5 Best Breweries in Worthington, OH

No need to drive farther than 20 minutes to reach the 5 best breweries in Worthington, OH.

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681 High Street Worthington, Ohio 43085
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Sam O'Connor


Jan 21, 2021

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No need to drive farther than 20 minutes to reach the 5 best breweries in Worthington, OH.

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Brews for You

Whether it’s in the burning heat of the summer, or a crisp day in the fall, nothing beats pouring out a cold one. Give your six pack a rest (both of them) by indulging in some of the finest craft beers available. Welcome to Worthington, OH, a northern suburb of the great city of Columbus. Here you can find the best breweries town, all within 20 minutes of each other. You may not have to go far, but you will stay long. You can check out other places that might be worth an extended stay here.

Zaftig Brewery

Zaftig Brewing Co. should be the first place on your list. This industrial style brewery gives off relaxed, cool vibes that is perfect for hanging out or a happy hour. Sip slowly, their beer is all extremely high in alcohol content. That’s right, the delicious brews available are all bragging a high ABV, ranging between 7% and 10%. Not a fan of beer? The bartenders can whip you a concoction that will make you think you’ve been “doing beer” wrong your whole life. Other bonuses of Zaftig include their stash of board games and the food truck that you can catch in their parking lot.
Recommended drink: Juicy Lucy


Ill Mannered Brewing Co.

Carry little as you head to this microbrewery. Ill Mannered Brewing Co. is a tiny brewery that draws big crowds Friday and Saturday nights. They offer a solid lineup of five or so beers (subject to vary) with various levels of sharpness and hoppiness. Their friendly and helpful staff has also drawn much popularity. Food is not served but is allowed to be brought in. Much is in store for Ill Mannered Brewing Co., we believe this place has a lot of potential to be a booming business one day. Support small breweries and make this your place!
Recommended drink: Smooth Jazz


Uptown Deli & Brew (Temperance Row Brewing)

Temperance Row Brewing Co. is a brewery located inside the popular deli, Uptown Deli & Brew, in Westerville, OH. Unlike our previous recommendations, this brewery is unique because it is paired with a food option. Uptown Deli serves delicious salads, smoked sandwiches, and even appetizers if you want a small snack. In the back is the Temperance Row brewery which hosts a beautiful patio to enjoy a drink on warm nights. This crew are considered local craft beer aficionados, and most customers get the flight to experience all the beer at once. Fun fact: Westerville was once the capital of prohibition, and our recommended drink is named after it.
Recommended drink: Prohibition Pilsner


Lineage Brewing

This next brewery is one you won’t want to miss, but might! Lineage Brewing Co. is held up in a strip mall next to a Valvoline, so you might just walk right by it. Make sure that you don’t, because you’ll be missing out on another amazing local brewery near Worthington, OH. Squeeze inside and you’ll find it difficult to decide which beer to order. Everything is great here, so most cave in and get a flight to combat their indecisiveness (10 beers for about $15 is a steal). There is also a handful of food options in case you get hungry. Delicious beer, free wifi, and a few food items on the menu. What’s not to love?
Recommended drink: Spaceship

Flight of beer

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Last but certainly not least is BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. This place started as a pizza joint years ago, but now acts as a restaurant and brewery. If you’re looking for a sit down meal with your craft beer, this is your place. They have apps, lunch, entrees, dessert, and their specialty, pizza. As for the drinks, they offer 11 signature craft beers to pair with your meal. They also filter through 10 seasonal beers to change the lineup. High quality beer and high quality food make a great pair!
Recommended drink: Brewhouse Blonde


Whether you’re enjoying some good ol’ fashion “me” time, or hanging out with friends and family, there is much to do in Worthington, OH. If you’re interested, we have some other places you might like staying in as well!

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August 8, 2017
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