Are You Feeling Hungry? Here is Your Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Bridge Park

We know you’re hungry, so take a bite out of this list.

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Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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We know the secret to your heart, and that is food. Especially if you are considering moving to the Dublin area, more specifically Bridge Park. If you are feeling hungry right now, you ought to take a look at this ultimate guide to restaurants in the Bride Park area. While you are at it, be sure to experience the culture and the shops in Bridge Park, and narrow down your best choice of restaurants to celebrate the purchase of your new home from HER, REALTORS®!

Urban Meyer’s Pint House

Food that never looked or tasted so good.

We don’t know about you, but our mouths are already watering at the sight of these nachos. Image courtesy of Urban Meyer’s Pint House Yelp Review Page.

Address: 6632 Longshore Street, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 389-7089


Are you looking for a new place to kick off this year’s football season? Or, are you looking for a new place to get your wings-fix without having to go to an overcrowded chain restaurant? Quit looking around, because Urban Meyer’s Pint House is the place you have been looking for. Serving wings at seventy-five cents on Wednesday nights, you will thank us for directing you to Urban Meyer’s.

So fortunate to have this in Columbus. Urban Meyer's Pint House offers great cocktails, incredible food, and LIVE MUSIC! They also accomplish all of this while maintaining a safe environment amongst the COVID pandemic. - Yelp Review

The Pearl - Dublin

The gourmet restaurant that proudly serves the Columbus community.

A Pristine Pub And Restaurant In Dublin, OH.
Imagine sitting and eating in a place where you feel like you’re on top of the world. Image courtesy of The Pearl - Dublin.

Address: 88 North High Street, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 695-6255


We can hear your stomach growling from a mile away, so why not stop by The Pearl - Dublin for a bite to eat! One of Dublin’s newest gems, you’ll be surrounded by upscale dining, with food that is made from scratch, and also complimentary WiFi. With ten menus, three specifically made for brunch, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of choices they have, and many of the recommendations that waiters will give you while you look over the options.

For brunch lovers, there are plenty of reasonably priced options for both starters, snacks, seafood, sides, and entrees. The dinner menu has about the same amount of options as the brunch menu. There are also menus for brunch drinks. For dinner, we recommend trying the pork piri. A gourmet dish with slow roasted pork shoulder, mussels, redskin potatoes, that are bedazzled with aioli, and lightly drenched with chorizo broth.

I can't say enough good things about this location! The restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful- it has a ton of character and each of the many rooms are decorated with their own flavor. - Yelp Review


This is the health initiative you need to take. Especially when it tastes good, and is affordable.

A Breakfast Feast
Finally, a place where fast food tastes good, is good for you, and won’t make you feel bad for consuming it. Image courtesy of Rebol.

Address: 6608 Longshore Street, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 389-4751


There is finally a fast food chain that you can get behind, and you do not have to feel bad about eating fast food! Located in the Dublin area, and in downtown Columbus, Rebol looks to promote a vegan diet that is friendly to everyone, including meat lovers. Their paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan options do not contain GMOs. At Rebol’s, they welcome everyone that enjoys healthy eating, or are looking for a healthier alternative to other fast food chain restaurants. While you’re here, we recommend trying the Build Your Own Bol, where you can customize, and sample each of the ingredients before trying any other dish that’s served here.

I ordered their bone broth called immunity broth, ‘cause I'm sick and it sounded good. Oh man! I could have had that for dinner and nothing else, that's how filling it was. It was delivered in a coffee cup and was absolutely perfect. It tasted so good and was still very hot. - Yelp Review

Hen Quarter - Dublin

Get a taste of Southern cuisine at Hen Quarter.

Jalapeno Corn Bread
No, this is not a deep dish cookie, this is jalapeno cornbread you’re looking at. Image courtesy of Hen Quarter Yelp Review Page.

Address: 6628 Riverside Drive, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 905-1666


If you are homesick, or interested in Southern Comfort foods that are authentic, you should consider checking out Hen Quarter, where their promise is to break away from traditional foods and add their own style to authenticated, and popular, southern cuisine. You have a choice between traditional dishes, such as fried green tomatoes and cornbread, and some that are untraditional, but are delicious, like a southern crab jar, which consists of king crab, butter, and crostini. These delicacies will have you coming back every day of the week.

You can never go wrong with Chicken & Waffles from Hen Quarter! Perfect meal for a Sunday brunch! And let's not forget the music playlist! Nothing but classics! It feels great to walk into a restaurant and know almost every song that they're playing because the music reflects our culture. - Yelp Review

Fukuryu Ramen

Yes, ramen is a delicacy that you can enjoy for dinner.

A Bowl Of Traditional Japanese Ramen
Enjoy an authentic bowl of delicious Japanese ramen - and we don’t mean the twelve-pack that you can buy from the store! Image courtesy of Fukuryu Ramen.

Address: 4540 Bridge Park Avenue, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 553-7392


Get a taste of Japan at Fukuryu Ramen, where you are able to experience both traditional and modern bowls of America’s favorite type of noodles. What started in a small shop and an inspiration for Japanese soul food, owner and partner, Jeff Tsao--who spent some time in Columbus, OH studying at The Ohio State University-- decided to bring the authentic taste and fun cuisine that is an enjoyable experience of flavors for many to Columbus, where his adventure first began.

When you dine at Fukuryu Ramen, it isn’t just dining, it’s a flavor experience beyond comparison. Ramen might just be your new obsession after eating a bowl here at Fukuryu Ramen.

