Everything you need to know about Worthington Ohio in 2022

Worthington is just one of those charming neighborhoods that families can’t get enough of. Visit the American small town to see what makes goodbyes hard.

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Jan 21, 2021

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If you love a quaint town with tons of historic charm and character, Worthington is the place to visit this summer. Here we give you our favorite things Worthington has to offer that you need to do and see during your trip or drive through the area. While you’re at it, check out some cool houses in Ohio! We’ve partitioned this article off into the following sections:

  • Historical sites
  • Things to see and do
  • Top restaurants in the area

Historical Sites

Old Worthington

Old Worthington is the place to go to check out the history of the area. Many of their buildings are historic, some even dating back almost two centuries!

The Worthington inn aged over 185 years old!
The historic Worthington Inn located right in Worthington. Believe it or not, the building is 185 years old!

649 High Street | Worthington | worthingtoninn.com

Most of the buildings in Old Worthington are original and historic with locals that love and care deeply for the community. In fact, the small town is anchored by the 185 year old Worthington Inn, pictured below. Take a stroll down the brick-lined sidewalks decorated with floral baskets that add to the small town, charming ambiance. Old Worthington is filled with unique restaurants shops ranging from home décor, florists, wine shops, clothing and jewelry.

Old Worthington Library

The Old Worthington Library is a great place to go and relax while reading a great book. It even has a space for children so the whole family can attend!

Children's area at the Old Worthington Library.
The enchanting children's area at the Old Worthington Library. As you can see, it has plenty of interactable objects to keep a child’s attention!

820 High Street | Worthington | worthingtonlibraries.org

The Old Worthington Library is a “happy place” to many locals as they love setting up in a nice quiet spot to get some work done while enjoying the gorgeous architecture. The primary room exhibits a beautiful open area with cozy chairs, sofas, tables, loveseats, etc. Not to mention a dreamy fireplace that every reader wishes were in their home. That’s not all, the library also includes a children’s area with a fun tree-themed space for little ones to explore or to enjoy story time.

Ohio Railway Museum

For those looking to dive into the historical side of Worthington, check out the Ohio Railway Museum!

One of the oldest railroad museums in America, Ohio Railway Museum is a great place to go to get educated on the systems that built this country!

990 Proprietors Road | Worthington | ohiorailwaymuseum.org

Founded all the way back in 1948, the Ohio Railway Museum’s main mission is to educate and preserve the great railways systems this country heavily utilized during the 20th century. Not only can you get educated by experts in the field, but you can also get to tour the machines and actually get in some of them. This allows you to gain a unique glimpse into the past that many people never get the chance to do!

Even better, the prices at this museum are extremely cheap. At most (for adults), you will be paying nine dollars for a complete tour of the museum. You even get a free train ride with purchase of general admission. Check out the Ohio Railway Museum to learn more about the historic side of both Worthington and Ohio in general!

Things to see and do

Farmers Market’s

An image of a farmers market like the ones in Worthington.
You can not beat the fresh fruit available at farmers market’s. Even better, they often come at a much better price than the typical grocery store!

7227 North High Street | Worthington | worthingtonfarmersmarket.com

Farmers Market’s are easily one of the best things to do. When traveling out of town, you can always make it a point to find one near you and this is one you don’t want to miss. Locals deemed the Farmers Market their go-to spot on Saturday mornings. The market offers supplies of fresh produce, plants, meats and other homemade foods, desserts and crafts. Located in downtown Worthington, the market operates every Saturday from May-October from 8:00 am - noon. When winter comes around, the market is moved indoors at The Shops at Worthington Place Saturdays from 9:00 am - noon.

Candle Lab

If you are looking for a great idea for a date night with your significant other, try out the Candle Lab!

An image of a candle to signify Candle Labs.
At the Candle Lab, you can create a variety of scents based on what you like. Even better, you can bring larger groups as long as you make a reservation!

