Moving to Worthington, OH? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Worthington is home to a thriving culture that embraces its history, has a great school system, and shares a very close proximity to Ohio’s capital

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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Ohio.

Worthington is located right next to Ohio’s capital city of Columbus. Moving here is a great choice if you are planning on commuting a lot into Columbus, as getting in and out of the city from Worthington is a very easy and quick drive, while you can also take advantage of the smaller scope of Worthington. Living in Columbus can be a lot between its hustle and bustle, the living cost, and big-city feeling. 

Worthington delivers a much smaller-town environment while keeping a strong culture and community. Their historic district, as of 2010, is officially recognized on the National Register of Historic Places to help the suburb preserve and honor its roots. Whether you are planning on moving to Worthington or just visiting, there is much to explore in this suburb!

Here’s what you should know about moving to Worthington:

  • History of Worthington
  • Facts and figures about Worthington
  • Local favorite things to do in Worthington
  • And more!
A guided tour around Worthington's historical district
Worthington’s Historic District is full of beautiful houses that capture and honor Worthington’s history. Image courtesy of Experience Worthington

History of Worthington

Before Moving to Worthington, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Worthington, Ohio got its name after one of Ohio’s first senators named Thomas Worthington. In 1802, a group of settlers founded the Scioto Company in order to find land for a settlement in Ohio County. Later that year, they settled on sixteen thousand acres along the Olentangy River. After a year of preparing the land to be divided into a New England type of village with 164 lots around a central public green area. They sold them to the very first settlers of Worthington, Ohio. 

The town of Worthington grew slowly in the first half of the 19th century. In the decade after the land was settled, they built a post office, a church, an academy, and a newspaper and manufacturing company with the help of the first settlers. By 1830 the census recorded 910 people living in Worthington, which helped them officially become a village in 1835. 

Worthington grew peacefully until the electric street railway connected it to Columbus in 1893. Cars ran every half hour to and from the state’s capital. Once connected, Ohio residents flocked to this new suburb of Columbus where they could live in the smaller town while commuting daily to Columbus to shop or work. The population of Worthington grew exponentially in the second half of the 20th century, going from around 2,000 in 1950 to over 15,000 in 1970. During these two decades, Worthington annexed surrounding land, created new subdivisions within itself, and added many new schools. 

A bustling Market Day in Worthington, Ohio
Worthington’s Market Day is a yearly day-long festival to capture the spirit of old and new Worthington Traditions. You don’t want to miss it! Image courtesy of Ohio Arts Council.

Worthington by the Numbers

Learn About Worthington’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Worthington’s Population

Worthington is home to 14,760 residents. The median age is 42, which is a little higher than the US average of 37.4. There are around 2.4 people per Worthington household, a little lower than the US average of 2.6. 

Worthington’s Demographics

In Worthington, 91.9 percent of the population are White, 1 percent are Black, 2 percent are Asian, 2.8 percent are Hispanic, and 2.2 percent are two or more races. 

The median cost of a home in Worthington is $385,900. 20.7 percent of residents rent their living space in Upper Arlington. Due to its proximity to Columbus, many residents commute to the capital from this town. 

Worthington’s Schooling

Worthington City School District is a large district with 18 schools. Worthington School District serves the residents in the city of Worthington as well as portions of Perry Township, Sharon Township, and even parts of the City of Columbus.

The US News ranked the Worthington Kilbourne High School 3,405 out of almost 18,000 schools nationally, and 117 out of almost 700 schools in the state of Ohio.

Things to do in Worthington

Worthington’s proximity to Columbus gives you the option to explore the big city and its surrounding areas with ease. That being said, there is plenty to do in Worthington as well! One great activity is to go to the Penn and Beech Candle Company and make your own candle. This is fun for the whole family and lets everyone share a unique experience great for any time of year. 

When you are in Worthington make sure to check out the local farmer’s markets. Worthington used to be a place where farmers from all around brought their produce, and that spirit has not diminished over the years. Farmer’s markets in Worthington are full of boutique shops, jewelry, fresh produce, and delicious foods from all manner of small businesses in the area. You will not be disappointed walking through their farmer’s market!

Get to Know Worthington Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Worthington

Worthington has loads to do within and around the city. Worthington is adjacent to Columbus, so a 15 minute drive will bring you to all of the food, shopping, and activities in Columbus. Inside Worthington’s limits there is much to do around the city. Although Worthington is really close to Columbus they have developed their own culture and remain a proud suburb of Ohio’s capital. 

Worthington is an incredible, walkable city with historical buildings around the corner, plenty of green, and a lot to explore. Within a 30-minute drive you can head into the capital or outside to a large, beautiful park. If you are planning to move to Worthington, here are a few examples of what it has to offer!

