25 Reasons Why You Should Move to Westerville Right Now

Find Out What Makes Central Ohio’s Largest Suburb the Perfect Place For You

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If you’re looking for a place to move, add Westerville to the list. This sprawling Ohio suburb has a diverse economy and has excellent housing options--no matter if you’re a family of one or a family of ten, Westerville has what you’re looking for.

Westerville’s schools, civic amenities, small shops and big stores, many restaurants, and numerous houses are located in one of Ohio’s more spacious and wooded areas. The convenience of a city is perfectly balanced with the attractiveness of a more secluded area, which contributes to Westerville’s charming atmosphere.

The land that is now Westerville was first settled in 1810, and officially recognized in 1858. Throughout the years, Westerville has built up a reputation for quality housing, excellent education, and strong community. 

If you’re looking for a list of reasons why you should move to Westerville right now, continue reading!

  • What Makes Westerville So Wonderful?
  • Places to Go and Things to Do
  • 5 Restaurants and Bars We Love

What Makes Westerville So Wonderful?

Reasons Why Westerville Is Such a Great Place to Live

westerville skyline
The abundance of trees is just one of the reasons why Westerville is so beautiful.

Convenient and wholesome living

Big cities are convenient, nobody can deny that. Despite elevated levels of air and noise pollution in addition to higher crime rates and cost of living, cities are attractive to many people. Thankfully, Westerville is able to provide all the benefits of a city without a city’s negative qualities.

Located 20 minutes away from Columbus, commutes into the city for work are quick and easy. The average commute time is around 21 minutes, a vast improvement for many.

Around 40,000 people live in Westerville, making it Central Ohio’s largest suburb. But Westerville’s size and layout help avoid 

Plenty of history all around you, from historical buildings to history tours

Westerville has a rich history. With over a dozen buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, Westerville’s oldest building was built in 1820 by Gideon Hart. When taking a tour of Westerville, you can appreciate the care and love that has gone into preserving its history and ensuring that people for generations to come will be able to visit the gorgeous old homes--some of which are over a century old!

Education is valued in Westerville--a high ranking school district and university located right here

Over twenty total schools in the district, including 3 high schools. Serving a culturally and economically diverse population, Westerville school district is the 10th largest school district in Ohio and meets the needs of its 14,000 students.

With a high school graduation rate 16% higher than the national average, Westerville has proven their dedication to providing quality education to their students. Not to mention their school test scores are 64% higher than the national average--not an easy accomplishment, and certainly a testimony to the capabilities of Westerville teachers.

Located in Franklin County, Westerville is looked up to as the epitome of equality and education. Westerville’s Otterbein University, founded in 1847, was the first higher education institution to welcome women with no restrictions, the first with women faculty members, and one of the first to admit non-white students. Otterbein is located in the heart of uptown Westerville and attracts students from all over. In addition to Otterbein, Westerville is in close proximity to a number of 2-year and 4-year universities, including those geared towards graduate education.

Home ownership is a reality for many of Westerville’s citizens

Westerville is a 65% residential area, and with 75% owning their homes has one of the highest rates of home ownership in Ohio. Home ownership is a dream for many, but some consider the financial costs too prohibitive. But Westerville can make home ownership a reality.

Visit HER, REALTORS® and view the gorgeous properties available in Westerville right now.

Electric, water, first responders--Westerville has a full array of city services

An electric division servicing Westerville, one of Ohio’s best water divisions, community rec center, and many other city services that help to make Westerville such a wonderful place. Westerville is proud of its ability to offer residents a wide range of quality services to attend to their needs.

Plenty of employment opportunities

Average household income is 54% higher than the US average and 68% higher than Ohio’s average. Even during a pandemic, Westerville has managed to keep unemployment rates down, which is a testimony to its dedicated community and economic strength.

Places to Go and Things to Do When You’re In Westerville

From Festivals to Parks, Westerville Has it All

Westerville’s charming historic Uptown District is a great place to spend the day

Antique stores, florist shops, beauty salons, and more will keep you entertained and busy when you visit Westerville’s Uptown District. Community led, the Uptown District is on a mission to strengthen Westerville’s community and create resources and leadership opportunities for local business owners. 

Uptown hosts a beer festival, is known for its sustainability efforts, and, as a historic district, is a point of pride for locals. 

Gorgeous outdoor locations--including Inniswood, Millstone Creek Park, and Alum Creek

Filled with parks, playgrounds, and grassy spots perfect for picnicking, Westerville is also home to Alum Creek--if you’re looking for a place to kayak or boat, look no further! In addition to its parks, Westerville has over 20,000 trees, which is one tree for every two citizens. 