646 High Street | Worthington | thecandlelab.com

Looking for a fun and unique date night? We can promise you she’ll love you if you take her to the Candle Lab (and if there is no “she,” you can take me!). Walk in that day or make a reservation if you have 4+ people. Here, you can create your own custom candle by blending scents together. The entire process of pouring and letting your candle set afterwards is about two hours so you’ll have plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some drinks in between! Blogger Nick (aka Dr. Breakfast) highlights all the best pizza spots, ice cream shops, and local dining in Worthington that you have to try! Check him out if you’re looking for some amazing recommendations.

Top restaurants in the area

‍A La Carte Food Tours

Get a unique insight into the food of the area with a custom tour! 

A lady sampling some food to show the a la carte food tours available in Worthington.
There is simply no better way to get to know an area than by exploring its food. The easiest way to do this is by taking an insider tour on some of the best food in the area!

275 Longfellow Ave | Worthington | worthingtonfoodtours

Ever wondered how the food scene in Columbus and Worthington came to be so “happening”? Go on an A La Carte Food Tour for behind the scenes experience in kitchens, farms, gardens, and more. You’ll learn about certain foods, ingredients, preparation, hands on activities and of course, tasting! The tour blends taste and tourism for the perfect day filled with food. 

Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza

You can’t go wrong with pizza! Try out Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza for freshly baked pies that look as good as they taste!

For a fun night out filled with delicious pizza and great music, look no further than Natalies!

5601 N High Street | Worthington | nataliescoalfiredpizza.com

For a classic ‘dinner with a show’ experience, head down to Natlie’s Coal Fired Pizza. They have artists performing from all over the area. Simply head to their website and go to the events page. From there, check out what upcoming shows there are and plan a trip!

In terms of food, they have a wide variety of specialty pizzas so there is something for everyone! You could try their Margherita, Casanova, Bianco, weekly pizza, or so many more. Check out their online menu to see every type of pizza they have. To end it all, they have an in-house made pie using only local produce. There’s no better way to end a night out than that!

The Whitney House

For a more family-oriented dining experience, try out the Whitney House!

The Whitney House’s menu is inspired by the classic ‘Sunday dinner’ vibe most families can relate to. They inspire you to reconnect with the family with a great night of food and family!

666 High Street | Worthington | thewhitneyhouserestaurant.com

Located in downtown Worthington, The Whitney House strives for excellence through their family-friendly service. Their menu consists of local dishes that are all made from scratch. They have Sunday dinner classics like ‘Mom’s Stroganoff’ and ‘Big Ol’ Meatloaf.’ 

Even if you can not make it out to the restaurant, they do carry out for the whole family! Their entrees feed four to six people, perfect for the average family size. If you are looking for a quality restaurant to take the whole family to, or to stay at home and enjoy, look no further than The Whitney House! 

Cameron’s American Bistro

For a classic American dining experience, try out Cameron’s American Bistro!

Cameron’s American Bistro is a fine dining experience centered around a chef-driven menu. It even has an expansive award-winning wine list to pair with your meal.

2185 W Dublin Granville Rd | Worthington | cameronsamericanbistro.com

If you are in search of a great restaurant serving classic American dishes in an up-scale atmosphere, look no further than Cameron’s American Bistro. Including staple American dishes like fresh-caught salmon or braised short ribs, there is an entrée for even the most delicate of palates!

For those who love a good wine list, Cameron’s boasts an award-winning wine list that is constantly being updated. They even recommend wines that perfectly pair with whatever entrée you decide on. There is also a fully-stocked bar serving signature cocktails for those looking for a fun night out in Worthington!

Conclusory image of a smaller town like Worthington.
What better way to spend precious time with your family than visiting the town of Worthington. With so much to see and do, you can never get bored!

As you can see, there is always something to do in the wonderful town of Worthington. You can visit the historical side of Worthington through the library or the inn. You could dine out on some delicious meals at some of the best restaurants in the area. No matter what your family enjoys doing in their spare time, there is always something happening in the beautiful town of Worthington!

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