Here Are Your Best Choice Hair Salons in Powell, OH

It’s time to make yourself over this Fall.

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379 West Olentangy Street Powell, Ohio 43065
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Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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Are you moving to the Columbus area? If so, you should definitely consider what towns have the best hair salons. One of which is Powell, OH, where they have the best hair stylists and salons in the entire Greater Columbus area. With HER, REALTORS® helping you pick a home, they can also recommend the best stylists around town. Without further ado, here is our list in no particular order of the best hair salons in Powell, OH.

The hair salon is an important part to your house hunting adventure, and where it is located does matter. You should trust us though, because after reviewing all of these salons, you will be ready to move to Powell, OH, and get your hair and makeup done to celebrate your new home with HER, REALTORS®.

Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spa

At Kenneth’s Hair Salon, you will be pampered from head to toe with the best and most knowledgeable stylists.

At Kenneth Hair Salons, they will treat you more than just a client. Image courtesy of Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spa.

Address: 9868 Brewster Lane, Powell, OH 43065

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Phone: (614) 548-5800


With eleven locations scattered around the Columbus area, Kenneth’s Hair Salon is geared towards not only providing you with a fantastic hair day, but also top-notch services led by professional stylists that are interested in knowing your style and what you are looking for. In case you are interested in moving to Powell, OH, you should consider getting your next hair cut or styling appointment at Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spa. Kenneth Hair Salons and Day Spa is ready to help you take on the day, especially on the day when you finally find that dream home.

I've  been going to this salon for a few years now, and I've always had a great experience!! The staff (Ashton usually cuts my hair) is super friendly and social! They do a great job of making conversation and giving you the hairstyle you are looking for!  - Yelp Review

J. Bentley Hair Studio and Day Spa

Hair styling just got an upgrade!

Don’t rely on the chain hair salons, consider booking your next appointment at a local salon with the best care possible, and where you are not treated as just a number. Image courtesy of J. Bentley Hair Salon and Day Spa.

Address: 8882 Moreland Street, Powell, OH 43065

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Phone: (614) 790-8828


No matter what style you are looking for, or the special occasion, J. Bentley is here to take care of each detail, from the most important to the smallest ones. J. Bentley proudly serves the Powell, OH, community by providing over twenty services to use at your disposal. If you are in the area for a wedding, J. Bentley is one that you should book an appointment at. From their spa services, such as a sauna therapy and other body treatments and wraps, to their hair salon services, you won’t have a shortage of choices when you are here.

If there is a wedding coming up, J. Bentley has the services ready for you. For their bridal services, they provide inexpensive bridal styling and make-up. Before you book your appointment, be sure to treat yourself to one of their day spa services, we recommend the body scrub and polish! This one will leave your skin feeling exfoliated and hydrated, with fresh ingredients and a natural glow to your skin.

I'd passed this salon and on a whim checked out their website, they seemed to have a lot of options, services and stylists. I figured, 'why not'? At the worst, I'll get the same 'lucky' cut. I chose to go to master stylist Marlo. She took plenty of time looking, touching, examining my hair, talking to me about what I wanted and what we could do. - Yelp Review

B Rose Beauty

Modernize your hair experience with B Rose Beauty.

After dropping their middle woman, in other words, their receptionist, B Rose Beauty is now introducing a more personable approach to speaking with your stylist on your look. Image courtesy of B Rose Beauty.

Address: 50 South Liberty Street, Suite 116, Powell, OH 43065

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When you think of the word beauty, we want you to think about yourself, and so does B Rose Beauty, where they are taking a new change in how they view the hair experience. B Rose Beauty promotes itself as a place where there is no judgement, and your hairstylist is only a text away. The booking process is also much simpler than other bigger salons. If you are a woman and you’re looking for a group of empowering women stylists, B Rose Beauty is here to save the day!

Just like your future home, your hair will be beautiful on the day when you, with the help of HER, REALTORS®, find the right house for you and your family.

The new salon in Powell is comfortable, bright & pleasant, with an atmosphere of happy stylists. I guarantee that you will be pleased and well-satisfied with your experience at b/rose beauty bar. - Yelp Review

Canvas Salon and Skin Bar

Whether it’s hair or skin that you need work with, Canvas Salon and Skin Bar will make you feel renewed.

A salon fit for everyone! Image courtesy of Canvas Salon and Skin Bar.

Address: 3893 West Powell Road, Powell, OH 43065

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Phone: (614) 336-3942


If you desire to have portrait style hair, or perhaps hair that is ready for your next selfie, Canvas Salon and Skin Bar has you covered! When you’re not seeking out the hair extensions that Canvas Salon specializes in, you should be looking out for the best deals that Canvas offers, like their deal for men’s haircuts on Tuesdays and Thursdays for only ten dollars! The canvas might be blank right now, but after you stop here, you’ll be in love with what these talented stylists come up with! Speaking of blank canvases, you should consider painting your dream home with HER, REALTORS®, where they make purchasing a home simple.

