Dublin, OH: The Little Ireland of the Midwest

Making this family-friendly haven your new home may just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

a group of women with string instruments play at an irish festival in dublin ohio
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Jan 21, 2021

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Catch the Irish Attitude by moving to this little Emerald Isle haven without the international headaches!  

Dublin, Ohio is a lovely city located in the central area of the state.  Its history began in 1802 when the Sells family purchased land near the Scioto River-- eight years later, Irishman John Shields was brought in to survey the land for expanding it into a town.  According to local legend, Shields was given the honor of naming the town after his beloved Dublin, Ireland.  

Today, Dublin is full of odes to the Irish culture and residents who uphold the legendary Irish hospitality and friendliness.  They call it the “Irish Attitude.”  

If you’re looking for a lovely place to call home-- and you want the best of history, culture, and hip as well-- look no further.  Dublin, Ohio is it!  

  • Friendly, safe neighborhoods with plenty of nature
  • Social life worthy of a larger city
  • Attractions and historical sites

A great life awaits you!  

Homes, schools, and parks add up to a dream come true.

a group of children play on a sledding hill in dublin, ohio
Your kids can safely play with their friends any time of year in Dublin, OH.  Image courtesy of Irish Attitude.  

Homes in Dublin, OH are valued higher than both the national and the county median.  The average home in Dublin costs $350,000 and most homes are owned rather than rented-- though roughly 25% of housing is rentable.  Dublin homes often have a yard-- perfect for family get-togethers and a garden.  A suburb located northwest of Columbus, Dublin has a livability score of 87/100 and has its own diverse economy with excellent schools.

There are 65 schools in all, the majority of which are private.  The top-rated elementary schools have an average of 500 students each.  19 of Dublin’s schools are public, servicing around 15,000 students.  98% of high schoolers in Dublin graduate, which is 18% higher than the national average.  

Dublin’s neighborhoods are very safe-- the crime rate and risk of being a victim of crime are 55% lower than the national average.  90% of folks living in Dublin are married, 45% with children.  Highly residential, Dublin places an emphasis on community.  The Dublin, Ohio famous “Irish Attitude” extends beyond the brick sidewalks of downtown-- their neighborhoods often host block parties and are some of the friendliest places to live.  

Amberleigh Park

This is just one of the many parks in the area of Dublin. Get in touch with nature by exploring all that Dublin’s parks have to offer!

4715 Vista Ridge Drive | Dublin | Amberleigh Park

A point of pride for all Dublin residents are their 60 public parks and over 100 miles of recreational trails.  Biking is encouraged-- there’s a pamphlet available from park services with maps and details.  Public art is on display in most parks, along with grills, restrooms, and various sports.  You can also kayak in most of the parks as well.  

Because Dublin is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, you’ll also be living within easy driving distance of the nation's #1 zoo and COSI (Center of Science & Industry).  Exhibitions are family-friendly and highly educational for everyone!  

Social Atmosphere

Irish Festival

Dublin’s “Irish Attitude” makes for a great time out and about. Their Irish festival is a great way to learn more about the local culture!

a group of men in kilts play bagpipes at the dublin, ohio irish festival
As you can see, the festival gives you an inside look on Irish music and festivities. Image courtesy of the Dublin Irish Festival. 

Coffman Park | Dublin | Dublin Irish Festival

The Dublin Irish Festival is an event not to be missed!  Over 100,000 guests are expected over this three-day fest located on 20+ acres of gorgeous Dublin land.  Over 65 musical entertainers and 535 performers dance and rock over the course of 7 stages.  There are over 100 vendors and plenty of food options.  This event is free and always takes place on an August weekend.  Friday: 4pm-12am;  Saturday: 11am-12am; Sunday: 9:30am for religious services & 11am-8pm for festival activities.  

The Dublin Market

Local markets are a great place to go to interact with locals. Even better, you will be able to snag some great deals!

3269 Dublin Road | Dublin | The Dublin Market 

The Dublin Market is a recurring event every Saturday from May 18th through September 28th from 9am-12pm.  Located in Bridge Park, the market showcases the best of local farmers, crafters, dining and entertainment.  Head to Longshore Street between Tuller Ridge Drive and Bridge Park Avenue.  Show up, eat up, and dive head-first into the best of what Dublin has to offer.  