Penn and Beech Candle Company

Head to Penn and Beech for Worthington’s finest candles — and make one yourself!

646 High Street | Worthington |

Penn and Beech is a boutique candle store located in Worthington, Ohio that lets you experience the candle-making process yourself. This is the perfect spot for a date night, a friend’s night, or a place to bring your family when they visit. Candle-making is a fun and affordable activity for all ages. The cost to create your own candle starts at $22 and lets you design a blend of up to three premium oils of the 100 in-store options. 

Having to choose two or three scents from over 100 sounds intimidating, but don’t worry! The Penn and Beech staff are personable and willing to help you decide what to blend together in your custom fragrance. The candles do take two hours to cure after you pour it, but there is plenty to explore around Penn and Beech! You can either stay in and enjoy a beverage, do some shopping, or stop in for a bite at one of the many excellent dining locations in Worthington. Candle-making is an amazing experience and a must for new Worthington residents! 

“I loved this when it was The Candle Lab and still love it to this day. It is affordable for what all is included and this is the perfect unique experience to have with friends! Everyone can customize their own candle and then you can take it home after about 2 hours. You can't go wrong with the scents as just about all of them smell amazing!” -- Yelp Review

House Wine

Grab a bottle you know you’ll love at House Wine in Worthinton

644 High Street | Worthington |

House Wine is the place to be for all of your wine-related desires. They are much more than a wine store, focusing on making sure you leave with the bottle that best fits the occasion. If you have any questions the self-proclaimed wine geeks will help you find your bottle. They have hundreds of different labels stocked and classified on their own system to separate by variety and what foods they pair with. 

House Wine also cultivates a comfortable environment to relax and enjoy one of the many wines they have on their menu or bring one of your own. They serve snacks and encourage you to bring your own food if you want to enjoy a meal in a relaxing and comfortable environment. If they are not busy, their staff is happy to answer all of your wine-related questions whether you are a wine amateur or a true sommelier. 

“Omg! What a gem. I came here for happy hour for a friend’s bday!! First of all, it wasn't crowded and they have literally a wine dispenser. Think like going for refills of a soda...but it's wine!!! Yes. It's like the best adult play date ever. The pours are very well priced, I had 3 glasses and it was only $7.” -- Yelp Review

The Whitney House

Enjoy a fine meal at Worthington’s Finest Dining Location

666 High Street | Worthington |

The Whitney House is located in downtown Worthington and proudly serves refined American comfort food. They pride themselves on using fresh, local ingredients and making their foods from scratch. The mission of the Whitney House is to emulate the days of Sunday dinners where family, friends, and neighbors would gather into the parlor to sit, relax, and enjoy a meal together. 

Their menu is full of delicious meals, like gnocchi and acorn squash alfredo, seared pacific halibut, brined and roasted chicken, and much more! They also have a healthy selection of appetizers and desserts to leave you feeling happy, full, and content. Alongside their dinner menu is a full drink menu with specialty cocktails, wine, and beer. 

“We came here for a date night and thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the ambiance. We started with the baked ciabatta and it was just enough to feed 4 so we ordered the shrimp toast which was to die for. Topped with butter cheese sauce and shrimp, this is comfort food at its best.” -- Yelp Review

Inniswood Metro Gardens

Take a walk though one of Ohio’s beautiful parks just 15 minutes outside of Worthington

940 South Hempstead Road | Westerville |

Inniswood Metro Gardens is a 123 acre green space located just outside of Worthington. This beautiful space is full of trails, rivers, landscaping, and waterfalls. These gardens are maintained with great care to keep them beautiful and make every time you visit relaxing and pleasant. On a walk through this park you will find a lot of information about the many plants you see on your travels. 

This park is perfect for repeat visits. There are plenty of trails and different gardens to walk though, and a place like this is great for a change of pace from the town of Worthington. These gardens preserve the town’s history. They were once an estate of Grace and Mary Innis, who cultivated it to enjoy wildlife and gardening. They wanted to preserve their lands for the enjoyment of everyone, so they donated their home and property to Franklin County Metro Parks in 1972. Since then, Franklin County has carried out their dream of keeping their beautiful parks open to the public. 

“I was trying to explore some of the parks near me, and I finally got chance to visit this park. They had some small trails for walking. It was very relaxing and beautiful! I enjoyed their herb garden a lot and learned so much interesting facts about different kinds of herbs. Highly recommend this place!” -- Yelp Review

Histroic Worthington Inn at night
Worthington, Ohio is a town full of beautiful architecture and places to visit! Image courtesy of Columbus Neighborhoods.

What do you think of Worthington, Ohio? Let us know in the comments!

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