Both times I have gone, the girls are very sweet and accommodating. Very nice and clean facility. My appointment was easy to make and the girls are very professional. Both sessions were amazing but the second time I had with Leah J who is young but did a killer job. - Yelp Review

Hairapy Hair Studio

Do you need some TLC? Come to Hairapy, where it’s therapy for your hair.

Your hair is your crown, you should treat it as such. Image courtesy of Hairapy Hair Studio.

Address: 3967 Presidential Parkway, Suite E, Powell, OH 43065

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Phone: (614) 406-3101


We all need a little TLC, especially our own kind of therapy. If your hair is your favorite thing to do, and you enjoy every moment of styling it, especially when you are feeling down or stressed, you might need some hair-therapy. At Hairapy Hair Studio, you are not only walking into a salon, you’re walking into a sanctuary of peace and two women that act like the therapists that you need in your life, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for. Hairapy is your new form of therapy.

I went to Hairapy for a color correction- but ended up with my favorite hair color and cut yet. The owner Jodie was my stylist, and not only did she fix my box-dye mishap, she also gave my hair beautiful dimension and texture. - Yelp Review

Blended Beauty Co.

One hair and beauty salon that is ready to make a new move in the name of hair care.

Whether it’s an ombre, a balayage, or a new hair color or style, make sure it is the vegan way. Image courtesy of Blended Beauty Co..

Address: 10516 Sawmill Road, #26 Powell, OH 43235

Phone: (614) 896-1429


Here at blended beauty, you are able to reach your hair goals in an organic and vegan way. Blended Beauty Co. seeks to empower every woman that walks through their doors. With a simple booking process, and an amazing list of hair and skin services, you will not be leaving with disappointment. Trust in Jumana, the founder of Blended Beauty Co., with all of your styling and body care needs.

Okay, so I used to bleach my hair nonstop and went to finally dye it back to natural (black) back in October to another stylist. My bleached hair pieces started to show up in like 2 washes which was disappointing. Then Jumana came into my life!!!! It's been 2 months since I've dyed my hair black with her products and washed it about thirty times and it is still BLACK. - Yelp Review

Bella Perla Salon

Sophistication that never looked so reasonably priced!

If you are looking for sophisticated and elegant styles, Bella Perla is the salon for you! Image courtesy of Bella Perla Salon Yelp Review Page.

Address: 240 North Liberty Street, Suite P, Powell, OH 43065

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Phone: (614) 889-6644


The one thing that should be the most important thing when searching for a salon is how the stylists communicate with their clientele, and how their relationships are. If the stylist is like an old friend, and treats their clients like family, that is the salon you should be going to. At Bella Perla Salon, their philosophy is to go above and beyond for their clients. Whether it is a haircut or a new dye job, the stylists are there to get to know you and help you achieve your hair goals.

Amazing place. Super clean, friendly and every stylist is exceptional. Six private rooms which is perfect given the current Covid situation.Will definitely return! - Yelp Review

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

This one is for the guy’s! If you are a young, single man who just moved in, consider Roosters Men’s Grooming Center for a new hairstyle for your next date night!

Man admiring his new haircut at Roosters Men's Grooming Center.
Your hair never looked so good! Image courtesy of Roosters Men’s Grooming Center.

Address: 9733 Sawmill Parkway, Powell, OH 43065

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Phone: (614) 336-3666


With four locations in the Powell, OH, area, Roosters is dedicated to giving you not only the authentic feel of a barbershop experience, but also throwing in some modern amenities to make the barbershop feel more like home. Roosters is dedicated to quality service, and plans to always deliver no matter what the circumstances are. If you are on your way for a date night, Roosters Men’s Grooming Center is here to pamper you until it’s time to hit the town.

If I could give this place 10 stars I would! The haircut and shave looked amazing, the staff were super friendly, and the price was perfect for the level of service received. I highly recommend Alyssa as well. All in all, a great place that I will be returning to. - Yelp Review

Purchasing a home, whether it is your first home or your second, is the most important part of the moving process, but it is also the most stressful. Before packing your bags and moving to Powell, OH, we recommend checking each of these awesome hair salons out before committing to one.

Each of these salons, like the town of Powell, OH, treat everyone that walks through their door like family. Here in Powell, OH, you need to not only pick a stylist, but also choose HER, REALTORS® for your house buying needs, and make sure that your next home is close to one of these awesome hair salons. Trust us, you will not regret moving to Powell, OH, or regret visiting one of these salons. After you purchase your home and find your favorite choice of salon, you will no longer be a stranger, you will now be considered family, and hairstyling will be your new choice of therapy.

Hairstyling and buying a home go hand in hand, after you find and commit to a style, you will not want to go anywhere else, and you will be treated like family when you’re here in Powell, OH.

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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September 18, 2020
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