Dublin has around 20 Irish-Approved businesses, and the restaurant scene is no exception!  There are classic Irish pubs, such as Brazenhead (56 N. High St),in Historic Dublin District inspired by its namesake in Dublin, Ireland.  The bar itself and many of the décor came straight from Ireland!  After a Guinness and a bite to eat, you’ll definitely feel the Dublin Irish Attitude and be right at home.  Brazenhead’s kitchen is open Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday 11:30-11pm & Saturday 12pm-11pm; the bar is open Monday-Thursday 11:30am-12am & Saturday 12pm-2M; closed Sundays.  

The Rail Burger

Grab a bite at Dublin’s top rated burger restaurant. Spice things up with their vast menu accommodating many different flavor profiles!

5839 Frantz Road | Dublin | The Rail Burger

Taste the food of an award-winning chef Mike Mariola and his family. The restaurant mainly specializes in burgers, but they also offer award-winning steaks. They even have craft-brews available that can be paired with whatever entrée you end up ordering.

If you are in the mood for a dessert, you can try out some of their delicious milkshakes. They offer flavors such as the ‘Nutella Crunch Shake’ or the renowned ‘Banana Cream Pie Shake.’ No matter what flavor you end up going with, you will be sure to have a milkshake you will not forget!


Vaso is an upscale Spanish-inspired restaurant. The main attraction of this restaurant are the incredible views offered to customers whilst dining!

6540 Riverside Drive | Dublin | Vaso

Dublin’s newest restaurant is the Vaso, located at 6540 Riverside Drive on the rooftop of the AC Hotel.  An express glass elevator offers an incredible view as you slide up the building to Spanish-inspired tapas and two unique bar experiences.  Be sure to check out the views of the Scioto River while you dine.  Vaso is open Sundays 4pm-10pm, Monday-Thursday 4pm-12am, and Friday & Saturday 4pm-1am.  

Columbus Library - Dublin Branch

Check out some great reads available at the library. There are books available for any genre, age group, or length!

75 North High Street | Dublin | Dublin Branch

But maybe you’re in the mood for something much slower and quieter.  The Columbus Library's Dublin Branch is located on North High Street.  The library features a gorgeous courtyard garden, public art in the children’s section, and the “Grave Tales” program.  The Grave Tales program has been running for 15 years and takes place in the historical Pioneer Cemetery at the rear of the branch.  Open Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday & Saturday 9am-6pm, and Sunday 1pm-5pm.

Attractions and historical sites

The sites Dublin locals are proud to share with you.  

Do you believe in fairies?  The Irish certainly do, and Dublin, Ohio is no different!  Check out the Irish Fairy Door Trail.  Stop by the Dublin Visitor & Information Center to pick up a passport and visit the 10 participating businesses to complete the trail.  If you return your filled passport to the Center, you’ll receive a free t-shirt!  

The Morgan House

Get a glimpse into the historical housing of Dublin’s past. Even better, dine in on some excellent eats at their in-house restaurant!

5300 Glick Road | Dublin | Morgan House

The Morgan House is a replica Civil War-Era log cabin owned by the famous veteran John Hunt Morgan.  Morgan House offers history, gardens, and gourmet food-- try the lobster macaroni and cheese!  If you visit during Halloween you can take a ghost tour.  Located at 5300 Glick Road, the restaurant is open Monday-Friday 11am-3pm, Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12pm-5pm; the gift store is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-pm-5pm.  

Dublin, Ohio is home to an immense amount of public art.  There are over 70 pieces that range all over the city.  The Dublin Art in Public Places Program even offers a free Cell Phone Tour.  The three to really watch out for: Leatherlips, Field of Corn, and Exuvia.  

Olentangy Indian Caverns

Explore the historical caverns located in Dublin. Get an inside look at how historical locals used to utilize all that the Dublin area had to offer!

1779 Home Road | Delaware | Olentangy Indian Caverns

The Olentangy Indian Caverns are a sight to behold!  The Wyandotte Indians used these ancient caverns as a haven from weather and enemies.  Explore the maze of underground rooms, try your hand at gem mining, or visit the petting zoo.  They have summer camps, too!  If you’re planning on visiting the petting zoo, leave your dog or pet at home for safety reasons.  Strollers are not permitted inside the caverns for the same concern-- however, baby carriers are permitted (could be a tight squeeze in some spots!).  Open 7 days a week from 9:30am-5:00pm.  Adults: $9.95; Children $6.95.  

A conclusory image of the good times to be had in Dublin, Ohio.
With everything going on in Dublin, a trip out to visit promises lots of fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll visit and find a new place to call home!

With all that Dublin, Ohio has to offer-- safe homes, vibrant social life, and plenty of activities-- why wouldn’t you want to live here? Catch the Irish Attitude and let us help you find your new home here.

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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May 17, 2021
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