8 Things You Wish You Knew About Selling Your House

Are you wondering about the things you should know before selling your house? Here are eight things you wish you know about selling your house.

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Marissa Somers


Jan 21, 2021

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Making a profit when selling your old home is easier said than done. Some people end up selling their homes at a lower price, just because they don’t know how to do it right. Even if you have a realtor, you can easily sell your house at a loss without proper knowledge.

When you go in blind and end up making a dissatisfactory sale, you will regret it for the rest of your life. There are some crucial things that every house seller needs to know before they attempt to sell their home.

The Secret to Selling Your House Fast

How long does it take to sell your house? How long should it really take? Even if you ask this question to a seasoned realtor, they will hesitate before they answer.

This is because there are many factors that affect your house sale. If you do all the right things, chances are that your house will sell faster than the ten other similar houses on the block. It is crucial to learn a few tricks that will make or break the deal for your house.

Some people learn these tricks of the trade much later, which makes them feel regretful for the rest of their lives. Don’t be that person and learn about the vital factors that affect your house sale. Here are the eight things you would wish you knew about selling your house.

1. Doing Research is a Must

Preparing to sell your house is a lengthy process. You have to try and get every step right if you want to make a successful sale. The first step during preparation is doing research on the local housing market.

How much are houses similar to yours in terms of size, features, location, etc. selling for in the current market? What perks are buyers looking to find in them? These and a few more crucial questions will help you understand the current buyer’s mindset.

You will find plenty of data online, especially now that more information has been digitized. However, don’t just rely on online data as they are not always accurate.

You should be prepared to get out there and do some hands-on research. Seasoned local realtors will be able to give your more accurate data about the current market.

If there are houses in your block that are similar to yours and recently got sold, don’t hesitate to ask them the price they sold at. This will help you get an idea of the price you can set on your house. 

2. Buyers Are Looking for a Clean House

How important is keeping your house clean before an open house? Turns out, very. There is no bigger turn-off for a buyer than coming into a house that looks dirty.

All realtors will agree that a clean house not only sells faster but it sells at a better price. Your clean house will attract more buyers too.

Remember that cleaning starts right from the very first view of the house. The first impression is crucial, so to enhance curb appeal, you must keep your front yard and pathway to your home absolutely clean. Make sure to keep the roof, doors, and windows clean (also, it won’t hurt to freshly paint the outside of the house!).

There should be no cobwebs, no dust, and definitely no stains on the wall. If you have carpeting, get it professionally cleaned or remove them. 

Hardwood floors need to be spotless and shiny, as it will make the house look better. Tackle every knock and cranny while cleaning because buyers are going to be critical and thorough with their examination.

3. Decluttering is the Key

Clutter is very common in almost every household. Especially if you have kids, cluttering can be an uncontrollable problem. But, having a crammed home is a no-no for open houses.

Clutters don’t just make your house look stuffy, it also makes it difficult for potential buyers to picture themselves in your house. If your house is filled with objects, it will make it more difficult to view. 

If you are selling your house, you will be moving out. So, it is a good idea to prepare beforehand. Rent storage and move at least 50 to 75 percent of your belongings there. The more airy and decluttered your house is, the bigger it will look.

Consider throwing out or donating things you don’t use, as there is no point in decluttering your old house and then cluttering your new one. By giving away things, you save yourself from the hassle of moving them into your new home. You also get the opportunity to start over and buy new things.

Keeping your house decluttered gives the buyers something to look forward to. Your buyers can imagine themselves living in the house. This will help you sell your home quickly in Newark NJ.

4. Stage and Promote!

Half the houses selling well in the current market are due to three things; cleanliness, curb appeal, and staging!

Staging your house to make it appear aesthetically pleasing to the buyers is crucial to a successful sale.

If you walk into a nice furniture store, you will notice how furniture is staged in sections. This not only makes them look more appealing, but it also helps the buyers picture how the furnishing will transform their house.

