7 Of The Best Pizza Places in Dublin, OH

Stimulate Your Taste Buds And Dive Into The Most Irresistible Dish

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5725 Perimeter Drive Dublin, Ohio 43017
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Lydia Bernardo


Jan 21, 2021

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Located 18 miles from Columbus, OH, the city of Dublin ranked number 18 on the Forbes “America’s 25 Best Places to Move” list. Known for its cost efficient presence, Dublin, OH is gaining popularity and attracts people from all different cultures.

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The culinary style and flair of pizza influences many different regions. Dublin, OH has taken the economical dish and created some of the best pizza restaurants to fulfill your cravings.

Pizza Icon

Bridge Street Pizza

Handcrafted savory pizza located in Downtown, Dublin

Musroom and pepperoni pizza on in the kitchen
A fresh out of the oven pizza from Bridge Street Pizza is tasty anytime of the day.  Image courtesy of Bridgestreetpizza.us.
location icon

16 East Bridge Street, Dublin, OH

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Website: Bridgestreetpizza.us

With over 20 years in business, Bridge Street Pizza is an iconic quant place that incorporates creative stone baked pizza. The small restaurant has crafted a gourmet pizza menu to celebrate the versatility of pizza.

They have a wide variety of unique pizzas, which means there’s truly something here to please everyone.The Shamrock pizza is a classic veggie dish that includes pesto, artichokes, spinach, and feta cheese. The Kickin’ Kitchen features chicken with an option of a spicy sauce such as cajun or barbeque. The Dubliner gourmet pizza is a tribute to Dublin, OH. The dish includes chicken, mushrooms, and tomatoes to honor the cost-effective city.

Yelp Icon

“Ordered from Bridge Street around 5pm on a Sunday while staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Dublin. They said would be about 45 minutes but came in about 25. Everyone was very polite and helpful. The pizza was great. A medium is plenty for 2 people. I highly recommend and will likely order again on return trips.” - Yelp Review

Pizza Icon

Carlucci’s Pizzeria

Thin crust pizza that will make your mouth water\

Extra pepperoni pizza coming out of the oven
Carlucci’s thin and crispy pepperoni pizza never disappoints. Image courtesy of Yelp.ASE
location icon

5923 Karric Square Drive, Dublin, OH

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Website: carluccispizzeria.com

If you like pizza made from scratch, this is the place to indulge. With fresh ingredients, this pizzeria contains specialty pizzas such as Mexican pizza with taco beef and jalapenos to spice up your palate.  

The BLT pizza is a unique spin on the classic sandwich with crispy bacon and mayonnaise. The Hawaiian pizza speaks for itself and gives a cool fresh taste just like the tropical island. For every craving, Carlucci’s Pizzeria has a menu to hit the spot. The aroma alone is enough to captivate your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Yelp Icon

“Carlucci's Pizzeria is a good addition to the pizza selection here in Dublin. Ordered the Veggie Specialty Pizza which was a good thin pie. There was plenty of veggies from tomatoes, banana peppers, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. May have been others. It was a good find and will be back.” - Yelp Review

Pizza Icon

La Scala

Fine dining with a wide variety of unique flavors

Cheese pizza on open oven
Every pizza order at La Scala is cooked in their Wood-Fired Oven. Image courtesy of La Scala on Yelp.dh
location icon

4199 West Dublin Granville Road, Dublin, OH

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Website: lascala.com

If you enjoy the finer things in life, this classy Italian restaurant is for you. The exquisite dining experience is just like an escape to Italy. The gorgeous interior hosts wedding receptions and other celebrations. In business for 20 years, the current owner is from Italy and plans to keep the Italian tradition going.

Pizza is on the dinner menu and includes savory flavors such as Cajun Chicken, Italian Sausage, and Capicola pizza.  The hearty and rich pizza contains a thick crust to fill your stomach up with love.