Westerville, also known as a City within a Park, has a Parks and Recreation Department dedicated to creating and upkeep the 41 separate parks and recreation facilities. As a testament to the department’s strong management and development skills, they’ve been awarded the Gold Medal Award for park stewardship four times--an impressive accomplishment!

Inniswood Metro Gardens, with 123 acres of theme gardens and plant collections, is free--it even has a storybook themed garden perfect for children to explore! 

Arts and entertainment opportunities abound--Theatre, bands, symphony orchestras, and more!

With a theatrical group, symphony, garden club, and more, Westerville is sure to meet the needs of anybody looking for a creative organization. And if you aren’t joining, there are still plenty of ways you can become involved with these clubs and groups--whether by visiting Westerville’s local art galleries or attending band concerts, you’ll find Westerville’s art and entertainment scene welcoming.

Westerville’s Music and Arts Festival is an annual attraction

Drawing over 18,000 people and hosts each year, the Westerville Music and Arts Festival has been going strong for 47 years, boosting the local economy and providing a weekend of fun and music.

This annual tradition is one of Westerville’s proudest achievements, a can’t-miss event for everyone in the family. In addition to musical performances there are over 20 food vendors, making this festival a feast for the ears and the stomach.

Westerville has its own Hoover Dam

You don’t have to travel far to experience the Hoover Dam--Westerville has its own Hoover Dam Park, which is a great place to kayak, hike, play Frisbee, or picnic. This popular location is a favorite of locals, especially during the summer. And, yes, there really is a dam!

Escape from daily life and relax in Westerville’s own great outdoors. Explore the trails, do some fishing, or simply sit and enjoy the scenery. 

5 Restaurants and Bars We Love in Westerville

Moving to Westerville Will Bring You Closer to These Delicious Spots

Perfectly done eggs with a side of roasted potatoes make for the ideal brunch. Image courtesy of Westerville Grill.

Westerville Grill

This classic American diner serves breakfast all day, but don’t be fooled, their lunch and dinner menus are delicious too! Hand made burgers, slow roasted beef pot roast, omelettes, and more adorn their menu.

When you dine here, expect to be awed by their interior, which is covered in 1950s artwork and has a nostalgic feel to it. Turn this dining experience into a family tradition by coming here every weekend for breakfast--their french toast never disappoints!

101 Beer Kitchen

Craft beer and rustic food served at this local spot are sure to win you over. 101 Beer Kitchen helps you pair seasonal dishes with craft brews for a perfectly complimentary meal. Although their food presentation is high end, they proudly self-identify as an unpretentious restaurant dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of friendliness and familiarity. 

Eating here is comfortable, uncomplicated, unpretentious, and overall an amazing experience that will keep you coming back for more. Because their menu changes to reflect the season’s offerings, you’ll never get tired! 

Fresh, local ingredients are used in many of the dishes--enjoy house-made soft pretzels and a crispy lemon chicken entree and they’ll guide you to the best drink pairing. 

Good Vibes Winery

This winery is proud to serve Ohio made wine using grapes from all around the world. Good Vibes Winery provides an authentic wine tasting experience in the heart of Westerville--you’ll be amazed by the experience they provide.

Located in one of Westerville’s historic buildings, Good Vibes is a great place to meet up with friends or host a wine and cheese tasting. You can also book this location for weddings, retirement parties, and other events.


Located in uptown Westerville, this Mexican restaurant is dedicated to serving quality food and beverages. Tostadalicious doesn’t use products containing hydrogenated oils or chemicals or high fructose corn syrup. In addition to this, they source the ingredients for their delicious fruit corn salsa from local farmers and adapt the recipe to fit the season.

With signature sauces and artfully made burritos, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your Mexican food cravings. 

Asterisk Supper Club

Exclusive and inclusive, that’s the Asterisk Supper Club. They blend an eclectic interior with classy afternoon teas and a comfort food menu including such features as warm rosemary focaccia, spicy sesame tuna, and rustic smoked mozzarella ravioli. 

This sophisticated atmosphere will automatically transport you back in time--Asterisk provides a true dining experience. One look at their gorgeous antique furniture, dark wood tables, and elegant teacups will tell you that this is an establishment unlike any other. 

Visit Westerville and See For Yourself What Makes This City So Special

Spend the Day Here and You’ll Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life Enjoying Westerville!

When you’re looking for a place to move, make sure to add Westerville, Ohio to the list. This place may seem unassuming, but it’s packed with charming shops, historical sites, delicious restaurants, beautiful homes, employment opportunities, quality education, and much more. 

There are many reasons why you should move to Westerville--take a day trip to this welcoming city and find out for yourself why everyone loves living in Westerville.

Main image courtesy of Facebook.

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