Cornhenge, Corn Mazes, & Farmer’s Markets, Oh My!

Participate in these fun fall activities near Dublin, Ohio.

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Madeline Adamczyk


Jan 21, 2021

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Field of Corn

Cement Ears of Corn Serve as a Suburban Icon

Playfully nicknamed “Cornhenge,” 109 concrete ears of corn stand proudly in a grassy field in Dublin, Ohio. Each ear weighs 1,500 pounds and is a little bit over six feet tall. All of the ears are the same, but they are rotated at different angles in the field so that each appears unique to the human eye. This public display of art is officially titled, Field of Corn, and is located just off Interstate 270. It was designed by artist Malcolm Cochran, who was a professor of sculpture at Ohio State University from 1986 until 2013.

No other place in the world has a display of corn as grandiose as this one, so it’s no wonder why it is the pride and joy of the area. In addition to being a fun place to visit, it has historical significance. The art sits on a farm that was once owned by Sam Frantz, who was the creator of several hybrid species of corn. The type of corn represented through the cement sculptures is known as the Corn Belt Dent Corn, which is a double-cross hybrid variety.

Malcolm Cochran intended for the work of art to be significant of Ohio’s rich agricultural past and the ever-changing landscape of Ohio from farmland to corporate buildings and strip malls, but he also wanted the greyish-white ears of corn to be symbolic of the rows of crosses that in Arlington National Cemetery.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Dublin this weekend, and take an Instagram-worthy photo among the ears of corn.


This is Gonna be A-maizing

Located along Little Darby Creek in Central Ohio, the MaiZE is a family-owned farm with 125 acres to explore. And a part of that 125 acres is a 9-acre, you guessed it, corn maze. The design of the maze changes every year, and this year, it was shaped into a Columbus Blue Jackets player next to the team’s official logo with the saying, “March With Us.”

There are two phases of the corn maze: the first takes 15-20 minutes to get through after which you can quit, or if you’re looking for a challenge, you can go on to phase 2, which takes 30-40 minutes to navigate. There are numbered signs along the way to help you go in the right direction. If you end up extremely lost with no sense of direction, you can always call the corn cop.

There are many other activities to enjoy besides the maze on this farm, including a petting zone, a kiddie maze, dodgeball, and laser tag. Admission prices start at $9. Get your tickets now by ordering them ahead of time online.

Vegetables Galore

Farmer Fresh

Stock up on All of Your Favorite Fall Produce

Head to Jacquemin Farms for all of the foods, decorations, and pumpkins you need in your life this fall. Every day but Sunday from 10am-5pm, this farmer’s market will be open. The family who owns the market and their employees make fresh caramel apples and pumpkin donuts on site in limited quantities and on certain days, so be sure to check their Facebook page or call ahead of time to see if these items are available on the day you make a trip out there.

Head to the patch to pick the best pumpkins or just stay at the market and choose from the bunch that is already picked. While you’re perusing the market, make sure to check out the popular fall decorating items that they sell, which include straw bales, corn stalks, Indian corn, and gourds. They also have apple cider, apples, and cider slushies. What more could you want?

Make the most out of October by exploring all of the fall-related activities Dublin and the surrounding areas have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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