8 Great Neighborhoods in Worthington, Ohio

Worthington, Ohio is home to numerous sought after neighborhoods that residents adore for their warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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Worthington, Ohio is home to numerous sought after neighborhoods that residents adore for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. With its charming atmosphere and range of home styles from modern townhomes to spacious Colonial, Tudor and craftsmans, it’s no wonder many people desire to live in the suburb of Worthington. Not to mention, some of the best public schools and plenty of festivals, shops and attractions to see. Here are some of the greatest.

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1. Old Worthington

Old Worthington is populated by people who care deeply about the community and it’s historic authenticity. You’ll always get amazing personal service and attention when out and about. Visitors fall in love with this community at first site. This is a truly walkable community and many residents never drive anywhere! Dining, ice cream, shops, and so much more are just right around the corner! This is a community you can’t find in many other places!

2. Olentangy Hills

Olentangy Hills is the perfect place to find your starter homes is mostly single family homes. This well maintained farmland is known for it’s peaceful, safe and family friendly community that present homeowners adore. In this neighborhood, residents enjoy the Olentangy Bike Trails toward the bottom of Troon Trail and Perry Park with two playgrounds and soccer/baseball fields. Your children will love this neighborhood! For more information or history on this neighborhood, read this article.

3. Worthington Estates East

Worthington Estates East is an ideal location if you work in the city or just enjoy the nightlife since it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to High St. and 270. It’s also in walkable distance to the Worthington Community Center where kids and adults can take classes including pottery, photography, yoga and Zumba. Not to mention a pool that children love to visit on weekends and all throughout the summer! The community center also hosts family events such as Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas parties. This neighborhood’s location stands out amongst others.

4. Kilbourne Village

This neighborhood is another that’s on fire because of it’s amazing location. Nestled among Thomas Worthington High School, thriving Old Worthington, beautiful parks and bike trails, and gorgeous houses, Kilbourne Village has it all. The majority of homes are ranches, split level and a handful of two story homes with an average price of about $285,000.

5. Davis Estates

This residential subdivision consists of detached, single family homes built primarily in the 1940s. The homes have tons of character with some beautiful modern updates. This estate is in the southernmost tip of Worthington and is in walkable distance to the delicious Villa Nova Italian Restaurant. (Yum!)

6. Greenbriar Hill

Residents of Greenbriar Hill adore the neighborhood for its pristine safety for their children. This neighborhood is known for sheltering large numbers of families and always having children laughing and playing in the area. It’s the perfect neighborhood if you have a small and growing family!

7. Medick Estates

This gated community is accurately described as “Private Estates” while others have previously referred to these homes as mansions. This prestigious sought after neighborhood is loved by the residents for it’s warm community and whimsical landscapes. Many who move into this neighborhood decide this is their final home and never aspire to leave. Towards the bottom of Tucker Street, many homes have pools and luxury tennis courts on their lots.

8. Lakes of Worthington

This is one of Worthington’s newer developments, built in the mid 2000s. You can find large single family homes, condos and detached patio homes with modern floorplans and high ceilings. The center of the neighborhood has walking trails around a scenic lake and Worthington Hills Country Club where residents can golf, swim, and attend social occasions.

View homes for sale in Worthington, OH

July 24, 2017
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