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Top 5 Places to Eat in Dayton, Ohio

Foodies, we hope you brought your appetite. In this post we discuss the top 5 best upscale restaurants that Dayton, OH has to offer. Looking for a new home in Dayton? Check out the available listings here.


Doug Sirkoch


Jan 22, 2019

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Dayton, OH has the eats

It's Friday night, you just got paid, and you and your significant other are looking for a good place to have a date night.  Where do you go? Somewhere fast and simple? No. Let’s make it a real date. Let’s find places in Dayton!

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Waiters, fine wines, candles, and soft music flood the atmosphere as you and your partner finally get a chance to sit down and talk to each other. You order your appetizers based on the waiter's suggestions, then dinner, then dessert. Everything about this night is perfect.

Want a night like this? We break down the top 5 fine dining establishments in Dayton, Ohio.

1. Salar Restaurant and Lounge

 This friendly Peruvian restaurant is the perfect mix between upscale and family-friendly dining. Located in Dayton's Historic Oregon District, Salar features an exciting menu of World-fusion cuisine with strong Peruvian, French, and Mediterranean influences. Salar features a full bar, with an extensive drink menu, as well as a full service restaurant / lounge which is perfect for that special date night, large groups, and business meetings.

Salar Bar

2. Pine Club

Featured in places like NY Times, USA-Today, and The Food Network’s “Top 5 Restaurants” the Pine Club has been recognized worldwide for its steak. The rustic venue has remained the same since its opening in 1957. Heritage, steak, and cash only, bring your appetite.

Pine Club

3. Oakwood Club Incorporated

 A close runner-up for the best steak in town, Oakwood Club Incorporated is known for more than beef dishes. Seafood, bread, desserts, dressings, and sauces are hand-picked and crafted at the restaurant. Oakwood tends to customer's needs and is willing to accommodate your dietary need or culinary taste.

Oakwood Club

4. Jay's Seafood

 The old-fashioned, American-styled seafood plates are the main attraction for Jay’s Seafood. A rich history, a 5,400-pound hand carved bar, and a wide variety of dishes makes this place a go-to restaurant for seafood enthusiasts.

Jays Seafood

5. Roost Modern Italian

Voted “Dayton’s Best Chef” owner Dana Downs take classic Italian dishes and brings a modern twist to them. One of the more upscale locations in Dayton’s Oregon District, Roost Modern Italian brings an open air environment to the dining experience.

Roost Modern Italian
June 10, 2017


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