Where Have You “Bean” All My Life? Guide to Places to Get Coffee in the Powell, Ohio Area

Coffee Shops and Cafés in Powell, Ohio

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Jan 21, 2021

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Top of the day to you! Approximately 64% of Americans start their day with a good ol’ cup of Joe. People like it black, with cream, with sugar, with cream and sugar, fair trade, unique, mainstream, or from a mom-n-pop shop. However you like your coffee, there are plenty of options. There’s even like totally a Starbucks and Tim Hortons. With the high demand for coffee, you may be trying to scout out the nearest place to drink coffee or seek out a coffee shop to write, get homework done, or just relax. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur, a coffee shop recluse, or just someone who enjoys a cup of coffee, there are many options for you in the Powell, Ohio area. 

In this article we have selected many places to go for your convenience and because we care to help you find a nice hot cup of coffee. These are the things that we will bring to your attention to:

  • Many Benefits of Drinking Coffee
  • How to Navigate the Powell Area Through Exploring The Best Places to Get Coffee
  • Tell us About Your Favorite Coffee Places in the Powell Area
Grab a cup of coffee in Powell Ohio. This image shows a set of different coffees on a table.
Enjoy the many selections and aesthetically pleasing set up of many of the coffee shops in the Powell area and boost your health at the same time. Image courtesy of We Are The Local.

Benefits to Drinking Coffee

How Coffee Drinking Can Be a Healthy Habit

There was a song, which lyrics said, “ C-O-F-F-E-E, don’t drink too much coffee, not for children is this Turkish brew, hurts the brain and the nervous system, too *add in twitch*, take this advice from me, have a nice cup of tea.” While this jingle is fun to sing in choir as a round, it actually is untrue. Harvard Medical school provides the scoop on the various ways that coffee is good for you. Despite the negative list of things that medical professionals thought, those presumptions are now being rebutted by medicine. Some doctors even prescribe their patients coffee and 3-5 cups per day, which can correlate with having a longer life.

These are the healthful benefits of indulging in your favorite cup of coffee:

  • Protects against type 2 diabetes
  • Decreases the likelihood of getting Parkinson’s disease
  • Uterine and liver cancer are less likely to develop in the body
  • There are reassurance from medical professionals that you are less likely to contract cirrhosis
  • The coffee drinker is less likely to get gout

Overall, drinking coffee in moderation is healthy to the body and is a fun social activity in Powell, Ohio. There are several places to curb that coffee craving--so many, in fact, that finding a coffee shop is a fun way to navigate Powell.

This is a sunset view of Powell Ohio. It is a great place to find a great cup of coffee.
Get to know your neighborhood in the most delicious way possible--by going to different coffee shops. Image courtesy of Columbus Underground.

Using Coffee Places to Navigate Powell Ohio

Get to Know The Area While Curbing your Coffee Cravings

Since coffee shops reign supreme on many blocks in Ohio, it is a great way to get to know the area through navigation and the culture of people that spend their time in coffee shops. Fellow coffee drinkers often travel together and are all looking for the best cup of coffee in town. A fun activity you may want to do is compare and contrast coffee places in the area.

By the end of your explorations in Powell Ohio, you will be saying, “Deja Brew!”

10 Places to Get Coffee in Powell

Places That Are Sure to “ Mocha” You Crazy

Espresso 22 

“Espresso” yourself through trying the many coffees that Espresso 22 has to offer. Espresso 22 serves One Line Coffee in the heart of downtown Powell. This brand manifests into the delicious coffees listed above. You can also enjoy wraps, flatbreads and breakfast sandwiches and baked goods with your coffees.

This Powell Ohio coffee shop is perfect for sitting down to study and enjoy your cup of coffee. The community that this coffee shop, along with nearby galleries, boutiques, and the farmer’s market, creates is a close-knit and caring space. You will feel this aura if you are new to Powell. Welcome to Powell! Even if you have never heard of this place, try it,  better “latte” than never.

Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies 

Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies is sure to brighten your day by its 1950’s style diner appearance and its coffee and cookie pairings. If you would like to pump yourself or the kids with sugar before going to the zoo in Powell, this tasty establishment is on the way. You can get cookies, brownies, and delicious coffees.

The made-from-scratch treats have a lot to offer with their Crimson Cup coffee. Enjoy a brew-tiful day while eating some of your favorites: take n bake cookie dough to recreate this magic at home, whoopie pies, cakes, cupcakes, and indulge in sugar, red velvet, chocolate chip, butterscotch, and many other types of cookies. There are gluten-free options available.

Dell’s Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee 

This local establishment is something to be reckoned with--not only do they provide many coffee flavors, but, also, the gamut of ice cream, sorbets, donuts, and bagels. Affectionately known as a “shining sugar beacon” provides mocha chip, E.T, and other ice cream classics. Do they have shakes and sundaes? You betcha!

Coffee drinkers are sure to love the Dellagatto--ice cream served with hot espresso. Or even try your choice of espresso over ice cream. This will make you say, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Their cold, thick, creamy, and delicious ice creams go great with their many coffee options. Pardon my French roast, but Dell’s Ice Cream is so friggin good!

Highline Coffee

According to local breakfast seekers and travel writers, Highline Coffee is an inexpensive, one-room coffee shop that quells your coffee cravings. The comprehensive coffee offerings and high quality coffee makes this place a must-go. While it is small, therefore is not the type of place to go and study, it is an intimate setting to get some high quality coffee and go about your day. Many people come across Highline Coffee when taking a stroll and it is a great find. 

Customers enjoy this quaint community shop that serves the Worthington area. One of their coffee specialties is the Highline Hazel, they offer Ethopian coffee beans for sale, espressos, and a chance to mix and match your drinks with different coffees and syrups. They also provide some gluten free snacks. 

