Powell, Ohio: A Little Town With Big Personality

A quaint town that goes out of it way to welcome everyone who passes by

an aerial view of an intersection in powell, ohio


Jocelyn Burns


Jan 21, 2021

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Powell, Ohio is a town that doesn’t get recognition like Cleveland or Columbus, but that doesn’t mean anything. Powell is a quaint town that goes out of it way to welcome everyone who passes by. Find the best parts of this community from fun events to the greatest restaurants.

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Zoombezi Bay

Zoombezi Bay is a perfect place as a tourist or if you are a resident of Powell. This water park sits right next to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and takes up almost 23 acres of land. Seventeen water slides, a lazy river, wave pool, private cabanas, and anything you can think of make up Zoombezi Bay. Making a day out of just the water park, or adding some time to check out the zoo can be great for people of all ages. The park puts on special events during the summer, perfect for family nights! On select Fridays, Zoombezi Bay puts on a family-friendly film to watch while in the wave pool. For a full list of prices, check it out here.

large water slides at zoombezi bay
‍Credit: Zoombezi Bay

Highbanks Metro Parks

Highbanks Metro Park was originally named after its 100-foot-high shale bluff, creating numerous revines around the park. Across the 1,200 acres, there are ten different trails ranging in difficulty. Trails range from grass and gravel to pavement and all cover a different part of the park. There is also access to the Olentangy River, where you can canoe or kayak. This is a great place to get your work out in, have a picnic, plan out a day camp or to take some time to sight see.

fall trees in highbanks metro park

Safari Golf Club

The Safari Golf Club is another connection to the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay. This golf course is welcoming to anyone new or old to the game. Whether you want to play in a league, play a quick round with your friends, or you want to get a lesson, they have it all. Having a golf course along with all of the parks gives visitors a space to relax from the loud crowds. Want to take your family out to dinner? Hit a few golf balls at the driving range and head over to Safari Golf Club’s Grille. The Grille provides options such as burgers, hot dogs, wraps and specialty sandwiches.

empty golf course at safari golf club
‍Credit: Tripadvisor

Local Roots

Local Roots prides itself in giving all of their customers food that come from ingredients locally sourced. Serving Ohio all natural Amish chicken, Ohio pork, Ohio Bison, and Ohio all natural hormone-free beef gives them the upper hand. Local Roots owner also owns a farm not far from downtown Powell, providing the restaurant with all fresh produce. Not just food, but beer is also local in Local Roots. With its 24 beers on tap, several are from Ohio and provide three wines from Ohio wineries.

local roots exterior
‍Credit: Local Roots

101 Beer Kitchen

Specializing in seasonal food and pairing it with the right wine or beer, 101 Beer Kitchen is a great place for the adults to get together or the whole family. The restaurant’s central spot is the bar and has happy hour Monday-Friday with ½ of draft beers and $6 wine pours. All three locations have different events happening every week and provide an extensive menu for friends with many different tastes.  

101 Beer Kitchen exterior
‍Credit: Dan Eaton

Elm & Iron

Just moving to Powell or redesigning your house? Elm & Iron is a furniture store that gives its customers unique pieces that meld together modern and vintage. Decor and Accessories that are created in hopes of giving a space its own personality. With five different locations in Ohio, finding new furniture that none of your friends have couldn’t be easier. Elm & Iron wants to help you design your space to show off your own personality, and the employees are always working to add different pieces to each store.

Elm & Iron exterior
‍Credit: Elm & Iron

Powell Antique Liberty Mall

The Powell Antique Liberty Mall was founded in 1968 by Harold Freiheit, who always had a passion for antiques. The mall holds not just any kind of antiques, but prides itself in having rare and odd antiques. Ranging in items for a novice to an expert, this Powell Antique Liberty Mall could be the place to find just about anything. Items from jukeboxes, antique china, jewelry, etc. This mall is a place to find new things to show off in your living space or looking for things to add to a collection.

Powell Antique Liberty Mall
Credit: Liberty Antique Mall


Savoir is the perfect place when looking for a new activity! Savoir offers hands on cooking classes taught by professionals in the art. Learning to cook new recipes, new techniques to cooking, or creating new dishes with classes that range from beginner to advanced. .

View homes for sale in Powell, OH

Classes focus on cuisine that is regional and workshops for learning new techniques. Use this as a place to take your friends or even your employees as a team bonding experience.

various different ingredients for cooking
‍Credit: Savoir Cooking + Wine
October 18, 2018
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