Let’s Take a Road Trip from Canal Winchester, OH to Columbus, OH!

If you’ve always wanted to take a road trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus, we have some sights you need to see along the way!

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Jan 21, 2021

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Taking a road trip is one of the easiest (and most fun) things you can do on a weekend. While you may think a road trip has to entail traveling across a few states, or even across the country, the truth is that just getting out on the open road to explore your own state is a great road trip idea. There are all kinds of places that are nearer to you than you might think that are worth checking out, some you may not even have heard of! 

That’s why day trips are a great idea because they make you get outside of your comfort zone to go and see something new and different. Ohio has all kinds of cool destinations that we think everyone should spend some time exploring, and the trip from Canal Winchester, OH to the capital of Columbus, OH is no different.

While this road trip is relatively short, there are all kinds of unique areas to see along the way. If you’re feeling the urge to take a road trip to someplace new and discover what you can see along the way, keep reading because we’re going to cover:

  • Where exactly Canal Winchester is
  • How to get from Canal Winchester to Columbus
  • Fun things to do on your road trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus

Where is Canal Winchester, OH?

Do you know exactly where this Columbus suburb is located?

Canal Winchester is a small town located southeast of Columbus. It is near other Columbus suburbs like Pickerington, Groveport, and Lithopolis. The town was incorporated in 1828 when work began on what was to be the Ohio & Erie Canal. Workers started to excavate through a local property owner, Reuben Dove’s, fields. Instead of suing the state for the trespassing, he was convinced instead to lay out a town. Along with fellow resident John Colman, Dove officially platted the town of Winchester in 1828. It was named after Winchester, VA, which was the hometown of Reuben Dove’s father.

As there were already multiple other locations in Ohio named Winchester, the name was eventually changed to Canal Winchester in 1841 to not only distinguish this town from the others, but to pay homage to the canal that allowed the village to prosper. The addition of a post office and the arrival of the railroad solidified Canal Winchester, and it was officially incorporated as a village in 1866.

Today this suburb has a lot going for it. If you’re looking for a place that has small town vibes and a strong sense of community, Canal Winchester is it. It’s also close enough to the big city, so that if you need to commute for work, or just want to explore all the cultural attractions available in Columbus, you most certainly can. 

How to get from Canal Winchester to Columbus

Take a road trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus!

person driving on a road trip
A road trip from Cana Winchester to Columbus is fun and an easy drive!

If you want to take the trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus, you have a couple of options. Depending on where you are in Canal Winchester, it may be convenient for you to take the bus into Columbus. When you don’t have to worry about a car, it can be a very liberating feeling! You won’t need to worry about parking, and once you’re in Columbus, you can navigate the public transportation to see everything you want to see. The Number 5 bus will take you into the city and runs hourly.

It will take around 48 minutes, but you can always use that time to read, listen to music, relax, or just look out the window at the beautiful scenery.

However if you’d like to take your time and explore some of the sights and sounds along the trip, then we recommend you get in your car and take a road trip! When you’re in control, you’ll be able to explore some of the areas in Canal Winchester, a few sights along the way, and then look around even more when you get to Columbus. Although it only takes you around 20 minutes, there is a lot to stop and check out along the way. 

Fun things to do on a road trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus

Check out these interesting attractions on your next road trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus!

Bergstressor covered bridge in Canal Winchester
Covered bridges are always a fun road trip destination. Image courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Bergstresser Covered Bridge

Take a step back in time with this interesting attraction in Canal Winchester

627 Washington St | Canal Winchester

If you’re a fan of covered bridges, then before you start your road trip, you’ve got to stop and check out the Bergstresser Covered Bridge. It was built in 1887, and allowed early residents of the area to cross the Little Walnut Creek. It is very well preserved, and located in a beautiful area along a walking path. The bridge no longer supports heavy traffic, but it is ideal to stroll across and admire the interesting architecture. 

“A fun place to go on a date! Bring your own food and drink and enjoy a stroll have a seat on the bench and enjoy! It's super romantic especially at night!” -Yelp Review

Walnut Woods Metro Park

Take some time to explore the great outdoors and take in the beautiful Ohio scenery

Walnut Woods Metro Park near Canal Winchester
We could always use more time to destress and unwind outside. Image courtesy of Yelp.

6723 Lithopolis Rd. | Groveport

As you make your way out of Canal Winchester, we suggest you next stop at Walnut Woods Metro Park. This is a fantastic place to disconnect with the hectic world and take some time to relax and enjoy nature. Walnut Woods would be a great place to go and stretch your legs on a hike, or if you like to bike, to take a turn on some of the trails. Depending on what season you visit, you can not only walk around and enjoy the peaceful trails, but you could also take a picnic lunch and enjoy eating outside!

If you have a four legged friend, there’s also a dog park that they’re sure to enjoy as well.

“it's a lovely park to immerse yourself in nature. The pines are pretty and smell good. The path has parts in open fields and also within the wood.” -Yelp Review

Motts Military Museum

Learn about the stories of those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice

5075 S Hamilton Rd. | Groveport | mottsmilitarymuseuminc.com

If you’re looking for an interesting museum that’s a little different from your typical art or history museums, consider stopping by the Motts Military Museum in Groveport. While there is quite a lot of history to take in, the focus of this museum is on the first hand accounts of soldiers who served and bore witness to wartime events. If you have an interest in the military experiences of soldiers from the Revolutionary War all the way through to Desert Storm, you’ll want to stop by this interesting place.

In addition to military gear, this museum also offers a one of a kind collection of medals and even a special exhibit on prisoners of war and their experiences.

“We loved this place. Took two of our kids and both enjoyed it. It doesn't seem like it is big from the outside but they have a ton of stuff and the people are very passionate about the museum.” -Yelp Review

The Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm

Fill up on all kinds of fantastic produce!

3341 Winchester Pike | Columbus | wittenfarm.com/smith-farm-market

As you get closer to Columbus, make sure you take the time to stop at Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm. This year round farmer’s market has all you could ever want when it comes to seasonal fruits and vegetables. But did you know there’s also a popular bakery as well? That’s right, some of that delicious local produce is turned into pies, cheesecakes, cookies, pastries in addition to jellies, jams, and fruit butters.

They also stock local meats, cheeses, and honey so make sure you make it a point to check out this fan favorite!

“They have a bakery, ice cream, and local Ohio made items throughout. It was a great little stop this afternoon when looking for fresh local produce.” -Yelp Review

Book Loft of German Village

Support local, small businesses with a visit to this book store

631 S 3rd St. | Columbus | bookloft.com

Once you’re in the city, make it a point to visit the popular Book Loft of German Village. This wonderful, independent bookstore is housed in a pre-Civil War building, and its 32 rooms are filled with a variety of books from every genre you can imagine. In addition to discounted books, there are all kinds of games, calendars, merchandise, and puzzles for you to check out too!

“I love books so this book store was my dream to visit. There are 32 rooms of discounted books and they have many other things there too (games, puzzles, book marks, calendars, etc.).” -Yelp Review

If you’re making the road trip from Canal Winchester to Columbus, consider stopping by these fun attractions on the way! Where do you stop when you make this trip? Let us know in the comments!

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November 25, 2022
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