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Jan 21, 2021

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Header Image Courtesy of Worthington

View homes for sale in Worthington, OH

Worthington is a part of Ohio that leaves visitors speechless in its beauty. Not only is there so much to do around town, but most of it includes great scenery and even good eats! Check out this list of ways to enjoy Worthington, Ohio is the most beautiful way possible.

Franklin Park Conservatory

Image Courtesy of Columbus Makes Art

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a great place for families, friends, and anyone else to take in the beautiful flowers. This conservatory is inspired by horticulture, or the study of garden management, and looks to create an educational and social environment. Located in Franklin Park and taking up two parts of the 88 acre park, the conservatory makes up for about 40 acres of that. The visitor experiences a wide range of views including botanical biomes, abundant gardens, art exhibits, and more!

Community Day in Worthington

Along with all of this, there is a collection of glass works by Dale Chihuly on display for all to see. Depending on the time of year you decide to check the conservatory out, there are seasonal exhibits each year. Thinking of hosting a special event or corporate event? The indoor and outdoor sections of the Franklin Park Conservatory are perfect for a beautiful event space.

Mapfre Stadium

Mapfre Stadium Worthington, Ohio
Image Courtesy of Major League Soccer

Mapfre Stadium is home to the Columbus Crew, the city’s Major League Soccer team. This stadium was the first ever soccer specific stadium created for the MLS, which opened in 1999. Soccer fans are known to be rowdy and Crew fans do not disappoint. The Hudson Street Hooligans is one of the three largest Columbus Crew supporter groups, created after there had been a fall of support in 2006. In 2011, the group rounded out to about 780 group members. Not only is this a great place to check out an MLS game, but numerous concerts are hosted here.

Park of Roses

Pink Roses Flower
Image Courtesy of  Park of Roses

One of Ohio’s most renowned parks, the Park of Roses is very unique. A 13 acre park that includes 11,000 roses and range in 350 different types. Created in 1953, taking a trip to this park during the Rose Festival became a tradition for many. The rose park is not the only attraction here, others include the Main Rose Garden, the Heritage Garden, Earth-Kind Rose Garden, Herb Garden, and the Perennial Garden. Not just a great spot in Ohio, but voted one of USA Today’s 10 Places to Admire the Bloom on the Rose. Admission is free for all and the best time to see the roses in full bloom is mid-June through mid-September.

Smiling Family

Worthington Farmers Market

Farmers Market
Image Courtesy of  Local Harvest

There was no plan to make the Worthington Farmers Market as big as it became. In 1987, this market first was a PhD dissertation project for two woman studying Sustainable Agriculture at The Ohio State University. Now, it is a tradition for the town of Worthington.

Little baby

The market is open year round, in months May through October it is outside and November through April it is held indoors. Vendors include those farming fresh produce, raising chickens for fresh poultry, and everything in between.


COSI, or the Center of Science and Industry, is a place to learn and have fun with kids and adults! COSI was created to educate all ages about the our environment, our accomplishments, and our heritage. Opening first in 1964, then being moved to a larger location in 1999, COSI is one of the largest modern-built science centers in all of the United States.

Smiling guys at COSI

The center has also partnered up with others including The Ohio State University Labs in Life, which opened research laboratories. Parent Magazine named COSI the #1 science center of America in 2006, making a great place to bring your kids. This is the perfect place to keep the children educated while having fun in one of the best facilities around!

Antrim Park

With 120 acres of land and being surrounded by a lake, the Antrim Park is a great place to take a break from your busy life. No boats or swimming allowed in the lake makes it a peaceful place for other activities like hiking, running, or biking. Fishing is permitted as the lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout once a year. There are also many facilities including soccer fields, football fields, rugby fields, a basketball court, tennis court, and a playground.

Rush Creek Village

Image Courtesy of Worthington Historical Society

A interesting way to get a taste of Worthington would be to take a tour through the Rush Creek Village. Each home is designed for the lifestyle of every homeowner, but never compromising the architectural integrity of the designer. Frank Lloyd Wright was the main inspiration to this community. The construction of the first house started in 1956 by designer Theodore van Fossen, who was the mastermind behind all of Rush Creek Village.

Morning Christmas

All of the design falls under “organic architecture,” which means all houses take shape from the natural land around them. This makes it look like the house was part of the landscape.

View homes for sale in Worthington, OH

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