The 12 Best Nail Salons in Powell Ohio

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379 West Olentangy Street Powell, Ohio 43065
(614) 793-7400
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Lydia Bernardo


Jan 21, 2021

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Let’s be honest, we all love a good mani-pedi. Whether you’re a frequent flyer that gets acrylics down on a bi-weekly schedule, or you only get your toes done for a special occasion, we love finding a salon that makes us feel at home.

Unfortunately, not every salon we go to is clean or gentle with our ticklish feet. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best nail salons in Powell, Ohio. No more worrying about new salons.

This list may even turn you into a frequent client. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the best nail salons in Powell.

Tiffany Nails

9705 Sawmill Rd Powell, OH 43065

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 (614) 734-9503

French tips with glitter from Tiffany Nails
Get a Full Set for $35. No appointment needed. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Tiffany Nails is a nail salon in Powell, Ohio that does services for men, women, and children. Their prices are rather reasonable. It is $35 for a new set of acrylics and $33 to $35 for a pedicure. For children under the age of 10 manicures are $12 to $15, and pedicures are $20 to $22.

Tiffany Nails accepts both cash and card. They have restrooms available for the public and take walk-ins. This means no need to schedule an appointment! So if you're in the area and in desperate need of pampering walk into Tiffany Nails.

Awesome nail salon! I made an appointment for 4 pm and was seated with no wait time. Lots of dip color options to choose from. They did a great job and paid attention to detail. The shop was clean and comfortable. I will definitely be coming back here for my next manicure. - Yelp Review

Elaine Nail Spa

9696 Sawmill Pkwy Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 446-0606

white nail manicure from Elaine Nail Spa
Come in to get yourself an acrylic refresh. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Elaine Nail Spa is located in Powell Ohio and takes both walk-ins and appointments. They have a Yelp and Facebook page so it is easy to see what promotions are going on. Students get a 10% discount when showing their student ID. There are other promotions but they don’t always last long so make sure to get in there quick!

Their prices aren’t online but you can always call to check prices or walk-in available. This is a great place to stop in when in need of some self-care time.

This is a great salon! Have always gotten me in right away, and give amazing pedicures. They really take their time to do it right. Check them out and you won't be disappointed. - Yelp Review

VDD Nail Spa

170 W Olentangy St Ste G Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 389-6021

white manicure from VDD Nail Spa
Long acrylics in any shape you want is no problem at VDD. Image courtesy of Yelp.

VDD Nail Spa offers all types of nail services, head-to-toe waxing, and eyelash services. VDD is a one-stop place to get all your pampering needs. They also take walk-ins, in case your nails need an impromptu appointment. The workers are very kind and will take care of all nails.

You can find out more about the services VDD offers on Yelp. On Yelp there are also photos from inside the salon including children’s pedicure chairs. This is a place that will pamper the whole family!

My daughter and I just got pedicures here. Brand new building with all new equipment. Loved the pedi chairs. Everyone was so friendly and I got the best pedicure I have ever had. - Yelp Review

CC’s Nail Spa

50 S Liberty St Ste 120 Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 505-0762

Website -

beautiful shades of purple on nails from CC's Nail Spa
All nail designs from CC’s are absolutely stunning. Image courtesy of Yelp.

CC's nail spa takes care of everyone. They offer a wide variety of nail services and facial waxing. Their website has a long list of the services offered and prices. We believe they are reasonably priced when compared to the finished product. This is the perfect spa to go to when in need of a pick-me-up.  

Visit their Yelp page to see all the beautiful pictures of the nails they have done. Your nails will be Instagram ready the minute you walk out of the salon. For holidays or birthdays consider purchasing a gift card. It’s super easy to buy online, no need to go into the salon.

I love CC's. Selena has been my nail technician for over three years and I love her work. I constantly get compliments on my nails. The spa is clean, inviting and friendly. Love this place! - Yelp Review

Orchid Nail Spa

31 E Olentangy St Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 781-0580

white manicure from Orchid Nail Spa
Orchid Nail Spa does nails for all ages. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Orchid Nail Spa is located in downtown Powell. Orchid offers nail services only. Because they only offer nail services, they take their time with every customer and treat you like family. They are very professional and take pride in their customers. They never disappoint.

Orchid does men’s nails too and every customer is offered a complimentary drink when they walk in. In addition to the amazing services this salon also takes pride in their cleanliness. Stop in to experience it for yourself.

Relaxing great place to go for a pedi. I enjoyed a soda complementary of the orchid and had a great pedi done soothing awesome massage. Good place to go to just relax or spend quality time with the wife! Both of us got pedis and they did fantastic job I highly recommend this place for men! I will definitely be coming back - Yelp Review

Creative Nails Spa

9711 Sawmill Pkwy Ste F Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 799-2227

Website -

light pink manicure from Creative Nails Spa
Beautiful baby pink manicure. Image courtesy of Yelp.  

Creative Nails Spa is a top-notch salon located in Powell. All customers are treated equally in a timely fashion. They care deeply about the cleanliness and happiness of their customers. Their services are considered a bargain in the nail salon world. A spa manicure is $20 and a spa pedicure is $30.

Their website has a full-page that lists all of their services. Creative Nails Spa also offers waxing and services to children under the age of 10. You can book an appointment online so there is no need to pick up the phone or wait for a walk-in. If you still aren’t sure if this is the salon for you check out their gallery!

