9 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Powell, Ohio

Sit back and let somebody else do the cooking for once. Get all of the tastiness with none of the effort right in Powell.

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379 West Olentangy Street Powell, Ohio 43065
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Jenalee Janes


Jan 21, 2021

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Everybody loves breakfast, but cooking it yourself can be such a pain. It’s time consuming, and trying to juggle making several different things at once when you’ve just woken up is just too much for the early morning. We think you should probably leave breakfast to the professionals. They know how to cook breakfast, and it is oh so good.

Here are the 9 best restaurants you need to try in (and around) Powell, Ohio:

Pablo’s is the dream place for some breakfast food you might not normally seek out. Image courtesy of Pablo’s Havana Cafe Facebook.

1. Pablo’s Havana Cafe

Pablo’s has been serving up this Cuban cuisine for five generations now. With recipes that originated in Spain and Cuba and have since been fused together, you can’t miss out on this ethnic menu. Pablo’s brand new breakfast menu mostly features savory options, but if you’re a big fan of eggs, beans, and chorizo, you’ll love their breakfast.

All of their dishes are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, so you can be sure that everything you’re putting into your body is of the utmost quality. Pablo’s also has ample, cozy space for private events if you’re looking to host a birthday or anniversary party with some amazing food. They also cater! If your workplace is looking for a fresh new place to order a breakfast spread from, check out the breakfast menu at Pablo’s.

“In town from Chicago to visit friends.  They took us for breakfast.  Spectacular.  I travel for work and I've not had better Cuban food.  I can't wait to come back to town for dinner at Pablo's.” - Yelp Review
Your next coffee break just got a whole lot better.

2. Espresso 22

Are you a coffee lover? Espresso 22 might just be your new favorite place to drop by for your caffeine fix on your way to work. With ethically sourced roasts brought to you by Ohio’s very own One Line Coffee, you can be sure that the coffee you’re drinking won’t just be delicious - it will also come from places that treat their workers fairly. Try it  with a mouthwatering pastry fresh out of the ovens at Der Dutchman.

At Espresso 22, you’re always welcome to come inside, make yourself comfortable - by yourself or with a few colleagues - to catch up on work or your latest creative project. If you’re in a bit of a hurry, though, don’t stress! You can also order ahead online and just swing through the Espresso 22 drive thru on your way to work. As a show of their appreciation for you, you can enroll in their rewards program, which earns you a free coffee for every ten you buy before it.

“I would go here again. It's the best coffee and maybe the best breakfast in Powell. The atmosphere is enhanced by an easy hip music soundtrack.” - Yelp Review
Eggs (and your other breakfast faves) made just the way you like them.

3. Scramblers

Are you an egg fanatic? Is the most egg-cellent start to your day a big plate of eggs? Do you love eating breakfast at any hour of the day? Scramblers could be your new favorite haunt in Powell, Ohio. Don’t let the name fool you - drop by for a plate of eggs cooked whatever way you like them. If you’re a fan of scrambled, sunny side up, over-easy, over-hard, as an omelet, or even poached, Scramblers can do it for you.

They’re also very conscientious of special dietary needs, so if you or a friend are looking for some gluten free or vegetarian options, check out the special menus on their website. You can order your breakfast to go ahead of time or stop in to sit down for a while. They even cater events so a spread from Scramblers might be the perfect way to bring a new kind of breakfast to the boardroom table.

“Love this place. The food is consistently amazing...Very friendly and fast service.  The place is always clean and the noise level even on a busy Sunday is low.” - Yelp Review
Country style cooking, right in your backyard. Image courtesy of Anne’s Kitchen Facebook.

4. Anne’s Kitchen

If you’re a fan of both supporting local businesses and amazing home cooked meals, Anne’s Kitchen is a local Powell favorite. With classic breakfasts cooked “southern style,” you’ll never have to worry about how to get yourself a hearty breakfast again at Anne’s. Stop in for biscuits and gravy, grits, chicken and waffles, or breakfast served up any other way you like it. They’re more than happy to alter your meal to make it the best for you.

Anne’s Kitchen has actually become a bit of a town celebrity in its own right in recent years. In 2018, it was the location of a shoot for one of Hallmark’s Christmas movies. The film, Country Christmas Album, features some of the very same Anne’s staff that you’ll see in person when you come to Anne’s. Their celebrity status might make it difficult to find a seat during their peak hours, but they will always do their best to accommodate you and the people with you.

