Why You’ll Feel So Alive In 43235

This Columbus neighborhood is brimming with personality

downtown columbus


Michael Calhoun


Jan 21, 2021

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With the advent of miraculous technology like the internet and cell phones, we can know everything we ever wondered about the surface of the moon, or what it’s like to live in France or London, but sometimes we don’t even know what it’s like to live somewhere as close to home as Columbus, Ohio. Let us fill in that gap for you and let you know why this area of OH, in the zip code of 43235, is such an overlooked area for consideration. From fabulous restaurants to breathtaking homes, there is a litany of reasons why you would want to consider taking a trip to this fabulous part of our country, or possibly even relocate there in the future. Join us for an insider’s scoop on 43235, a zip code that we love from the bottom of our hearts.

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Why 43235 Is A Delight

  • Restaurants And Entertainment
  • Fabulous Houses
  • Amazing Schools

Get Dinner And A Show

Sit back and let yourself be pampered by fine wine and spectacular movies

A great way to gauge a place’s quality of living is to look at the kind of recreational activities available to you. Is the place as boring as watching paint dry, or is it crackling with energy in the form of lively shows and outrageous events? Lucky for you, the 43235 area can be considered to exist in the latter category. Here we want to highlight some of the scintillating culinary experiences to be had if you’re hungry for a night filled with more than just the standard fare.

Our Restaurant Picks

  • The Wine Bistro
  • Refectory
  • J. Gilbert’s Wood Fired Steaks And Seafood

The Wine Bistro

the wine bistro interior
Image courtesy of 614 Columbus

This eternally-elegant establishment is a little slice of heaven, and a proud addition to the 43235 family. Whether you’re in the mood for a Riesling or a Cabernet, this delicatessen will be sure to send your taste buds into a flurry of excitement over their sublime choice of premium wines. If you’re also craving some food, luckily their dinner menu is just as creatively delicious as their drinks, with oven fried penne, chicken saltimbocca, french onion soup, and more amazing choices available daily. Whether you’re heading there with a group or getting a table for yourself (you deserve to treat yourself!), you’re practically guaranteed to leave The Wine Bistro satisfied. Vegetarians take note, however, most of the dishes come with meats, but the kitchen staff would more than likely be thrilled to accommodate any dietary restrictions you possess.

The Refectory Restaurant and Wine Shop

the refectory classy interior
Image courtesy of The Refectory Restaurant and Wine Shop Facebook

It’s not often that we find a place that represents the very essence of style and grace, which is why we think that it’s crucial we share it with you when we do. At Refectory, this is exactly what you can expect. Their distinguished Chef Richard Blondin has distilled the finest techniques from classic French cuisine and contemporary American technique into a style that exceeds any comparison. Their menu is constantly changing, ensuring that you’re always surprised. This would worry us in any other establishment, but it’s clear that we’re in good hands at Refectory.

J. Gilbert’s Wood Fired Steaks And Seafood

J. Gilbert’s Wood Fired Steaks And Seafood exterior
Image courtesy of OpenTable

Something that you can’t ever recreate in a kitchen is genuine, heartfelt warmth. That’s what the renowned Joe Gilbert infused into all of his many restaurant establishments, and his hospitality was what allowed him to build one of his finest culinary experiences in the form of J. Gilbert’s Wood Fired Steaks And Seafood. As you can expect, they serve mainly irresistible cuts of steak and ribs, and delectable fish and crustaceans. You can plan on being blissful after a maple plank roasted salmon, or a filet mignon with a side of au gratin potatoes. For a decadent meal served with staff that have made it their mission to be as welcoming as possible, J. Gilbert’s is your place.

After you’re done digesting your dinner, you can head over to the Marcus Crosswoods Cinema for all of the most exciting cinematic experiences the modern times can offer. They have a cafe, stadium seating, and reclining seats in their theaters, as well as listening devices and wheelchair accessibility. The building also boasts an UltraScreen DLX theater, with surround-sound entertainment and an enlarged screen to enhance your viewing experience. They host celebrations of cinematic triumphs through festivals, and also offer movies in languages other than English, like Telugu and Hindi. There’s a clear choice for where to spend your evening on a rainy day, and it’s at the movies with the most spectacular visuals and sounds the modern day can provide.

Homes For Your Heart

43235 is filled with the neighborhoods and houses that you see in your dreams

large suburb house

Who knew that your dream home actually existed in the middle of Central Ohio? We did! Whether it’s absolutely gorgeous mansions with gardens that would make a king swoon, or exquisite three bedroom homes that feel like they were built for you alone, the 43235 area has it all. The price range is flexible enough to accommodate all budgets, and the neighborhoods are varied enough that no matter if you’re looking for privacy or a close-knit community of friends, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

School Is Cool

Celebrate the superiority that 43235 delivers for your child’s education


Despite all the individual pleasures that 43235 can grant you, it still manages to create a supportive atmosphere for your children too. The 43235 area is home to 8 public schools, with 4500 students attending them. Bluffsview Elementary School and Worthington Kilbourne High School are also ranked within the top 5% of the schools in their category, adding to the prestige of the area’s academic record. The area has a 0.41 diversity score for their schools, higher than Ohio’s average of 0.24, another testament to the area’s cultivation of a diverse range of people coming together to exist as a community.

November 20, 2018
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