You need to stage your house in such a way that helps the potential buyers visualize living there. You need to use decoration and lighting in such a way that captures the eyes.

Make the house look appealing without any personal touch. Remove photo frames and personal mementos that make the house look like it is being lived in.

If you are not being able to stage well, consider hiring a professional home stager. Once your house is staged, make sure you promote it on social media to attract more buyers. You can also give virtual tours, which will help remote buyers have a look at your house.

This might require you to work with the bestfit out company. Make sure that you are not going overboard in terms of the remodeling. You can go for themes that would be widely appreciated by a wide-cross section of the buyers. Don’t go for anything that would be polarizing in nature.

5. Set the Right Price

Setting the right price is so important. If you set a price that is too low, you will fail to make a profit. If you set a price too high, your house will stay stuck in the market for a long time.

There is a price “goldilocks zone”, which you should aim for. A price that is not too high or low, just right to make a successful sale.

If there are any houses in your neighborhood that are being sold or recently have been sold, you should learn their prices. You should also check local house prices of the same size and capacity, to establish your price.

Remember that things like remodeling and repair will help you get a better price. If you have a realtor, it will be a good idea to discuss with them before you set a price. Since they know more about the market, they can help you choose the right price for your house.

You can also decide to put your house on auction and let the buyers decide what price is fair for your home. Although beware, you may get less than you would if you went through traditional means of selling your home but you do get to sell your home right away which is the biggest benefit.

6. Be Mindful with Remodeling

A lot of sellers think that remodeling will help them get a better price for their house. The first thing to aim for is repairs. Do not skip out on any repairs because that is one of the crucial aspects for potential buyers.

You have to be very mindful about the updates you choose to make. Don’t be too confident in thinking you can make up the money you spent by selling at a higher price. What might be new and exciting to you, may not be the same for your buyer.

Remember to look at your house with an objective point of view and always focus on the buyers, not your own wishes. Be very critical when choosing what to remodel.

Usually, the most successful remodeling jobs focus on the kitchen. Nice kitchens sell, even with buyers who don’t cook too much!

Other good remodeling jobs focus on curb appeal and landscaping. You can update your front and backyards, which might make your house look more attractive.

This might require you to work with the best fit out company.Make sure that you are not going overboard in terms of the remodeling. You cango for themes that would be widely appreciated by a wide-cross section of thebuyers. Don’t go for anything that would be polarizing in nature.

7. Find the Right Realtor

If you are not selling your house to direct buyers, you will need a realtor. They have all the right connections and know the tricks of the trade that will help your house sell. But, it is crucial to find the right one.

If you feel like your realtor is not doing or helping enough, you should consider finding another. Remember that seasoned realtors can sell a shack while an amateur realtor won’t be able to even sell a castle.

Do some online research, and check testimonies and reviews. Reach out to other sellers who worked with the realtor and ask questions if they are willing to answer. Reading reviews really do help you make a sound decision. If you choose the right realtor, they will guide you with every step of your house sale.

8. You Have to Tolerate Snoopy Neighbors

Open houses don’t just attract potential buyers. It attracts a lot of aimless wanderers, bored people, and snoopy neighbors! Don’t be surprised if the entire neighborhood shows up at your door to look at your house.

Even if you know that they do not plan on moving two doors down the road, you will have to handle them with a smile. No one tells you this about selling your house.

Neighbors come in and check every part of your house. Some may compliment (sometimes sarcastically!) your house, others will make snide comments.

You just have to bite the bullet and stay calm. This invasion of privacy is inevitable, especially if your neighborhood is filled with disrespectful people.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be the person who feels regret after selling your house. Now that you know the things you need to know before selling your old home, make sure to use them to make a fast and successful sale.

Remember that you need to clean and declutter your house. Do all the crucial repairs and remodel only if it makes an impact. You need to be able to stage your house properly before you showcase your house. And last but certainly not the least, finding the right realtor is crucial, so choose wisely.

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