Yelp Icon

“We chose LaScala as the venue for our son's rehearsal dinner and had a wonderful time.  Everyone loved the food and the wait staff provided excellent service.  Planning our event was so easy and the room decor was upscale and classy.  An excellent start to our weekend!  Thank you!” - Yelp Review

Pizza Icon


Delicious gourmet pizza with wine

Margherita Pizza on outdoor table. Pizza is topped with cheese, basil, and tomatoes.
Enjoy a Margherita Pizza during Happy Hour. Image courtesy of Yelp.
location icon

12 West Bridge Street, Dublin, OH

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Website: mezzodublin.com

Smack dab in the center of downtown Dublin, Mezzo has a fun atmosphere with happy hour, live music, and wine nights to wind down from a hard days work.  The shrimp pesto pizza is a unique Mediterranean infused dish that will make your mouth water.

The pollo vodka pizza infuses traditional flavors into the dish that are carefully crafted to ensure a delicious meal.  Influenced by contemporary and classic ideals from Italy, the restaurant has a comforting and family valued spirit.

Yelp Icon

“I love coming to Mezzo, especially when I can sit on the patio and watch the sunset. Not to mention, their food is incredible! The area is beautiful as well. I highly recommend Mezzo.” - Yelp Review

Pizza Icon

LaRosa’s Pizzeria

Specialty pizzas with classic Italian flavor

Best pizza is fresh pizza! Man reads recipt with 2 pies on the table.
At LaRose’s Pizzeria you can create your own pizza or order one of their signature pizzas. Image courtesy of Yelp.
location icon

7048 Hospital Drive, Dublin, OH

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Website: larosas.com

With a mobile ordering App, you can order your pizza at the press of a button. This franchise takes customer service to a new level. You are able to order any item on the menu for delivery, which most businesses shy away from. The Focaccia, Barbeque Chicken, and Chicken Veggie pizzas pack a punch with zesty and sweet flavor.

Yelp Icon

“We had such a wonderful experience and delicious food at LaRosa's tonight- Thank you for accommodating our large party on such short notice and serving us all so efficiently! I love your sauce!!” - Yelp Review

Pizza Icon

Luna’s Pizza Kitchen

A rare pizza menu with a spicy kick

Banana peppers mushrooms tomatoes onions broccoli cheese pizza vegetables
Order a supreme pizza at Luna’s and you’ll never want pizza from anywhere else. Image courtesy of Yelp.
location icon

5380 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin, OH

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Website: Lunapizzakitchen.com

With creative pizza names such as Luna-tic, Super Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, the kitchen was created to celebrate close family ideals. The family owned business sets itself apart from the giant mainstream chains. This restaurant uses fresh ingredients and contains a signature spicy marinara sauce to kick flavor up a notch. Middle Eastern and Italian influences collaborate on the unique Arrabbiata pizza with Italian sausage and yummy spicy marinara sauce.

Yelp Icon

“Best pizza in the Columbus/Dublin area!!! My absolute favorite, can't find anything that even comes close. They have other food besides pizza but I always get the pizza and mozzarella sticks. I recommend to anyone that likes thin crust pizza!” - Yelp Review

Pizza Icon

Enrico’s Pizza

Thick crust handcrafted pizza

A cheesy heavenly creation that's been around since 1988. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.
location icon

5788 Frantz Road, Dublin, OH

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Website: enricospizzarestaurant.com

This mom and pop business is one of the most popular restaurants to grab a traditional pizza. The family owned pizzeria pays homage to its Italian roots and places emphasis on cost-efficient food that radiates a comforting vibe. The menu contains homemade pizza such as Hamburger, Green Pepper, and Everything Above. The thick crust has a rich and fresh flavor that will stimulate your taste buds.

Yelp Icon

“I have been ordering from Enrico's for at least 30 years.   It is my go to pizza spot.  The best pizza in Central Ohio hands down!  I love the thick crust and the toppings are always fresh.  I've tried several things on the menu and they never disappoint!   The family is old school Italian and on fact, goes back to Italy two weeks out of the year. (The saddest two weeks of my year actually).  Keep doing what your doing, you guys are the best!” - Yelp Review

Pizza time animation

Dublin, OH contains hidden gems that incorporate fresh, handcrafted, and unique ingredients. The cost-effective food and city go hand and hand to create great businesses that will never go out of style. Pizza has evolved to become part of every home in America. Who can resist the mouth watering creation?

What is your favorite pizza place in Dublin, OH?

Get me a pizza!
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August 12, 2020
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