Fantastic spot to get a full treatment for your nails! I came in with some messed up looking nail beds and left with a beautiful manicure! I was so pleased by the atmosphere and the great service that I received. I would happily come back here again! - Yelp Review

J & F Nail Salon

132 E Olentangy St Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 885-7777

Website -

white and gold manicure from J & F Nail Salon
J & F is the place to go for an occasion. Image courtesy of Facebook.  

J & F Nail Salon offers nail services, waxing, and custom spray tans. They take appointments, walk-ins, parties, and little ones just like their website says. The nail salon has been open since 1996 and is located just east of Powell’s historical downtown. The owners are Julie and Frank.

Their prices are pretty great. A classic manicure is $21 and a signature pedicure is $43. Their services page lists all services and prices. Contact them by phone, email, or stop in to schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed!  

Had a pedicure and gel manicure this week. The staff was very funny and laid back. They make appointments and take walk ins. Both my nails and toes look great. The salon is clean and calming. Highly recommend!! - Yelp Review

LV Spa Nails

4034 W Powell Rd Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 793-8281

ombre nail design by LV Spa Nails
Get an ombre design for any season. Image courtesy of Facebook.

LV Spa Nails is located in Powell. While it is unsure if they take walk-ins or not, it is best to call in advance. They offer traditional nail services and waxing. You can visit their Facebook page to see their nail designs and cleanliness of the salon.  

Their Facebook page has a list of services. Not all services listed have prices available, but feel free to contact them with questions or concerns. LV has been loved by many locals in Powell and is always welcome to accepting new customers.

Love this nail salon! They are super friendly always remember me and my girls! Great price for the luxury treatment you receive! I always walk in and get great service! I will never go anywhere else to have my pedicure and manicure done - Yelp Review

Rainbow Nails

9987 Sawmill Pkwy Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 734-9970

Website -

white nail manicure from Rainbow Nails
Get yourself some fresh nails for summer. Image courtesy of Yelp.  

Rainbow Nails Spa offers nail treatments and waxing. Services for children under the age of 10 have lower prices. They have all different types of manicures and pedicures ranging from the Express Manicure which is $12 to the Bombshell Pedicure which is $60. Find out more about their nail treatments on their website.  

Like mentioned, Rainbow Nails Spa does offer waxing. If interested, you can visit their waxing page on their website to find out what kinds of waxing they do and their prices. Contact them to book an appointment or to address any questions you may have.

Lovely place! New decor and equipment. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Pedicure was great and now my toes are ready for the beach! Give it a try! - Yelp Review

Spa Nail

9876 Brewster Ln Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 659-9333

neon yellow manicure from spa nail
Get a bright and bold color for summer time. Image courtesy of Facebook.

Spa Nail offers nail services and waxing. The salon takes care in the cleanliness of their salon. The spa is most likely cleaner now than before the pandemic. Their Yelp page describes the health and safety measures that are being taken and enforced in the salon. Cleanliness should be the least of your concerns when visiting Spa Nail.

This salon offers both walk-in and scheduled appointments. No matter the appointment you have, you will be treated politely and love the outcome. If you have questions about the services they offer or the cleanliness of their facility reach out to Spa Nail.

I have been getting my nails and waxing done here for my entire life and my mom has been coming here for over 15 years! They always fit me in last minute and always do a great job. The entire family is super sweet and every one of them does a great job. I highly recommend! :) - Yelp Review

The Natural Nail Spa

72 S Liberty St Powell, OH 43065

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(614) 985-3205

Website -

blue manicure from the natural nail spa
All nail designs by The Natural Nail Spa are flawless. Image courtesy of Facebook.  

The Natural Nail Spa offers nail treatments. The salon also has “Hair by Courtney” which offers waxing, hair cuts, and hair color. There is a service menu explaining the nails treatments and a Hair by Courtney section on the website explaining the hair treatments offered.

All prices are available on their website. Make sure to visit their Facebook page to look at some additional photos of nails. There are also many pictures of the inside of the spa. Reach out to The Natural Nail Spa to schedule an appointment.

I have been to The Natural Nail Spa numerous times over the last 3 years and was very happy every time. The technicians are always highly professional and the facility is super clean. I highly recommend giving them a try! - Yelp Review

Eco Nail Spa

250 W Olentangy St Powell, OH 43065

View homes for sale in 43065>

(614) 210-0099

Website -

light pink manicure from Eco Nail Spa
Gel manicure done by Eco Nail Spa. Image courtesy of Yelp.  

Eco Nail Salon is located in Powell and is by appointment only. Their website and Facebook page has their phone number listed so you can schedule an appointment. Their cleanliness is more important now than ever so stop in to welcome them to Powell and see how they are doing.

Their website and Facebook do not have any information on their services and pricing but you can contact them by phone or Facebook Messenger. Direct any question to them for information concerning Eco Nail Salon.

I've been going here for over three years and it is the cleanest, friendliest salon I've been to. Lots of color choices and a cash discount plus a money back club are awesome,try it I'm sure you'll love it too! - Yelp Review

If you have tried any of these salons, be sure to let us know. If not, definitely stop by to not only support the local salons but to also treat yourself. We all need a little “pick me up” every once in a while.

We compiled this list to make sure you go to the salon that best fits your needs. Whether you are looking for a fill or a Bombshell Pedicure, you can find it at one of these salons. Maybe you’ll become a frequent flyer at one of these salons.
If you have visited one of these salons or are considering moving to the area. Here is the list of homes for sale in Powell. It is always best to have a beautiful set of nails when looking for a new home!

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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September 9, 2020
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