I get the hankering for Fukuryu every few months, and I am never disappointed! I adore that they offer a vegetarian version of their ramen bowl. Most places do not offer that. The edamame is always great, and it's such an easy place to get to at Bridge Park. In general, the food is always consistently delicious and a big meal that will leave you full. - Yelp Review

Fado Pub and Kitchen

Yes, pubs can be classy.

A Gorgeous Plate of Grilled Chicken Thighs Glistening in Brown Gravy With A Side Of Potatoes And A Ceaser Salad
This chicken is next level classy. Image courtesy of Fado Pub and Kitchen Yelp Review Page.

Address: 6652 Riverside Drive, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 408-1500


You won’t truly know elegant food until you stop and eat at Fado’s. From surprisingly tasty snacks to the most interesting entrees, you will experience elegance at a reasonable price. Now, the only thing that is not required is a suit and tie - come as you are, and experience what the food and people at Fado Pub and Kitchen are truly like.

If you are interested in dining here, we recommend trying the smoked salmon bites. Smoked over oak, and partnered with capers and onions, and paired with a horseradish dipping sauce, you will be coming back for seconds.

Brunch here is amazing. The breakfasts tacos are great and I recommend adding a side of the breakfast potatoes. Best breakfast potatoes I've ever had and the sauce on top is great. Definitely will be back. - Yelp Review

Coast Wine House

Feel free to peruse the menu options.

Bottles Of Wine Inside Of An Old House Turned Wine House
Yes, you can enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner. Image courtesy of Coast Wine House Yelp Review Page.

Address: 75 South High Street, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 553-7227


If you enjoy drinking wine in the comfort of your own home, Coast Wine will become your new home away home. With the ability to reserve an outdoor seat on their patio or order a cocktail, wine, or beer to go, you are able to take Coast Wine House with you anywhere you go. Their house collection consists of wines from small producers from all over the world. If there is a particular wine that Coast Wine does not seem to have, their staff is more than happy to source it for you, as it can be distributed throughout Ohio.

A charming little house filled with wine and good vibes. Right now, they are doing outdoor seating only and are taking online reservations. The patio is small, but really pleasant, and we enjoyed the good tunes they had playing that added to the experience. - Yelp Review

The Eggholic

Everything here is made with eggs.

Slice Hardboiled Eggs Covered in Cayenne pepper
A whole new take on hard-boiled eggs. Image courtesy of The Eggholic.

Address: 331 West Bridge Street, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 553-7134


Are you egg-static for The Eggholic? We sure hope so! Here at The Eggholic, many of their dishes are made with egg, and are turned over easy with creative and awe-spiring recipes. Take your taste buds to the next level with The Eggholic, located in Dublin, OH. Trust us, if you are looking for a home at HER, REALTORS®, and have an early morning appointment, The Eggholic will help become your get and going restaurant.

It is a different taste than almost anything else I have ever had. I will be honest it took me three times going to figure out if I liked it. I don't know how to explain it but the egg gives it a different taste than what I was expecting. I think the prices are good too. - Yelp Review

Z Cucina di Spirito Ristorante and Bar

Come taste what authentic Italian food tastes like!

A Slice Of Tiramisu Resting On Top Of A Drizzle Of Strawberry Sauce
This serene dessert will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Image courtesy of Z Cucina di Spirito Ristorante and Bar.

Address: 6584 Riverside Drive, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 916-9200


While house hunting, you deserve to go to a restaurant where there is a chance to unwind with a glass of wine--or two--and some good food! At Z Cucina, you can do just that. Z Cucina prides itself on authentic Italian dishes, and they do put their own spin on some traditional dishes. One thing that they do assure, is that once a week, you might see some new dishes pop up on their menus. So, you know that their menus are always getting updated with new flavors to try out, and you will be the ultimate judge.

For fourteen years, this restaurant has been a mainstay for the Columbus community, and many rave about the dishes and how nice and relaxing the restaurant is, especially in the evening. For a recommendation for dishes, we suggest trying the roasted sweet corn flatbread pizza.

Easily one of the best restaurants I have ever experienced! The staff was friendly and helpful! The owner stopped by our table personally to make sure our visit was perfect! I highly recommend it! - Google Review

J. Liu Restaurant and Bar

A fusion-restaurant like you’ve never seen before.

Spanish And Italian Infused Dish
Come try a restaurant that specializes in Italian and Asian fusion foods. Image courtesy of J. Liu Restaurant and Bar Yelp Review Page.

Address: 50 West Bridge Street, Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: (614) 718-1818


Infusion foods are the most modern you will ever experience. With two polar opposite cuisines, you would not expect these two to get along so well, especially with the subtle flavor between spices and sauces used in each dish. These two cuisines also specialize and are obsessed with noodles, so it is no surprise that most of the dishes made with Asian and Italian combined together would work out well. One of the dishes we recommend trying the Faroe Island Salmon. This dish is served with asparagus, forbidden black rice, and is served with honey ginger beurre blanc. This is truly a delicacy that is a must try!

We went for Father's day and there was an amazing brunch buffet that included traditional American dishes and some Oriental and Italian dishes as well--dessert was glorious! Service was really friendly and speedy. I don't know if they serve the buffet on other days or if it was only a part of Father's day celebration. - Google Review

There you have it, a restaurant guide listing all of the best restaurants that Bridge Park has to offer, including some around the Dublin, OH, area. If your plan is to move to the Bridge Park neighborhood of Dublin, and you are looking for the best eats whilst purchasing a home through HER, REALTORS®, this ultimate guide to restaurants in Bridge Park will help you get started.

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September 25, 2020
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