produce and artisan cheeses from over 70 vendors every Saturday at the largest farmer’s market in Central Ohio? How about shopping at trendy boutiques, sampling treats at local bakeries, or zip-lining through tree top canopies? Get involved in your community by volunteering with the Old Worthington Partnership and its many events throughout the year designed to better your community and the surrounding areas. With opportunity and adventure wrapped in a community in the heart of Ohio, you’ll be blown away by all that the 43085 has to offer.

View homes for sale in Worthington, OH

The 43085’s vibrant and rapidly-growing population of young professionals and families mixed with a booming housing market makes it the perfect place to begin your home search in the Columbus area. But don’t go at it on your own. Contact HER, REALTORS® to find your future home with the most professional and knowledgeable agents in the Ohio market.

The art scene in Worthington is notable and you can sign up for fun events like art parties
Photo courtesy of Experience Worthington

October 15, 2018
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