“Delicious breakfast! Kind of a small blink and you miss it place, but it is ALWAYS crowded, and for good reason. Best brunch spot in Powell.  The omelets are amazing! The entire menu is amazing!” - Yelp Review
Pancakes are a breakfast classic, but why not try them with a greek twist?

5. Hellas Carryout

If you love breakfast but are looking to venture out into the unknown of breakfast foods, Hellas Carryout might be just what you’re looking for. Much of their menu is packed with Greek cuisine, so if you’ve never had spanakopita but are eager to try it, this is your chance! There are also traditional breakfast options on their menu, so you can take a picky eater and they’ll be fine as well.

Hellas is almost always packed from open to close, and unfortunately they don’t take reservations, so trying to get there early is probably your best bet. They have both indoor and outdoor seating (when weather permits), but it is limited. Stop into Hellas to taste some of the best food in the Columbus area.

“The place is packed, it speaks to the quality of the food. They have been in the area over 20 years I'm told. You will not be disappointed.” - Yelp Review
Being healthy has never tasted this good.

6. Be Fit Cafe

Love breakfast but prefer to put something you know is going to make you feel good in your body? Be Fit Cafe is your one stop shop for the health conscious person who also loves tasty food. From açai bowls to egg wraps to a wide array of smoothie options, if you’ve got a breakfast craving, Be Fit Cafe has got you covered.

It is the mission of everyone at Be Fit Cafe to serve good food that is going to make everyone who walks through their doors feel good. In every single one of their meals, they use no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or flavors, and only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients - so you know that what you’re getting is healthy for you.

“I stumbled upon this by accident while headed to Planet Smoothie after a long workout. The service was great and the food was even better!” - Yelp Review
All of your breakfast favorites are at your fingertips at Sunny Street Cafe...as well as a few unexpected treats.

7. Sunny Street Cafe

Okay, technically this one isn’t actually in Powell, but since it’s only a short drive away in neighboring Dublin, we’re including it. Once started by a dad, Sunny Street Cafe is now run by that dad’s children. If you love a family owned and operated business that can meet your expectations but also surprise you, Sunny Street Cafe is the place to be.

Stick with a classic hearty breakfast, packed with eggs, pancakes, your choice of meat and another side, or try something unexpected with the Country Omelet, which loads sausage, gravy, and hashbrowns into an omelet along with some other classic flavors. Sunny Street Cafe also does catering, so if you’re worried about what you’re going to feed guests at your kid’s graduation party, they know how to feed a lot of people.

“The servers now know me and my family when we go on Saturday or Sunday. I like the place so much that I now have my business networking group meeting there on Wednesdays during the week.” - Yelp Review
Discover some new flavors you might not have expected when you order your pancakes with buckwheat or cornmeal.

8. The Pancake House

Located in nearby Lewis Center, The Pancake House is the best place near Powell to go if you’re in search of pancakes. With the look and feel of a classic American diner, you’ll feel right at home every time you step into The Pancake House. They love to serve you classic meals here, but you might also find a few surprises as well.

There are classic pancakes, of course, but you can also find some made from cornmeal or buckwheat - and if you ask nicely, they’ll fill or top them with some special flavors. They also offer a variety of omelets and breakfast sandwiches, as well as an oatmeal bowl that you can add a few different toppings to. To make things even better, this Lewis Center location is also home to a gelato menu that makes authentic gelato right on site!

“First time here & we were delighted with the service, food quality & affordability. Very pleasantly surprised with all the gluten-free options... including pancakes!” - Yelp Review
You will not want to miss out on these hot and fresh donuts dressed up whatever way you like them.

9. Duck Donuts

Just a short trip away from Powell, Duck Donuts is a must for all of your donut-y needs. Though they began in a small town called Duck in North Carolina, they have since begun branching out all over the country - even to Dublin, Ohio! At Duck Donuts, they love a scrummy, fresh donut - and they want to help as many people as possible also be able to experience their deliciousness.

All of their donuts are made in house, and they offer a seasonal assortment of recipes that they’ll dress up right in front of you, as well as a holiday-themed assortment and even some customizable options. If they have the ingredients and you’d like to combine them, they will do it for you! While you’re there, be sure to try their Arabica coffee blends.

“Go. Here. Now. Make your own donuts with delicious toppings, sauces and drizzles! Each donut is about $1.50 each and you can add what you want. There's a lot of opportunity for unique creation.” - Yelp Review

No matter what kind of breakfast food you prefer, you’re bound to find something to satisfy your cravings in and around Powell, Ohio. From fresh donuts, to Greek or Cuban recipes, to every kind of egg you could ever dream of, breakfast is covered around here.

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