Olentangy River Brewing Company 

While Olentangy River Brewing Company is a short drive away from Powell, in Columbus, it is definitely worth the travel. As a dual coffee shop and brewery, it meets your beverage needs no matter the time of day--whether day or night. At Olentangy River Brewing Company, they provide many coffees and craft brews. At this place you will find yourself living la vida “mocha”.

This local establishment provides a tap room, food truck service, and Roosevelt Coffee. The impact of their coffee is not only delicious, but life changing as their, “roaster support initiatives that fight hunger, unclean water, and human trafficking.” They offer a wide variety of espressos, coffees, iced coffees, and shots of various flavors. Their beer highlights are their guava beer, tapricot, and sofia among many others.

Nearby the Olentangy River, this location is perfect to observe a scenic area and drink your coffee or beer. Even with the beverages that burst with flavor, this place is a fun way to meet people. Since it attracts fun-seekers, coffee drinkers, beer drinkers, and runners all in the same place, it has a hopping social scene. Runners gather for Run Club every Tuesday night at 7:00pm to enjoy the amazing area. Join the club of friendly people by trying Olentangy River Brewing Company.

Kung Fu Tea 

Kung Fu Tea is more versatile than just the coffee-lovers dream, but it is a place to meet with our tea-drinking friends, as well. In the variety of drinks available, Kung Fu Tea packs a powerful punch. Their coffees are unique by blending the Kung Fu Tea style with American classic coffee blends creating signature coffee, caramel macchiatos, cappuccinos, and mochas. The offering for teas and drinks include: milk caps, milk tea, iced tea, bubble tea, milk strike, yogurt drinks, smoothies, and seasonal favorites (i.e. brown sugar ginger, and pumpkin spice oolong milk tea). Customers rave about the delicious offerings and customer service. For example, one customer quips, “It's been 10 minutes, and I'm due, for another drink from Kung Fu.”

Duck Donuts 

While you may be familiar with Dunkin Donuts, this is Duck Donuts. Don’t get it twisted, this place will knock your socks off, too. Every donut they make at this local establishment is made to order from scratch. You can taste the love and care in each bite. Duck Donuts is a great way to start the day and some customers have even ordered their donuts for birthday parties and corporate events. Their popular dishes include: maple bacon donuts, french toast donuts, apple strudel donut, and the flip flop donut. If there is a donut that they do not have, they allow you to create your own with various toppings and drizzled sauces for $1.50 per donut.

Duck Donuts coffee is something to quack about, as well! They offer fresh hot or cold brews and a coffee bucket for those who are sharing. Their seasonal espressos, especially will give that extra boost to your day. These speciality flavors include: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cookie Butter White Mocha and Salted Caramel Mocha.

Rollin Stogies 

Rollin Stogies is an establishment that caters to a mobile crowd. It was started by an Ohio-native that trained to be a sommelier and moved across the U.S to share her gift. After developing a taste for cigars, whiskey, and other indulgences, Corrine P started this joint to appeal to people in the Powell Ohio area. 

This is a place to enjoy cigars, taste delicious chocolate, play life-size chess, fraternize with other people in the Ohio area, and enjoy  their fully-equipt espresso bar. They also offer wine and fine spirit tastings with a trained sommelier to recommend the best drink choice for you if you need help choosing. Rollin Stogies is more like a luxury amenity on wheels, therefore, they are the one stop shop for weddings, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other types of events.

Winans Chocolates + Coffees 

Dublin’s beloved coffee shop . Most people come to this place out of serendipity and customers report that they are extremely happy to find this shop. What’s better than the combo of chocolate and coffee? This family-owned establishment entices visitors with their variety of roasts available for purchase

Winans Chocolates and Coffees menu dazzles all newcomers and regulars with options sure to satiate your sweet tooth for just a regular day or for a holiday to gift to others. They have unique coffee flavors like Campfire S'mores, Maine Blueberry, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Swiss Almond, Toasted Coconut, and Vanilla Hazelnut. These coffee flavors pair perfectly with their fresh made candies and gourmet chocolates. You will definitely feel like a kid in a candy shop with all the amazing variety and it fulfills any IRL Charlie and The Chocolate Factory fantasies. The classic chocolates include: Bavarian Mints, Butter Creams, Chocolate Covered Caramel, Coconut Almond Bliss, Cookie Dough, Honeycomb Chip, Mint Patties, Maple Cream, etc. 

In addition to classic chocolates they offer premium chocolates, chocolates for special occasions (i.e. Bourbon Cherries for Father's Day), dipped goodies like oreos covered in chocolate or your favorite fruit, gourmet nuts, chocolate dipped bones for your pets at home, and peanut brittle.

The mouthwatering variety is astounding. Try the different sweet treats at Winans Chocolates and Coffees.

Gardenia Market

Be an adventurer and try the newly established Venazualen cafe: Gardenia Market. This quaint shop in Dublin, OH will entice your taste buds with fresh empanadas and an array of coffee options and has beautiful historic architecture, such as the great outdoor patio. Some other favorite menu items include: Scramble egg “periquete”, shredder beef, black beans topped with fresh white cheese and 4 arepas. Their drinks that customers enjoy and rave about their flavor are the CBD infused drinks, organic teas, and crimson coffee.

What Are Your Favorite Places to Get Coffee in Powell?

Share your Coffee Drinking Experiences With Us

This exhaustive list could not nearly cover all the coffee shops in the area. Let us know the coffee places that you found and which ones on this list are your favorite. We value your opinion because you mean a “latte” to us. As this article is ending, and we had to leave you with one last pun, see ya later percolator.

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