9 Things You Didn't Know About Westerville, OH

It's really all about the "little things" wherever you live, so if you're interested in visiting or relocating to Westerville OH then today is your lucky day, because we've compiled a list of the top 10 things you didn’t know about Westerville.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Love Westerville?

It's always a great idea to find pieces of quirky info about a place before visiting, and it's even more important for anyone who is looking to relocate. It's really all about the "little things" wherever you live, so if you're interested in visiting or relocating to Westerville OH then today is your lucky day because we've compiled a list of the top 9 things you didn’t know about Westerville. Look for a home for sale in Westerville.

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1. Cheryl's Cookies

cheryl's cookies westerville oh
Cheryl's cookies in Westerville, OH

What a way to kick off this list! Almost everyone knows Cheryl's Cookies, the sweet tasty delicacy that almost always makes it on our holiday menus, well it turns out that Cheryl’s Cookies was founded in Westerville in 1981. Back then it was still known as Cheryl&Co. Even after these many years of success, the great dessert company’s headquarters are in Westerville.

2. America’s best suburb

Yes, you read it right! Westerville once took the crown of being America’s best suburb and it wasn’t long ago either, in 2013 Movoto named Westerville the best suburb in the whole of America. The list of the top ten suburbs was released after some studies and research had been performed and Westerville OH was number 1.

3. Visitors website

Westerville has a functional official visitor’s website where visitors planning to travel to the city can find all useful information necessary to make their stay in Westerville a pleasant success.

4th fridays westerville oh
4th in Westervillefridays

4. 4th Friday

Every 4th Friday of the month Uptown Westerville turns into a street vending place! There are lots of food carts around, live entertainment, many fun activities for kids and the young at heart, trading hours of all Uptown shops are extended. Visitors can see the full 4th Friday calendar here.

5. Zero Alcohol tolerance

Its hard to believe, but many years ago Westerville used to be a zero alcohol city. They had strict laws prohibiting the production and commercial sale of alcohol. The laws were so strict and so enforced that the city earned the right to be called "The Dry Capital of the World" Now before you panic, the laws were later repealed and alcohol began legal just like everywhere else. This piece of Westerville history is conserved in the Anti-Saloon League Museum that is open for public visiting.

6. City in a park

Most people have heard about certain cities that are surrounded by natural and man made parks. What most of those people do not know is that Westerville OH is part of those beautiful cities filled with green vegetation, natural views and clean fresh air. The city’s parks and recreation department is very proud of their program and the fact it is one of the best in the country is an extra incentive.

7. Glee

Westerville is the location of the famous television show, Glee’s fictional private school, Dalton Academy, a school with a very proactive show choir.

schneider's bakery westerville
Schneider's bakery

8. Schneider’s Bakery opens at 1 am

Westerville’s leading bakery Schneider’s Bakery opens every Tuesday to Thursday at 1am, it has become a favorite place for Otterbein University students who are up until early morning hours. These students frequent the bakery at 1am to buy freshly baked donuts.

9. City run programmed community events

Being a community city, Westerville actually has a City run variety program of events for the community. The event range from toddler’s day every Friday to Mom and me tea’s for little girls and their mothers and a glow in the dark adult’s Easter egg hunt. The events program calendar is maintained and updated on the official Westerville website. Such activities keep and maintain Westerville’s culture and reputation as a community based family place.

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April 20, 2017
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