7 Common Old House Electrical Problems & How to Fix Them

Looking for solutions to some common old house electrical problems? Read this article to get your answers!

Common old house electrical problems
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Jan 21, 2021

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Electrical issues are inevitable when you are living in any kind of old house.

From minor wiring issues that can be resolved in minutes to major electrical issues that can take months to resolve. We have all endured such issues.

Read the article below to get a thorough idea of the seven most common electrical issues and how to fix them.

Seeking Professional’s Help For Electrical Issues

Having wiring and electrical circuit issues is one of the major problems when residing in the city.

In such cases, it is important that you understand the solution to the most common electrical issues that you face. So that in dire need, you will be able to solve the issue.

Not only that, but you should also have trusted electricians near you who will be able to solve the electrical issues that you might be facing. Many well-known cities in the United States of America, such as Ohio and Georgia, have met such an issue.

If you are residing in Georgia and have an electrical issue, you can definitely contact a trusted electrician in Georgia to help solve your problem.

7 Common Electrical Household Problems And Their Solutions 

In this section, we tried to jot down seven common electrical household problems and suggest possible solutions. You can find many of these common electrical issues if you are residing in an old home.

You can look into what to keep in mind before buying old houses

  • Overloading 

Your house might have bulbs with high levels of wattage or electricity that can be dangerous. This is regarded as a serious code violation.

This kind of issue can be very dangerous as the heat because of the high electricity can cause the socket to melt. This may result in sparks going too far into the wiring.

We recommend keeping the bulb current within the wattage limitation given for your area.

  • Power Dips and Sags

When electrical equipment is connected to a malfunctioning power grip, sags and dips frequently happen. Additionally, it happens if the grid is constructed from inferior materials.

When this occurs, it uses more energy when turned on. Unplugging your wires during storms is highly suggested as a solution to this issue.

  • Plug Falling Out of The Outlets

This means that the outlet has worn out with time and can no longer hold the plugs. And this can be extremely dangerous because any loose contacts can cause arcing, leading to a fire hazard.

It is highly recommended to replace any worn out outlets to avoid such issues in general.

  • Lack of Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters

A ground-fault circuit interrupter helps prevent shocks in wet areas, specifically in bathrooms and kitchens. If you do not have a proper GFCI, it can be life-threatening to you and your family.

A high-end solution would be to replace the receptacles with GFCI to avoid such an issue. You can add GFCI to the main electrical panel as well.

  • Overwired Panel 

An overwired panel means a panel that contains more than usual circuits as the number of single-pole breakers is greater than double-pole breakers.

And even if it is considered a code violation, the danger levels are very low compared to other electrical issues.

Adding a subpanel that will have more slots can help reduce any possible danger. You can replace the panel itself altogether.

  • Light Flickering 

Flicking of the lights would mean the wires connected to them are frayed. And whenever the cable is moving, it causes the lights to flicker.

While this may not be highly dangerous, it can cause a fire hazard if ignored consistently.

A suitable solution to this would be to contact the local electrical utility to understand the issue in-depth and replace the cable if necessary.

  • Issue With Aluminum Wiring 

Aluminum wiring is considered a substitute for copper wiring and is not safe with the standard household wiring system or code. In this case, the danger levels aren't directly related or significant, but they can still be a serious issue.

This is because aluminum may corrode when in constant contact with copper, leading to a possible fire hazard.

Hence, it is recommended to retrofit the aluminum wiring with a dielectric wire nut onto the aluminum connection. The nuts are specialized to prevent possible corrosion, thereby preventing any fire hazards.


Overall, we tried to outline all the common electrical issues you may face. And we hope you were able to find the necessary solutions to most of the electrical issues.

Even if the electrical issues can be easily solved by yourself, we do recommend seeking a professional electrician's help for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the biggest typical issue with electrical systems in households?

One of the typical issues with electrical systems is poor circuit connections.

Is the old wiring safe for use?

Since today's household systems are more advanced and protected with insulation, which makes them much safer, old wiring shouldn't be an issue as long as it is covered by copper.

How to detect if there is a problematic electrical system?

One of the biggest warning signs of electrical system problems is the flickering of lights and the smell of anything burning.

What can cause the electricity in the house to stop working?

The electricity in your house may stop working because of a tripped breaker. When an electrical circuit is overloaded, it often results in a tripped breaker.

How to diagnose electrical and wiring faults?

In order to diagnose electrical and wiring faults, you will have to switch off the main power. And with the help of a socket tester, you will be able to see if the circuit is working or not.

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