4 Parks In Dublin You Can Marvel For Free

With immaculate natural beauty, these parks will grant you opportunities to see the best Dublin has to offer

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Michael Calhoun


Jan 21, 2021

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Life is stressful. With jobs, children, taxes, and bills, it can be a lot. We all need a bit of time with nature here and then to find some sense of peace, to feel connected to our beautiful world, and take some time for ourselves. Peace and relaxation are important parts of keeping ourselves happy and healthy, which impacts on the way we live the rest of our lives. Scientists have proven that spending time in nature is a vital component of our mental and physical wellbeing, so why not make some time to give yourself some well-deserved time in the great outdoors? Dublin, OH offers some pristine parks, beautiful for their own reasons in all the varied seasons of the year. Read on to see some of the most spectacular wonders Dublin has to offer!

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The Parks

  1. Ballantrae Park
  2. Coffman Park
  3. Hayden Run Falls
  4. Highbanks Metro Park

Beautiful, Bubbling Ballantrae

With gorgeous sculptures and imposing boulders, this park is a feast for the eyes

kids playing in a large water fountain in front of large statue of three dancing hairs
Image courtesy of Visit Dublin Ohio

Dublin is a community known for having a beautiful visage of nature to enjoy, and Ballantrae is a testament to that variety of bountiful beauty. From sloping hills, walls of boulder and rock, and lush grass and tree areas, there is always something to explore and enjoy. This 32-acre park actually serves as the entrance to the Ballantrae community, a popular neighborhood of about 1000 homes that boasts as a “community for life” by offering homes that cater to all kinds of lifestyles, from homeraisers, to empty nesters, to easygoing retirees. As the welcome mat to this community, the park is designed to impress, and it does exactly that, with a 3.5-acre fishing pond, a series of waterfalls, and a public play fountain featuring water fountains and toys. At the top of a 20-foot hillock you’ll also find the main artisanal attraction, a 15-foot tall bronze statue of dancing hairs from internationally-famous artist Sophie Ryder. And if all of that weren’t enough, the park also houses Dublin’s municipal pool, with water slides, water toys, diving boards, lawn seating, and of course, a large leisure pool. All year round, Ballantrae has wonders for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Coffman Caters To All Ages

This beautiful park is in the heart of Dublin, and it’ll steal your heart too

a nice pool with a large slide

If you needed further proof that Dublin takes its parks seriously, all you need to do is head straight to the town center and lose yourself in the wilds of Coffman Park. At a whopping 105 acres, this natural utopia is home to Dublin’s City Hall, a historic cabin built in the 19th century, an amphitheater, a recreation center, a skatepark, two playgrounds, a number of shelter houses, five tennis courts, and two basketball courts. Wow. The park is also home to a number of festivals that bring in huge numbers of people, from the Kiwanis Frog Jump, the Halloween Spooktacular, and the Sherm Sheldon Fishing Derby, to the Dublin Irish Festival that boasts a 100,000 attendance count every year. The park has humble beginnings, as a 26-acre park in 1985 that had a handful of attractions to keep people coming, but it has grown over the decades with the unwavering support of the Dublin City Councils. Today, it’s the heart of the town’s social life too, with plenty of amenities to keep you interested, but also a great deal of unstructured space. As Fred Hahn, the city’s park director who has overseen Coffman’s development since 1985, puts it, “there’s a luxury to unprogrammed areas,” where anyone can come and lounge on a bench, have a picnic, or simply frolic in the outdoors. No matter what you want to do in the outdoors, Coffman Park has it all.

Get Ready For Fun At Hayden Run

Central Ohio’s best-known waterfall is a picturesque delight

beautiful waterfall in a cavern
Image courtesy of I Hit The Button

What excites the imagination more than a waterfall? The answer: a bigger waterfall. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Hayden Run Falls, a nature trail in the north of Dublin that features a 25-foot waterfall as well as a walking and hiking trail for anyone hoping to lose themselves in nature. The crest of the waterfall, meaning how far the water will actually fall forward from the top of the ledge, can range from 5 feet on a slow day, to 30 feet after a heavy rain. It’s truly a spectacular example of some of the small wonders that nature can provide in our own backyards. Despite the proximity to the rest of Dublin’s infrastructure, when you’re on the trail you can feel like you’re in the heart of the wilderness, with all of nature’s splendor on display all year round. You’re also able to bring your dog with you on the trail as long as you have a leash, so you get to share this sublime experience with your furry friend! For a fulfilling escapade to see one of nature’s most inspiring sights, Hayden Run Falls is a perfect choice.

All Nature, All The Time, At Highbanks

For a true celebration of everything to do with the outdoors, look no further than Highbanks

large rock formations in a river
Image courtesy of Metro Parks

We saved the biggest park for last. At 1200 acres, this behemoth of a park holds within its boundaries sights and sounds to explore for an entire lifetime: from the Olentangy State Scenic River, to deep ravines, and 100-feet high shale bluffs, this park is a true gem set in Central Ohio that promises to fill you with wonder at awe at every visit. There are dozens of activities to participate in: fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, picnicking. The park also has nature centers, day camps, and shelter houses that can hold 100 people for a gathering of significant size. If you’re looking for a more casual group outing, there are several picnic areas with grills and seating to accommodate you with your needs. No matter if you want to spend a day in isolation contemplating the spectacle of nature, or come with the kids for a frenetic afternoon of exploration and games, there is nothing but potential at Highbanks.

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Dublin is a role model when it comes to providing people with easy access to some amazing spectacles of nature. From breathtaking water features to magnificent rock formations, the parks on this list have it all when it comes to providing you with an ability to gain some peace of mind and appreciate the natural world. Which park is your favorite? Which attraction do you want to visit most? Let us know in the comments, we truly love to hear from you!

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October 16, 2018
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